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This page highlights some of the recent changes made to the TracCloud platform, and how you can utilize them on your own instance. A list of past changes and a full changelog can be found in the tabs above.

If you have any questions about these changes, feel free to reach out to us on our helpdesk.

Latest posts

2024-07-01 | TracCloud features and changes from June 2024

New ways to batch send surveys, multiple search availability improvements, new report options, and more in TracCloud for the month of June 2024. Our full changelog can be found here.

New Ways to Send Surveys

Surveys configured to be initiated via Do not auto send or Link on edit student can now be sent from the surveys listing to batches of email addresses, including a way to send them anonymously to users who may not have an account in TracCloud. There are three selection options:

  • Existing user allows you to select one user with a search box to send a survey to. The "Questioned directed to..." options in the survey still applies, a survey directed to students will not be sent to a staff member even if selected.
  • Existing users via email allows you to enter a list of email addresses to send the survey to. TracCloud will find the matching user for each email address and send a survey to them. "Questioned directed to..." still applies just like above.
  • Anonymous via email also allows you to enter a list of email addresses to send the survey to, but TracCloud will not try to find an account for them. All surveys will be sent anonymously (i.e., no user info collected outside of the questions you ask). The survey will be sent and answers collected even if a listed email address doesn't correspond to an account in TracCloud.



Other SurveyTrac Changes

  • Surveys can now be configured to expire after a number of days to prevent old surveys from being answered. This option is found in the "General" tab of your survey, "Survey Link expires after # days." This only applies to emailed surveys.
  • The survey listing now has a "Search Active Only" checkbox that is enabled by default, similar to the students listing.

Search Availability Improvements

There are multiple improvements to the search availability process and results list to make finding a time slot faster and easier.

  • More results are now shown at once. Previously, only 4-5 time slots were visible at a time requiring you to scroll to see more. Now the results page will expand to fill the available vertical space of your monitor. This means the number of results shown can differ depending on monitor resolution and zoom level, but you should expect to see 2-3 times as many results as you did before without scrolling.
  • The date chooser is now always available at the top of the window to more easily find availabilities on a different date.
  • The availability list can now be printed with the button in the top-right corner of the results window (this does not reserve any availabilities, keep in mind that a printed availability list is unlikely to be accurate for long).
  • The "Report unable to find appointment" button no longer appears in the "Choose a Date and Center" page of the availability search process, the user must reach the results page before the button appears.


Report Changes

  • The Usage Snapshot report has a new mode to tally chosen options within multi-check custom fields.

  • "Student Username" field can now be added as an additional field in Visits by ??.
  • "Date Entered" field can now be added as an additional field in Visits by ??.
  • Emailed reports can now be sent as an attachment instead of link+passcode if toggled in system preferences. Other > Other Options > Preferences > Reports Management > Email reports with the report file attached in a single email. If the report is too large (>10MB), TracCloud will fall back to using the link+passcode automatically.

Other Changes

  • "Online" can now be checked for visits recorded via custom kiosks, in addition to presetting other existing fields like center, reason, etc.
  • The staff listing now has a "Search Active Only" checkbox that is enabled by default, similar to the students listing.
  • Search Appointment Links can now include custom button text and a description with Twig support to help describe their purpose to students. These new fields are Override Name with optional Twig (optional) and Subtitle Additions (optional twig).
  • The log listing page can now be sorted by reason. Sorting options are found in the hamburger menu in the top-left of the page.
  • If your TracCloud instance uses local passwords for student or staff authentication instead of SSO, you can now allow users to reset their own password from the local login page. This option can be enabled by going to Other > Other Options > Preferences > Login & Security Settings > Local Account Settings > Allow Student Password Reset/Allow Staff Password Reset.
  • For instances that track visits that conflict with section schedule times, you can now search for appointments that conflict with section schedules in the same way on the appointments listing. "Appointments.CustomData/isSchedDuringClass=1" (also available in the right-click menu, like on the attendance listing). TracCloud does not monitor for conflicting records by default, if this is something you want to enable, please reach out to our support for assistance.

2024-05-31 | TracCloud features and changes from May 2024

New custom fields options, stacked availabilities, resource reservations, and more in TracCloud for the month of May 2024. Our full changelog can be found here.

Custom Fields Groups

Custom fields "Groups" can now be created to bundle other custom fields together. This can help in highlighting certain custom fields or to record multiple values with Repeating group values. When using Repeating Group Values, page options will become available for the group allowing you to cycle between current and past pages of data, or to create new pages with new values in the grouped fields. More information on custom fields groups can be found here.


Other custom field changes

  • Custom fields have moved to their own listing in Other > Other Options > Custom Fields, making it easier to search for and manage your fields.
  • Custom fields can now be assigned to availabilities, which will appear under the 'Notes' tab.
  • Custom fields can now be assigned to documents, to be filled out during or after document upload.

Stacked Availabilities

You can now create stacked availabilities to easily build schedules across multiple centers at once. In the top-right corner of your availability, choose "Stacked Availability" and select the centers you want to copy the availability to and which fields should not be shared across all availabilities in the stack.


When a stacked availability is saved, a new option will appear at the top to choose which center's availability you're currently managing (replacing the main center drop-down of a non-stacked availability). This will allow you to make changes to the ignored fields independently of the other availabilities in the stack.


Resources Reservations

Students can now be given the ability to reserve resources for later checkout. Multiple reservations can exist at once, and TracCloud will automatically prevent reservations from having conflicting dates. Automated emails can also be sent to remind students of their pickup and return times. Details on using resource reservations and resources in general can be found here.


Other Resource Changes

  • Resources have a new length of checkout option for "Arbitrary Due Date." This will prompt the user checking out the item to manually enter a due date rather than the due date being set automatically.
  • The resource image will now be displayed while checking out a resource to a user.
  • The resource checkout menu can now be changed to full screen with the button.

Documents Report

The Documents report, found in Reports > Management, will display a list of uploaded documents with information about the file sorted by file name, assignee, date, document type, or who it was posted by. Click here to learn more about this report.


Other report changes

  • You can now search by students' other status in most student reports.

Other Changes

  • Custom views can now be selected as the default view for a listing or the only available view for a listing based on the logged in user's permission group.

  • SurveyTrac has a new question type that allows the recipient to upload a document as their response.
  • SysAdmins can be given the ability to save records without filling out required fields. This must be enabled in the 'Restrictions' tab of the SysAdmin permission group if needed.
  • Faculty can now be given the ability to view and assign tasks from the dashboard.
  • Students can be given the ability to upload their own photo via confirm bio (disabled by default).
  • Creating a new center now automatically adds it to your permission group.

2024-04-30 | TracCloud features and changes from April 2024

Prospective students, editing recurring appointment dates, announcement schedules and more in TracCloud for the month of April 2024. Our full changelog can be found here.

Prospective Students

TracCloud's new prospective student functionality allows new students to easily create accounts for themselves so they can book appointments or visit your centers. This can be initiated by the student on a kiosk or by a staff member from the students listing. A link will be sent to their email or phone number with instructions on finalizing their account, all independent of your student data import.

More information on this feature can be found here.


Announcements Days & Times

Your announcements can now be configured to only display on certain days of the week and/or certain times of day. This allows you to deliver more timely reminders or notices to your students, staff, and faculty.



The new Resources Listing report will show you a list of resource records along with information about the item and how many times it's been checked out. Click here for more information!


  • Resources can now be made exclusive to students or exclusive to staff with the "Not Available to..." options found in every resource record.

  • Resources can now be configured to require checked out items be returned by end of semester, or shortly before.

  • Custom fields can now be created for resource records to store additional information like item location.

Click here to learn more about resources.


Access to reports can now be provided on a per-report basis. The next time you're managing your permission groups, you'll find that the report options have moved to the Admin / Modules tab. Underneath those options, a new list will be available to give access to all or individual reports. Each report has a toggle to disable the ability to add additional fields/custom fields to the report results.


  • "Days to Respond" has been added to the Additional Fields list in Survey Responses. This allows you to view how long it took each recipient to respond to their survey.

  • An option to include work visit notes has been added to the Payroll report.


  • There's now an Availability Blocks listing to quickly review all availabilities from all centers you have access to. This can allow for easier reviewing of consultant schedules or a faster way to make changes to many availabilities at once. Access to this listing can be provided by going to Other > Listings > Groups > [The group you want to update] > Admin / Modules > Add 'Availability Blocks' under 'Table Access' > Save. After this access has been added, you can find this listing by going to Other > Listings > Availability Blocks.

  • A new permission in Group Access > Scheduling, "Allow user to pick repeating schedule dates", allows staff in this group to edit the dates of a recurring availability during booking.
7172443.png 5959270.png

  • Appointment confirmation and reminder emails have a new option to set the reply-to address of the email to the consultant's email address. This means that when students reply to the email, the recipient will be automatically changed to the consultant's email address rather than the profile or system address. This requires that students specifically use the "Reply" button to send a response from their email client, as the email will still be delivered from your profile/system email address.

  • Appointment reminder emails can now be sent up to two times for each appointment, allowing for a configuration where one reminder sends the night before, and another the morning of, for example.

  • Appointment request notifications from the Report Unable to Find Appointment feature will now show more information without opening the full request record. The search availability widget, reason, and subject will additionally be shown.

  • Max Appointment Rules can now be configured to block a certain number of appointments in X hours or minutes, in addition to the existing days, weeks, etc options.

  • In System Preferences > Availability Entry, the option "Ignore Missed Appointments when using the Move Appointment function" has been added. This allows staff to move appointments to availabilities with missed appointments, which are normally excluded from search results.

  • You can now double-click to select a reason within a reason category when searching for availabilities.


  • The Attendance Listing hamburger menu has a new "This Semester" choice to quickly filter results to only visits for the current active term(s) date range.

Other Changes

  • Automated SAGE emails can now also send texts to the student or the consultant for each referral (with the TextAlerts module).

  • It's now possible to specifically restrict a permission group from viewing grades for registration records. This option can be found in the "Restrictions" tab of permission groups.

  • An option to duplicate a staff account has been added to the Staff Listing. This allows you to use another account as a template when creating an account for a new staff member. This will copy group, user level, linked centers, reason specialties, etc. Personal information will not be copied.

  • Multiple-choice/Multi-check questions in SurveyTrac can now have a limit set for the maximum number of selected answers in the question.

  • Public Documents now have a "Copy Link" button to easily grab a link to the file for sharing elsewhere in TracCloud.

  • Off-campus work visit logins can now be restricted to logging in during any availability time of the same modality (online). This option is found in Permission Groups > Log In/Out.

  • The Tasks listing has new searching options in the search bar and hamburger menu.

  • The Time Line tab in student profiles will now show up to 7 days in the future by default instead of only records up to today. Manually choosing a date range still overrides the default range.

2024-04-01 | TracCloud features and changes from March 2024

Custom appointment links, a new visits report, custom meeting blocks, on/off campus work visit logging, and more in TracCloud for the month of March 2024. Our full changelog can be found here.

Search Appointment Links

You can now create preset search availability links that you can easily share with your students. These links can be preassigned to a center, subject, reason, consultant, modality, or type so that your students only see the results you want them to see when using these links. You can additionally generate QR codes for each link (or even QR codes for specific availabilities) to print out and more easily display for students. To learn more about this feature, head over to our profile scheduling preferences article.


Meeting Blocks

There's a new option available when you're creating reserve blocks, "Show on schedule as a meeting." This works exactly the same as a normal reserve block in relation to appointments and other availabilities, but has two unique benefits for staff. It displays differently on the schedule, showing an appointment colored block with a red border to more easily identify them at a glance. These blocks are also included in the calendar URL on the staff dashboard so your consultants can sync these blocks to their personal calendar unlike a regular reserve block.


Restrict Work Visit Logins by IP Zone

New options are available in permission groups to determine whether or not your consultants can use the dashboard work visit login button when they're on or off campus, or if they're near an appointment or drop-in that they might need to login for. This can be combined with the existing Hide 'Is Work' for Quick Visits / Visit Entry and Allow consultant to login for work on KIOSK where the user logged in is themself options to manage every method of recording work visits to ensure that consultants can only record work visits during allowed times. More information on defining IP zones can be found here.


New Report: Visits by Week by Center

This report provides the total visits by week and center for the date range selected, as well as a total for the entire week across all centers. "Show Totals Bar Chart" can be enabled to show a chart with a line for each week. Click here to learn more about this report.



  • SAGE Referrals by ?? has a new option to email referral information to each consultant in the results. Click the report hyperlink to learn more on how this can be configured.

  • The "blankornull" keyword (used in power searches to find blank values) can now be used in the additional search field for reports with that option available.

Other Changes

  • Max Appointment Rules have a new option, "Fail Message to Student." This text field replaces the default text shown to students when they're blocked due to a rule. This is ideal if you want to hide the exact details of the max appointment rule from your students in favor of a prewritten message. This only applies to the students' perspective, staff will still see the original rule text.

  • "Multiple Checkboxes" custom fields have a new option to set the maximum number of choices allowed. This allows for fields like "Select up to 3 discussion points for this meeting." where you can prevent users from selecting beyond 3.

  • The custom fields menu in system preferences has new filters to only view fields assigned to a certain page or in a certain profile.

  • The kiosk/log listing work visit login prompt can now be changed to fullscreen (), which keeps it open between logins. This allows you to turn any kiosk into a dedicated work visit kiosk.

  • Password strength indicator added when setting a local account password.

  • There's a new option in Search Availability Options > Additional Settings to relax reason specialties requirements on the staff schedule, so appointments/availabilities can be manually created for any reason. (Note: this was previously the default behavior of TracCloud, so this option is enabled by default for all existing customers to prevent unexpected changes.)

  • Max appointment rules based on status can now use the | character to apply the rule to multiple statuses (e.g., "Missed|Canceled").

2024-02-29 | TracCloud features and changes from February 2024

New reports, per-center appointment fields, manual availability badges, and more in TracCloud for the month of February 2024. Our full changelog can be found here.

Center Custom Fields for Appointments

Appointment custom fields can now be created for individual centers, or all except a certain center in a profile. After the location has been set to either 'Appointment - Student' or 'Appointment - Consultant' and a profile is selected, the additional options will appear for you to fill out. Leaving these fields blank will cause the field to display for all centers in the profile as usual.


Manual Availability Badges

A new option has been added to Availability Badges, "Manually Linked." When checked, that badge will no longer automatically display based on appointment criteria, instead it will display when manually selected in your consultant availabilities.



New Report: Average Wait Time

The Average Wait Time report will show how long students were waiting to be seen for their visits across your centers. Averages can be viewed by day of week or you can compare averages across multiple weeks depending on the report configuration. More information on this new report can be found here.


New Report: Survey Response Rate Comparison

This report displays survey statistics, including the total surveys sent, responses received, the response rate, and the average number of days to receive a response in a date comparison format. More information on this new report can be found here.



  • Favorite Reports Management functionality has expanded to allow SysAdmins to more easily manage favorite reports for themselves or assign favorites to other users.

  • The Survey Responses report can now be configured to email the consultants of the visits the responses are linked to.

  • "Visit Term Code" added as an additional field in Visits by ?? and SFTP Export options. This field is calculated based on the date of the visit and the dates in your active terms, allowing visits not linked to a section to still show the term they took place in. The existing "Term Code" field continues to be based on the term linked to the section/registration of the visit.

  • "Visited Section Schedule" field and "Visits Logged During Class" option added to Visits by ??. These fields are only available if your system has been configured to track visits that were logged at the same time as a section schedule.

Other Changes

  • Terms and conditions/checkout notice added to resource types, requiring the user agree to the written terms before checking the item out.

  • Section Title added to section records, which overrides the course title if available. If your campus has section-specific titles and would like to import data into this field, reach out to our helpdesk using the support links at the top of this page.

  • Consultants will see a new button on their schedule view which can immediately return them to their personal calendar.


  • Success Plan and Work Plan steps can now be configured to prevent step completion after the due date has passed.

  • Document URLs are now clickable in asynchronous appointment messages.

  • The notes box in SAGE actions can now be resized by clicking-and-dragging the corner of the text field.

  • "Other ID" can now be used when a student is raising their hand in Q2.

  • "Save and New" option added to resource records, allowing multiple resources to be created back-to-back more easily. Similar to the same option in Quick Visits.

  • Duplicating a SurveyTrac survey will now add the copy to your permission group automatically.

  • Surveys set to "Do not auto send" and directed to faculty can now be sent to multiple faculty at once from the faculty listing.

  • Certification custom fields can be displayed as additional columns in staff accounts if configured in system preferences.

2024-02-01 | TracCloud features and changes from January 2024

Required questions in SAGE, batch assign work plans, and new report options in TracCloud for the month of January 2024. Our full changelog can be found here.

SAGE Required Questions

Your SAGE Custom Questions can now be required to ensure an answer is selected. More information on SAGE can be found here.


Batch Assign Work Plans

Work Plans can now be batch assigned from the staff listing, just like Success Plans for students. This will assign the chosen work plan to all listed consultants.


Open Student Profiles from Visits

Similar to appointments and registrations, it's now possible to open student accounts directly from a visit record. This can be accomplished by clicking the icon next to the student's name.



  • The SI Comparison report has a new option to include the standard deviation for GPA fields.

  • SAGE Referrals by ?? will now display the date and notes of completed actions if included in 'Additional Fields to Show.'

  • Success Plans and Work Plans have new options in 'Sort by' to sort by completion percentage, either ascending or descending.

Other Changes

  • Dynamic list queries can now be edited and more easily viewed.

  • The default dashboard display in Success Plans has been updated to improve formatting and use alternate instructions if available.

  • When editing the section of a visit record, the term number will now be shown. This was added to make it easier to select the correct section when "Show Inactive" is checked.

  • When selecting a student record in Quick Visits, you can now search by full name (formatted as "First M. Last" or "First Last" if middle name isn't available).

2024-01-02 | TracCloud features and changes from December 2023

Visit satisfaction questions, custom field icons, duplicating favorite reports, and more in TracCloud for the month of December 2023. Our full changelog can be found here.

Visit Satisfaction

You can now ask for both student and consultant visit satisfaction on logout to see what both parties thought of their visit. This can be enabled in your Profile Log in/out preferences. These responses are only accessible to groups who have been provided access to these fields in the 'Student / Visit' tab. Responses will be visible on the student listing and in reports such as Visits by ??.


Custom Field Icons

There are two new custom field entry types that use icons instead of text, examples for both can be found in our custom fields documentation.

1749731.png 3225406.png


Favorite reports can now be duplicated using a copy button in Reports > Favorites. This will immediately take you to the "Edit Favorites" list so you can make further changes to the new report.


  • Students Visits/Appointments by ?? has a new option to search for appointments that were modified in the selected date range rather than the date of the appointment itself. Additionally, another option was added to include deleted appointments in this report.

  • User Detail now has date range options, allowing you to search for staff records that were modified or logged in within the selected date range.

  • Consultant custom fields can now be included as additional fields in Q2 Visits by ??.

Other Changes

  • Watch list indicators can now be shown on the group roster view.

  • Start dates/days can now be specified in Success Plan steps to prevent students from completing a step too early.

  • It's no longer possible to delete certain records if they are already linked to data. For example, a center cannot be deleted if it contains visits, a group cannot be deleted if it contains staff, etc. This applies to Centers, Staff, Reasons, Groups, Courses, Sections, Students, Surveys, Referrals, Success Plans, Work Plans, and Resources.

  • When adding notes from the appointment group roster screen, it's now possible to only add notes to selected appointments' visits.

2023-11-30 | TracCloud features and changes from November 2023

Improved max appointment rules, modify visit consultants/wait statuses from kiosks, sorting options on the log listing, and more in TracCloud for the month of November 2023. Our full changelog can be found here.

Kiosk Pass Phrase
You can now allow your staff to update the wait status or consultant of a visit from the kiosk. This passphrase can be set in your Log In/out preferences and you will be prompted to enter it upon clicking the consultant or wait status field on the kiosk.


Improved Max Appointment Rule Search Clauses
Search clauses in Max Appt Rules can now use # (not) and | (or) to allow for more flexible searches. The example search clause below would apply to all centers except "Library" and only for the reasons "Independent Study" and "Other."


Other Changes

  • You can now sort the log listing by time, name, or subject.

  • Visits can now be linked to inactive sections by checking the "Show Inactive" box.

  • Referral submission/deletion options are now always visible on the referral creation screen, rather than only being available at the bottom of the page.

Happy holidays from Redrock Software!

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