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[1.3.14] Current Release

- For the Q2 Visits report, added the option so show, and search by, Q2 table name; also added these options to the Visits by ?? report, as well as the option to group by table name (#2547)
- Added another time format for visit information display (#2552)
- Added ability to use a center and staff choice in search availability widgets
- Added ability for Custom Field Headers to be linked to a center (#2562)
- Added non-duplicated availability hours to the Appointments / Visits Utilization Report (#2564)
- Added on option to the Consultant Specialties report to show subject specialties that are linked only to active registrations (#2505)
- Added search options to the favorite reports submenu
- search by title, and/or show only own favorite reports (#2561)
- Added a new systrem preference for HTML header text for Generic All KIOSKs
- Added internal preference for maximum search availability widgets

- Hide 'Report unable to find an appointment' button until the user has searched for an appointment (#2549)
- Improved report security, based on group settings and user type, per report

- Fixed an issue with work visit restrictions not honoring campus / profile time zone (#2542)
- Fixed an issue where, if the preference to email reports as an attached file is set, some reports were attached with the wrong extension (#2545)
- Added isSchedDuringClass and isSchedDuringClassID to custom data for Appointments
- Fixed an issue with save student records and saving custom field data on newly imported records (#2551)
- Fixed an API linkage between Survey Responses and Students (#2554)
- Fixed ability to find duplicate students by email (#2560)

[1.3.13] 2024-06-21

- Added a group privilege for SysAdmins to ignore required fields
- Added the new Documents report (in the Management category)
- Added student user name as an additional field in the Students Visits/Appointments by ?? report (#2512)
- If the Visits by ?? report is showing a summary view with groupings, total unique students are now included per grouping
- Added Date Entered to additional fields in the Visits by ?? report (#2515)
- Added online to custom KIOSK options (#2521)
- Added the preference option to send a password reset on the student record, or from the login page (#2504)
- Added student user name as an additional field to show in the Visits by ?? and Student Fields reports (#2527)
- Added the preference option to allow a staff to request a password reset email from the login page (#2504)
- Added the SurveyTrac option for an emailed survey link to expire after # days (#2511)
- Added advanced pref for multiple days on search availability
- Added print button to search availability
- Added search avail link twig name override and subtitle
- Added a new option to the Usage Snapshot report, to show tallies on multiple-checkbox visit custom fields (#2531)
- Added Sort by Reason to the Log Listing sort options (#2541)

- Enlarged search availability modal

- Fixed an issue with Linked Custom Fields to Centers, not being able to assign it to a particular center (using new interface) (#2509)
- Fixed an issue with the Reasons menu not being sorted by SortCode in Visit Entry (for Quick Visits) (#2510)
- Fixed an issue with send emails to Students having an issue when the staff user does not have a valid email address (#2508)
- Fixed an issue with batch activation and deactivation of Reason specialties in the Profile entry screen
- Prevent stacked availabilities from being hidden when hide unavailable is checked (#2516)
- Fixed an issue with prospective student creation on loglist when enter key is pressed (#2523)
- Fixed sorting on custom field listing (#2520)
- Fixed issue with quotes in section titles when choosing a section for batch visits and group roster add multiple (#2525)
- Fixed an issue with radios choices not saving in repeating groups (#2522)
- Fixed format of message for prevent student booking between times (#2524)
- Fixed a minor issue with auto choosing a reason on login when multiple choices set but only 1 reason available (#2528)
- Fixed a few issues with system and profiles prefs not showing the save button automatically when a change is made (#2526)
- Fixed issue with Resources Listing change field values (#2540)

[1.3.12] 2024-05-28

- Added appointment search to most appointment-related reports, and appointment custom fields to grouping options in the Students Visits/Appointments by ?? report
- Added ability to link Terms and Conditions to Student Lists
- Added ability to set Custom Views to be the default view or the only view for a table
- Added ability for students to upload a photo during confirm bio process
- Added additional checks on Student entry looking for duplicate values in Barcode, ID, Other_ID, and UserName (#2481)
- Added the option for reports Additional Search to search by Student Other Status
- Added LastImportedDT field to the Registration Listing nav search (#2480)
- Added Multi-Data Check for TracFlow task Trigger Conditions
- Added Log Resource KIOSK option
- Added arbitrary return dates to resource checkouts
- Added Resource Image to Log Resource Modal
- Added custom fields to the Appointments Listing power search (#2478)
- Added Resource reservations by date functionality
- Added ability for students to search the resource widget for making reservations for items
- Added Custom fields to the entry and to searching to the Availabilities and Documents tables
- Added Custom field searching to Resources listing
- Added All tables custom fields to be able to be imported
- Added a new json lookup 'availstaff' for looking up staff that are available during a time period
- Custom menu fields may now use JSON lookups and twig code to reference the menu items to be displayed
- Faculty can now see tasks widget and create and assign tasks to their students
- Added the option to upload documents to surveys (Document Upload is a new question type)
- Availabilities have a new option called Stacked Availabilities for cases where a consultant needs to be available in multiple centers at the same time
- Custom Fields may now be grouped together in custom groups.
- Groups may now have repeating values acting as subforms.

- Added more areas where recomputation of the cached Appointment display occurs when appointments are modified
- Prevent profile pref max number of consecutive appointment value to be 1, 2 is the default and the minimum value for this pref
- Custom fields have been moved to their own listing
- giving more flexibility when working with a larger number of custom fields

- Fixed the sort capability in the label header for Students listing
- Fixed an issue with 'Search Active Only' not being implemented after searches (#2490)
- Fixed an issue with dragging upwards to create an availability / appointment block on the schedule (#2491)
- Fixed issue with consecutive asynchronous appointments not being blocked by consecutive appointment rules (#2492)
- Fixed an issue with Visit Notes email not using the campus time for email creation (#2494)
- Fixed an issue with auto-assigned incrementing IDs for new students (#2501)
- Fixed an issue with sending a password reset code email (#2503)

[1.3.11] 2024-04-30

- Added database fields in preparation for allowing SAGE SMS notifications
- Added the Resources Listing report
- Added the option to search by profile for the Resource Utilization and Resources Past Due reports
- You may now double-click on the Reason type in the reason picker chooser to choose it
- Added Reports Access to group settings to manage reports permissions (full access, limited access (no additional fields and/or custom fields), or no access, per report)
- Confirm and Reminder emails now have an option to set Reply To as Consultant
- Added Custom Appointment recurring date options
- Added visit time totals for the Visits by Faculty and Subject report (the Show Summary Report option includes these totals)
- Added new group privileges to prevent access to batch visits
- Added Copy Link as an option for public / admin docs
- Added the option to show work visit notes in the payroll report (#2446)
- Added the option to show unattended sessions in the SI Session Listing report
- Added power search options to the Tasks listing (#2472)
- Added selection options to the Tasks Listing (#2472)
- Added more details to the Outstanding Request description in the notifications (#2471)
- For the Survey Responses report, a new additional field has been added to show Days to Respond (#2473)
- Added minutes and hours options to max appointment rules regarding number of appointments in # minutes or # hours
- Adjusted max consecutive appointment rules query (per profile) (#2462)
- Added batch create for Prospect Requests

- The Load more button on search availabilities is colorized to be more noticeable
- Adjusted the sort order of the Queue Listing (#2466)
- Appointments with multi-slot booking check each duration to determine if the slot duration is available prior to saving the appointment (#2470)
- If the Show Inactive Resources option is checked in resource reports, a column will be added to the report to distinguish active from inactive resources
- Increased the speed of the appointment display on the schedule by pre-computing the display text on appointment save
- Adjusted top and bottom margins for custom fields used as header titles

- Fixed an issue with resource being checked out until x days before end of semester when x was left blank (assume 0)
- Fixed an issue with the Send button on mass emails being visible when the subject and content of the email are blank
- Fixed an issue with Asynchronous appointment status of Missed containing extraneous characters (#2467)
- Fixed an issue with Student / Consultant required custom fields on appointments not being required if the tab was not active (#2469)

[1.3.10] 2024-04-16

- Added a new Block Type = Meeting and Added the this meeting to populate the calendar URL for staff
- Added an option for multicheck custom fields to have a maximum number of choices
- Added the bar chart option to the Average Wait Time report (#2427)
- Added some additional options to the Usage Snapshot report, for sorting the data and choosing which data set to chart (#2438)
- Added ability to prevent a staff from logging in to work from off campus if restrictions are imposed (#2436)
- Added ability to expand the consultant work login to use as a Work KIOSK
- Added "Learning Specialists" to "Name for Consultants" options (#2444)
- Added new Prospect Request feature for sending a secure link to a Prospective Student
- Added +7 days to the default timeline on students and staff
- Added Availability Blocks to the list of tables that may be accessed
- Added duplicate staff button to the staff listing for creating new staff records based on existing staff
- Added send 2nd reminder email to the Profile Email preferences
- Added ability to set the due date for a checked out resource to be the end of the active term (minus x days)
- Added Subject Title Faculty as a new display option for courses (#2448)
- Added 'this semester' to the Attendance Listing (#2453)
- Added 'Standard View' as an option to navigate to when viewing a Custom View (#2450)
- Added an option to require consultant on KIOSK Logout of Visit (#2447)
- Added Visits.CustomData/isLoggedDuringClass for work visits when the Staff is linked to a Student
- Added new copy file operation to batch for copying a file from admin-doc to ftp
- Added a group restriction to prevent viewing grades on registration records
- Added reports implementation of the group restriction to prevent viewing grades
- Increased the length of the Location and Online URL fields to handle very large URLs (ie Teams)
- Announcements can now be time-sensitive, DAY (of week) sensitive and Profile dependent
- Added a new global system pref for allowing appointments to be moved over slots that contain missed appointments
- Added Resource as an additional location for Custom Fields to appear
- Added a profile preference to prevent an asynchronous appt message from being composed and appt to be re-opened after the appt is concluded (#2425)
- Added to SurveyTrac multi-checkbox questions the option of setting max number of choices (#2445)

- Changed the display of System Prefs -> Custom Fields. A Location and Profile menu may be used to filter which fields are shown
- Prevent Availabilities form using Centers or Reasons that a Staff is not linked to (#2439, #2437)
- Added additional options to the Usage Snapshot Report (#2438)
- Prevent Custom KIOSKs from showing in menu when the KIOSK is linked to a center that the user is not allowed to view
- Faculty course list on dash sorts the courses by the active registrations, those with none will appear at bottom in grey text

- Fixed an issue with search availabilities from Roster Referral not working (temporary issue #2422, #2424)
- Fixed an issue with Q2 'Bump to top of list' choosing a time too early (#2423)
- Fixed an issue with twig for email address(es) to properly handle line breaks (#2432)
- Fixed an issue with Show these Registrations from Students listing when the shown is is based on a static list (#2442)
- Fixed an issue with SI Batch Visit Entry -> Select All not updating the text that displays the number of selected records
- Fixed the scheduler headers to stay fixed at the top of the page
- Fixed an issue where user needs to overriding adding a student to a roster group (#2454)
- Fixed an issue on Modal Search allowing for custom fields to work properly
- Fixed an issue with duplicating surveys with a question that contains an apostrophe (#2456)

[1.3.9] 2024-03-14

- For the SAGE Referrals by ?? report, added the option, when grouping by assigned consultant, to email each consultant their grouped portion of the report (#2372)
- Added the option in reports to search for 'blankornull' (#2411)
- Added the new Search Appointment Link feature for allowing students quick access to a search for appointments option
- Added a new report to the Students category, Visits by Week by Center (#2209)
- Added new options for text to display when appointment is online or asynchronous (#2416)
- Added new Resource Management tab to System Preferences

- Fixed an issue where auto-logged-out visits weren't sending any surveys that were set to be initiated by visit conclusion
- Fixed an issue when sorting visit listings when visit is set to Waiting (#2417)
- Fixed an issue when the KIOSK login time rounds to nearest x minutes, and immediately logging out might create a negative duration (#2414)
- Fixed an issue with Moving Appointments and/or searching for Availabilities when only 1 reason to choose (issue was very brief in appearance)
- Fixed an issue where All Staff blocks that were overridden on a specific day might still block that day (#2418)
- Fixed an issue in Staff Certifications where sorting by name was not available (#2421)

[1.3.8] 2024-03-07

- Allow user to raise Q2 student's hand via Other ID (#2366)
- Added Section.Title override field to allow sections to override the typical Course.Title
- Added a View My Schedule button on the scheduler for Consultants to quickly switch back to their own schedule (#2370)
- Added the Show Summary Report option to the Visits by Faculty and Subject report (#2265)
- Added an option to the Survey Responses report to sort by consultant or student, besides recipient (#2278)
- Added additional security recNums tags to all references to q2Config entry pages
- Added an option to show faculty name/email in the Consultant Specialties by Subject report (#2330)
- Added a new Manual Badge feature that allows Availabilities to be linked to an Availability Badge (#2376)
- Added ability for Custom Fields to be sortable in Custom Views (#2382)
- Added 'semester' button to Search Students modal to quickly fill the dates with current active term dates (#2374)
- Added an option in the Survey Responses report to automatically send an email to each consultant, containing their portion of the report data (#2380)
- Added Terms and Conditions to ResourceTypes that may be initialed and then optionally emailed to the Recipient when the Resource is checked out
- Added a menu option in the faculty listing for sending a survey to the current list of faculty
- If the system preference is set to mark visits that were logged in during a scheduled class time, the Visits by ?? report can now report on that data, as well as the option to only show those visits (#2392)
- Added the Average Wait Time report within the Management section (#1266)
- Added option to add up to 2 custom fields to the Certification listing (#2396)
- Added ability to prevent duplicate certification types from being created (#2394)
- Added certification custom fields to the Consultant Certifications report as additional fields to show (#2395)
- Added hyperlinks to the Asynchronous messages that refer to documents (#2400)
- Added the Survey Response Rate Comparison report (#2243)
- Added the option to group by consultant custom fields in the Visits by ?? report (#2401)
- Added student search fields to the Logins by Hour by Day of Week report, and student and visit search fields to the Attendance by Hour report (#2402)
- Added 'Save and Close' and 'Save and New' to Resources entry (#2405)
- Added ability for faculty to create Success Plans if faculty group is given permission
- Added a new Maximum Appointment rules failure message preference to be displayed to Students Only
- Added a new table access group preference for giving access to the Appointments listing while controlling access to modifications of appointments

- Auto assign TermID to Visits in Quick Visit save visit (#2368)
- Logging Resources In / Out does not show Inactive items
- Constrained the Listing pages for Visits, Documents, Referrals, Survey Responses, Appointments, Assigned Success Plans when the user's group has a student list constraint
- Added same listing constraints for Custom Views for the same tables
- When duplicating a SurveyTrac survey, the copy is now automatically added to the current user's permission group access (#2379)
- Favorite Reports Management in global Preferences now has broader owner reassignment, especially for favorites created or duplicated by the logged-in sysadmin (#2173)
- When Centers are moved from one profile to another, the linked available Reasons are cleared (#2381)
- Restricting the Visits on the Listing to a Student List now allows work visits not linked to a Student to be shown (#2388)
- Adjusted the Resources screen to utilize two separate listing windows for Resource Types and Resources
- Resource listing now has a selection option with associated menu and also a change field values option
- Students listing has been modified to prevent Faculty from batch assigning Registrations to Students
- Default search for Attendance Listing and Appointments Listing is now 'month'

- Fixed issue saving Terminate Visits CC Email (#2365)
- Fixed some of the Find Duplicates fields so they can be expanded after the initial find (#2378)
- Fixed twig tags for Resource Overdue preview (#2387)
- Fixed an issue with twig tags not displaying in Visit Duration Warning Message (#2385)
- Fixed assigning batch certifications after the staff is sorted by center (#2397)
- Fixed an issue with the Registrations by ?? report, to properly show all registrations when 'Show all registrations' is selected (#2404)
- Fixed a rare instance of clicking on a Visit in the LogListing causing Q2Config entry to open up (#2410)
- Fixed an issue with Day Summary on the Schedule not able to allow items to be clickable when Work Visits are shown
- Fixed an issue with custom fields linked to a center not correctly shown in appointment when 'start on new line' is checked (#2413)
- Fixed an issue with Center choices not loading when re-opening a custom field linked to a Center (#2412)

[1.3.7] 2024-01-30

- Show Subject/Course for all students found in Add Multiple to Class Roster option
- Added Term Code to sections list when creating a Quick Visit for a student (#2323)
- Batch assign work plans to Staff (#2327)
- Added ability to edit the query and query params for a Dynamic List (#2319)
- Added an option in the SI Comparison report to show standard deviation for mean final GPA comparisons
- Added an Edit Student button to the Visit Entry page (#2334)
- Added the option to include consultant custom fields in the Visits/Appointments Export, as well as the option to select student visits only, student and work visits, or work visits only, for the visits export (#2321, #2326)
- Added the option to search by pay code in the Consultant Additional Detail Listing payroll report (#2349)
- Added the option to sort by Percentage Completed (high to low, or low to high) in the Success Plans and Work Plans reports (#2346)
- For the SAGE Referrals by ?? report, showing completed actions now includes dates and notes (#2353)
- Added ability for Work Plan emails to go out in the mornings (#2354)
- Added 'Required' option to SAGE Custom Questions

- Removed Power Search option from Audit log listing (#2322)
- Show in person location on popup information for availability
- Account for Center Specialties when listing subjects for a search availability widget when linked to certain centers (#2318)
- Deactivated Sections that are linked to an Appointment are now visible in Appointment entry menu choice (#2333)
- Adjusted the default template for Success Plans (#2336)
- When the clicking the Appointment.SchedVisitStatusIcon link, the Appointment will be adjusted to attended (#2337)
- Changed the default for loglisting records to 20
- Referrals Listing for Admins now honors the Referrals Types group preference (#2362)

- Fixed an issue when attempting to delete a List from Students Listing when the List has an apostrophe in the name (#2325)
- Fixed an issue where Success Plans were not able to be deleted (#2335)
- Fixed an issue with Utilization 'This week' search (#2343)
- Fixed an issue with Faculty being able to view Success Plans in Student entry screen (#2345)
- Fixed a temporary issue with Custom Views not being able to be loaded due to increased security (#2342, #2345)
- Fixed a minor issue with Referrals Assigned menu icon not position correctly if zoomed in (#2356)
- Fixed an issue with CC'ing an address on roster batch send email (#2357)
- Adjusted the position of the menu that appears when the pencil is clicked in a standard linkfield menu object (#2358)
- Adjusted the positioning of the Work Buttons on LogListing automatically after the page loads
- Fixed an issue with Visit Durations allowed to be negative values (#2364)
- Fixed an issue with using the Move To button to move a student's appointment onto a time where that student has a previously cancelled appointment (#2363)

[1.3.6] 2024-01-03

- Added ability to link a Task Trigger Button to specific Group(s) (#2295)
- Added more optional fields to the User Detail report (#2290)
- Added sorting options to the Center Schedule report, as well as the option to show the number of appointments per sorting (#2196)
- Added a report option to Visits by ?? and Students Visits Summary reports to include visit totals by appointment type (Group, 1-on-1, Drop-in) (#2113)
- Added Watch List indicators to group roster (if Appointment Display preference is checked for the Watch List) (#2308)
- Added optional Step Start Date (or Days offset) to Success Plan Steps
- Added the feature to duplicate saved favorite reports (#2104)

- Batch visits are now tagged with the REQUEST_ID for auditing purposes (#2297)
- Visits entry no longer shows Entered date time when the profile does not track waiting time
- Appointment duration menu choices will be disabled if the time will extend outside the overall availability (#2291)
- Quick Visits and Workshop visit saving will automatically set the EnteredDT field value to the Time In if no EnteredDT information present (#2302)
- Automated reports set to use time frame of Last Week, Last 2 Weeks, Next Week, This Week now use the schedule calendar default start day preference for determining the starting day of the week (#2163)

- Fixed an issue with Log Resource button not working for Students with apostrophes in their name on Log Listing (#2299)
- Fixed an issue with show contact info for students on Appointments not showing when Preferred is not the choice (#2298)
- Fixed an issue with Manual Track Flows possibly not processing (#2296)
- Fixed an issue with the Students Visits Center Grid report for showing student pronouns (#2305)
- Fixed an issue with Chained SuccessPlans

[1.3.5] 2023-12-06

- Added Student UserName to SI Batch scan student identifiers (#2247)
- Added more power to the Profile's Max Appointment rules, allowing multiple search values and the ability to search excluding a value (#2255)
- Added blank option for Reason and Consultant choices to Custom KIOSKs
- Added additional sort capabilities to Log Listing (#2267)
- Added ability to link an inactive section to an old visit record (#2272)
- Added Work Plans report (#2193)
- Added ability for Students to Cancel asynchronous appointments (or delete) if within tolerance time
- Added an additional column to the Workshop Roster displaying the student ID column chosen in Student Entry preferences for which ID to show on drop search (#2279)
- Added a SurveyTrac option to prevent responses from being submitted after the survey period is over (#2281)
- Added Student and Consultant satisfaction for Visits as a standard field with group preferences
- Added new custom field type: Radio Icon Option
- Added ability to display custom fields in menus with Values different than the displayed title
- Added new custom field type: Image Menu Field
- Added Ability to Add Notes to Attended and Selected Visit records form the Class Roster modal (#2286)
- Added report option for "Students Visits/Appointments by ??" to show deleted appointments, and the option to apply the report date range to the appointment last-modified date (#2282)
- Added a new option for Students to be auto-registered in a Section based on a List
- Added the option to display consultant custom fields to the Q2 visits report (#2284)

- SAGE Referral buttons are affixed to bottom of window (#2250)
- Now hide the message on the Q2 Raise hand window saying it's safe to close the window when the location is Q2Remote (#2257)
- Adjusted the appearance of Currently Logged in Consultants (font size larger) (#2269)
- Adjusted the display formatting for student list on batch QR Code display (#2274)
- Adjusted the list of reasons available to a search widget based on the linked centers for the search option widget (#2280)
- Adjusted the Add Notes to... on the Group Roster to show notes fields for linked profile (#2285)
- Adjusted the Add to Roster to choose the active registration record when there are multiple registrations for a student similar subject (#2288)
- Updated Font-Awesome to 6.0, update MUI to latest

- Fixed an issue with sometimes saving a referral causes a blank page to appear (#2249)
- Fixed an issue with some Listing Names being displayed improperly in the Student List menus (#2253)
- Fixed an issue with KIOSK QR Code (touchless signin) asking for confirmation of BIO when setting was disabled for KIOSK (#2254)
- Fixed Error 500 when running Logins by Hour by Day of Week with Additional Searches (#2252)
- Fixed a temporary issue with inability to create new Staff records (#2245)
- Fixed the local staff password change success message (#2256)
- Fixed an issue with quotes in consultant name on Q2 Queue (#2260)
- Fixed added server level protection against students attempting to book an appointment after the time has expired (#2261)
- Fixed an issue with Success Plan step computation determining which step is next to complete (#2262)
- Fixed an issue with appointment saving recalculating the linked overlapping availability (#2258)
- Fixed an issue with adding multiple students to a group roster (#2270)
- Fixed an issue with Automated Terminated Visit email not using the preference (#2266)
- Fixed an issue with hiding a specific appointment status on the Student timeline (#2275)
- Fixed an issue with survey responses being able to be submitted after a survey is made inactive (#2281)
- Fixed an issue where the payroll report option of rounding individual visit times first may calculate the wrong total visit time (#2264)
- Fixed an issue with some reports not including locked group availabilities (#2287)
- Fixed an issue with the Success Plans report, where it would fail if there were deleted plan steps (#2293)

[1.3.4] 2023-11-01

- Added Profile badges for search availabilities
- The Optional: In-Person vs Online Appointments report now has the option to include asynchronous appointments (#2212)
- Added a new system preference for hiding the login option from the class roster (#2228)
- Added a new report, Faculty Student Visits, a faculty-only report showing student visits for sections assigned to the logged-in faculty (#2080)
- Added the report option to search by student Other ID in Student Search fields for numerous reports (#2206)
- Added the report option to search by visit reason category in Visit Search fields for numerous reports (#2222)
- Added the report option to group by "Scheduled by" in the Students Visits/Appointments by ?? report (#2192)
- Added student missed as a status for Asynchronous appointments
- Added a new report, Student Fields in the Students category
- Added Flag Pref text to define flag colors
- Added search availability widget option to link to arbitrary number of centers

- This version finalizes a series of changes and improvements starting with version 1.2 that aimed to enhance performance, reliability, and scalability.
- Trac Database updated to the latest RDS Aurora 3.04
- Engine is fully optimized for PHP 8.2 Preloading and JIT
- PHP Engine tuned for performance and TTFB ("time to first byte")
- Linux Kernel 6+
- 15-35% performance improvement per web request
- 50% more request throughput per server
- up to 25% faster imports

- When there's only one reason choice for a Q2 Table, it will be chosen automatically in the raise hand modal
- Copy the KIOSK Username to the first name field automatically on save (#2227)

- Late cancellation status not using "Status for Missed" preference (#2220)
- Editing a course list from within another course list causes the added items to be changed to a blank course list (#2218)
- For the SI Session Listing report, if a visit is connected to an appointment, and the appointment status is then set to Missed, the visit won't be included in the report (#2216)
- Fixed an issue with All Staff reserved blocks blocking other centers during nightly calc missed (#2225)
- Fixed an issue with QR Codes for SI Batch visits requiring an enrolled section when no section defined (#2223)
- Fixed an issue when attempting to add a student to roster, if it fails, it was not showing an error (#2238)
- Fixed an issue when moving an online appointment from one availability to another, new online location set for appointment (#2240)
- Appointment move button now appears when the availability is asynchronous-enabled (but the appointment must be online or in-person) (#2251)
- Fixed a temporary issue with creating new Registration record from Registrations listing (#2244)

[1.3.3] 2023-10-13

- Added a new System Preference that allows the system to mark visits that were logged in during a scheduled class time (#2208)
- Added ability to show watchlist icons on dashboard at the search widgets for those visible to the Appointments (#2213)

- Changed default templates for Student / Staff confirmation and Student reminder emails
- Adjusted student timeline to show only allowed Surveys (#2214)

- When students mark an appointment as Canceled after the grace period, appointment will automatically be marked as Cancel
- Missed (#2211)
- Fixed an issue with Ad Hoc appointments not being able to be saved due to an error saying 'slot already taken' (#2210)
- Prevent system from logging out a student when visit notes edited from dashboard utilization widget (#2217)
- Fixed an issue where a batch QR Code might allow a student to log a visit to a section when non-enrolled in that section (#2215)

[1.2.34] 2023-10-12

- Added new tracking for students that search for an availability and find 0 results (#2178)
- Added new functionality, 'Work Plans' which will allow campuses to track consultant work hours for certification / training tracking.
- Added new functionality for student timeline filtering, added an Emails button (#2186)
- Added new functionality for max appointment rules, 'with Same Profile' (#2185)
- Added the count of processed referrals on the SAGE Referral Snapshot report (#2188)
- Added the currently enrolled status indicator to the Appointments listing as well as a power search field Inactive (#2197)
- Added a warning when the modality of an appointment is changed from how it was saved as well as a warning profile preference.
- Added a message to the sections search when no section found in a batch visit entry (#2198)
- Added Staff Member as a new name for consultants in profile prefs (#2203)
- Added Recurring Dates tag to Appointment Reminder emails also added Recurring Dates Text to confirmation and reminders (#2200)

- Changed the wording of the max appointment rules entry where it references 'All Students' versus 'The Student' (#2175)
- Adjusted the status assignment for student cancellations of a series of appointments, successive appointment status will be 'CANCELED
- DELETED' (#2195)
- Adjusted the wording for subscribing to a personal calendar via URL to be more generic (removed reference to Outlook)
- Adjusted Log Listing change visit status dialog to only enable the change status button after the consultants have loaded (#2207)

- Fixed some minor issues in preparation for new Trac Engine release
- Fixed a potential security issue with document listing being shown on new appointment entry on PHP 8.0+
- Fixed an issue with Custom Views not being accessible (#2180)
- Fixed an issue with Saving student data containing only certain custom fields (#2179)
- Fixed an issue with Q2 QR Codes redirecting to a blank page (#2174)
- Fixes issue with student cancelling appointment with a reason containing '#' not working (#2182)
- Fixed an issue with 'yesterday' being chosen in SAFE referrals listing (#2183) (date format issue)
- Fixed an issue with finding a subject in Quick Visits (#2184)
- Fixed an issue where Visit Notes may appear when group setting is Hide Notes (#2189)
- Fixed an issue with SAGE referral additional questions and answers containing quotes (#2190)
- Fixed an issue with Course List saving and relating to all Faculty, linked to no courses (#2194)
- Adjusted navSearch options in Attendance Listing to discriminate between isWork for Visits and isWork for Reasons (#2191)
- Fixed an issue in SurveyTrac's Notify Results Email, to correctly show the name of the survey taker
- Fixed an issue with utilizing custom searches (#2205)
- Fixed a message that would diplay about modality changes regarding asynchronous appointments (#2202)
- Fixed an issue with Terms and Conditions for Students infinitely looping (#2201)
- Fixed Saving an in-progress work visit caused it to appear in the Log Listing (#2199)

[1.2.32] 2023-09-26

- Added an option for Batch QR Codes to auto enter center notes (#2158)
- Added an option for Batch QR Codes that intersect with existing visit records to auto logout or split the visit (#2159)
- For SAGE module, SAGE reports can now display referral actions (#2161)
- Added a profile option to prevent student scanning a QR Code prior to the code being allowed: no sooner than (#2164)

- The Move appointment button and dragging appointments will now avoid times where the student is already booked (#2162)

- Fixed an issue with dropin SMS reminders always assuming the dropin location is online (#2160)
- Fixed some minor availability movement weirdness when the DAYS doesn't match the new date for the availability (#2095)
- Fixed a SurveyTrac issue where, if a response is connected to a staff and student, make sure to send the response to the recipient based on UID
- Fixed move button for Appointments shown from the TimeLine (#2171)

[1.2.31] 2023-09-22

- Added ability for students to view previously accepted Terms and Conditions (#2121)
- Added ability to add custom fields to SI Batch Visits (#1219)
- Added an option to Hide a Center from Center Choices on Work Visit login (#2129)
- Added ability to add 'with Same Section' to Max Appt Rules (#2133)
- Added Potential Actions to Referral Types and Completed Actions to Referrals (#2125)
- Added toggle show/hide capability (with cookie load default value) to the Q2 Help List and Wait List (#2142)
- Added Reason to Availability blocks on schedule when Reason is assigned to availability (and not subject) (#2134)
- Added ability to link a student to multiple assigned advisors via a student field with multiple values (#1982)
- Added Staff.FirstLast to Staff NavQuery and Students.Full_Name2 to Student NavQuery
- Added ability to hide certain custom fields from the SI Batch Entry
- Added option to Center Schedule report to show appointment status (#2145)
- Added student fields, including custom fields, to the Visits by Assigned Advisor and Student report (#2105)
- Added new option on Watch Lists to enable / disable displaying on KIOSK login / out.

- Order of Centers listing has been adjusted on KIOSK log in, they are now sorted by Name (#2131)
- Adjusted how online optional slots are computed when the only booked appointment in a group is cancelled (#2036)
- Moved the Assigned Success Plans menu from Other menu to the Other -> Listings... submenu
- Adjusted Resource checkout for always available items (they were never intended to be returned) as auto returned (#2146)
- Adjusted the search availability to exclude availabilities for otherwise booked consultants due to appointments in centers other than the one(s) searched (#2143)
- Adjusted the icon for the Q2 Cancel Table help from the X icon to a trash can icon with more descriptive text in the dialog

- Fixed issue with timezone settings causing display of appointment to show correct time but wrong date (#1911)
- Fixed an issue with security being too restrictive on QR Code logout with visit notes (#2128)
- Fixed an issue with TimeLine Documents, clicking on the name would open a blank page (#2130)
- Student Center Visits was not showing today's visit on 'This Week' search (#2135)
- Fixed an issue with downloading some appointment documents (#2136)
- Inactive Success Plans no longer send emails (#2139)
- Fixed an issue with chosen Section not being shown on Referral Types with Annotated Rosters (#2144)
- Q2 Setup menu now fixed in place no matter the scroll (#2141)
- Fixed an issue with appointments overlapping a block for same consultant but in another center (#2153)
- Fixed an issue with work visits linked to a QR Batch Code showing as null (#2151)
- Fixed an issue with Search Availability widget linked to some Student dynamic lists not working
- Fixed an issue with Students with no email address causing announcements to not be drawn on KIOSK for those students
- For SurveyTrac, surveys directed to tutor/advisor/counselor via 'Display during visit entry' going forward, will show student information related to the visit in reports (#2140)
- Fixed an issue with possible consecutive appointments prevention not being honored in certain cases (#2155)

[1.2.30] 2023-09-01

- Added Group Options for Student Entry Tabs 2
- 5 (#2088)
- Added option to exclude inactive students on SI Batch Visit entry search (#2087)
- Added option in Profile Scheduling Prefs to default Max Students value on new availabilities (#2086)
- Added ability to add multiple students to a group roster (#2081)
- Choose a date & center on search availability now constrains the center choices ot the search availability widget prefs (#2097)
- Twig tags are now available in Q2 Instructions email (#2094)
- Added Receive SMS Alerts field to Step 2 of the Import modal (#2093)
- Added a Load Default button to many of the standard emails in profile preferences (#2077)
- Fixed an issue on search availability when choosing the group of services menu reverting to 'All Groups' (#2108)
- Added preference to Q2 configs to confirm the start of a table visit (#2110)
- Added ability to specify the record sequence of a test record when previewing appointment emails, etc. (#2111)
- Added ability for Asynchronous 1 on 1 appointments to be booked
- Added additional modifier 'same consultant' for preventing consecutive appt booking (#711)
- Added custom email options for termination and modification emails (#2115)
- Added Student Confirm Bio and Staff Confirm Bio as Location Options for Custom Automations
- Added automated emails fo batch assignment of Success Plans from Student listing (#2119)
- Added ability to adjust a single day of an availability by creating a day block and a new availability (#1541)

- The Process Activations button in the Terms preferences is now no longer hidden (#2107)
- When Appointment record saved with No Status (Upcoming), system will unlink from a potentially linked Visit record (#2114)

- SAGE Referral followup date displays the date of the followup (no time) (#2098)
- Fixed Saved Searches linked to Custom Views (#2078)
- Fixed an issue Q2 Instructions email having a missing link to Raise Hand (#2109)
- Fixed an issue with 'or' clauses and numeric fields in navSearch, you may not provide quotes to prevent a wildcard character from being added to the search criteria (#2106)
- Fixed issue with charts on students listings not working when the search criteria included Appointments or Registrations (#2099)
- Fixed an issue with reports that used a dynamic list based on a terms search not working (#2112)
- Fixed an issue with Unselect All option in Attendance and Registrations listing not working (#2118)
- Fixed an issue with students not being able to cancel all appointments in a series (#2120)

[1.2.29] 2023-08-11

- Added a range slider question type to surveys (#2021)
- Added a secondary enter your ID label preference for batch visits only (#2038)
- Added a new system preference for consultant work logout prompt for work notes (##2050)
- Added menu pickers for Survey to link to Reasons and Subjects (#374)
- Added option for page inactivity timeouts (#2053)
- Added Last Month option to Utilization widget (#2058)
- Added a new twig function to add a custom CC email address to an email (#2056)
- Added an optional Center field for Terms and Conditions (in addition to the Profile field)
- Added ability to set the calc missed from date to be the start of the current term automatically (#2066)
- Added subject search option to Appointments/Visits Utilization report (#2048)
- Added option in Students Visits Cleanup Data report to only show appointments for the center(s) selected (#2070)
- Added Navigators to list of consultant types (#2073)
- Added a Show All button to Change Consultant modal to ignore linked consultants only list (#2074)
- Added Search by Student ID to Document Listing search (#2075)
- Added subject search option to Appointments/Availabilities by Hour by Day of Week report (#2068)
- Added option to show student pronouns on numerous reports as an additional field to show
- Added an additional search availability widget (6 total)
- Added ability for search availability widgets to be linked to the modality (in-person, online or asynchronous)
- Added ability to add multiple students to a group roster (#2081)

- Added ability to allow Profile admins to access Success Plans listing when table access prefs privileges granted (#2037)
- When a group appt with optionally by slot online or in-person is deleted, the time slot preference is recalculated (#2036)
- Q2 Log Off button that displays after a QR Code scan for students adjusted to Close with a message saying it's safe to close (#2044)
- Compressed the reasons and recommendations in the Referral Type entry so more items may be shown in a smaller area (#2043)
- Change wording of prevent students / staff booking consecutive appointments to be inline with actual functionality (#2064)
- In-Person Availabilities that have not been booked after the time period expires become dropins, adjusted to allow online availabilities act the same (#2067)

- Fixed an issue with server timezone different than center timezone and list of appointments appearing with 24 hour offset from midnight to 1am (#1911)
- Fixed an issue with blank tiles in KIOSK still being clickable to log a student out (#2047)
- Fixed an issue with an apostrophe in a Centers name preventing it from being selected as the default choice in an Appointment entry (#2046)
- Fixed an issue with Availabilities in the future (farther than 25 days) expiring too quickly to a student when the 'No Book Later than' preference is blank (#2045)
- Fixed an issue with Course list items removal using Subject-Course-Section-Term (#2051)
- Fixed an issue with Work Visit filter on Staff timeline not sowing work visits (#2049)
- Fixed an issue with Availability badges being shown for all profiles (#2057)
- Fixed an issue with UTC+1 or more duplicating first day column on a week schedule in the scheduler (#2059)
- Fixed an issue where a user's group does not have edit schedule capability for a center, yet the appointment move button was being shown (#2061)
- Fixed an issue with duration emails exceeding a certain number of minutes still being sent out when option is set to off (#2062)
- Fixed a typo in the description for the search availability preferences
- Fixed an issue with single quotes in Referral Type Reasons and Recommendation names (#2071)
- Adjust sort order on loglisting and queue listing so those waiting longer will appear sooner (#2084)

[1.2.28] 2023-07-11

- Added Center Fund to Visits Export (#1975)
- Added option to show visit details on Success Plans report (#1862)
- Numerous reports can now search sections by Course List (#1977)
- Added static QR code as a Custom KIOSK option in profiles
- Added options to Hide Sage Notes and Additional notes from Faculty only (#1997)
- Added option to include inactive assigned success plans in the success plan report (#2004)
- For SurveyTrac, added the survey option to send via 'Email after # of visits during survey period' (#1855)
- Added options for showing subject and reason while in Q2 Queue Mode (#2022)
- Added twig sidebars for Welcome Messages in System Preferences (#2019)
- Added twig tag options for Surveys (#2016)
- Added preliminary version of TracFlow Automations module for beta testing
- Survey Snapshot report can now display pie charts, bar charts, or line charts of survey answers (#1859)
- Added Visit Time Out to Utilization widget (#2032)
- Usage Snapshot report can now also display bar charts or line charts (#1901)
- Added Preview button for System Preferences colors (#1813)
- Added availability expiration message to Appointment Save for students (#1852)
- Added ability to start and stop an appointment's visit for 1-on-1 appointments from the scheduler (#1726)

- Dropin notification reminders will not send to student if the availability has been deleted (#1996)
- Moved blank option to top of list in places where blank choice is allowed (#1985)
- Increased the font size of Q2 Login modal (#2006)
- Removed data form appointment
- consultant tab from tml structure (#2017)
- Quick Visit entry: changed timing of loading consultants menu to after centers loaded (#2011)
- Added Q2 Config option for playing a sound when a student raises their hand (#2014)
- Adjusted the formatting of table and staff name on queue listing so table and staff name stay inside their appropriate boxes at larger magnifications (#2014)
- Postpone computation of courselist specialties if courselist is applied to more than 20 consultants or 20 centers (#2025)
- Running the Visits/Appointments export manually with more than one year of data runs the export as a job (#2010)
- Removed redundant 'allow user to manage resources', instead base this on ability to edit Resource Types in table access (#2034)

- Fixed an issue with Success Plan emails not opening from Timeline (#1974)
- Fixed an issue with dots in Campus Codes
- Dropin notifications for online availabilities go through the secured URL (#1978)
- Dropin notifications for online availabilities show time in am/pm format (#1978)
- Inactive centers hidden from Work Reason chooser (#1980)
- Fixed change field value on Staff (#1986)
- Allow public doc URLs to be emailed (#1987)
- Fixed Show these faculty from registrations listing (#1988)
- Fixed a method of creating a null visit when a visit has been deleted but a user attempts to make a Q2 request based on the old deleted visit (#1989)
- Fixed an issue when the appointment online enter session rule doesn't have a value for no start later but does have a value for no start before end of appointment (#1990)
- Send Visit Duration Notifications will now use the templates in hte profile preferences (#1995)
- Saving a student list for search availabilities did not work for widgets #3 and #5 (#1999)
- Fixed an issue with KIOSK QRCodes not working due to static QR Codes change (#2007)
- Fixed an issue when adding a student with an apostrophe in name to Workshop Roster (#2012)
- Fixed a refresh issue on Q2 Queue where the list is now updated for every student login or out of the queue center (#2015)
- Hide Inactive Custom KIOSKs from KIOSK menu listing (#2018)
- Confirmation notifications on timelines are now clickable (#2020)
- Fixed and issue with editing System Prefs -> Custom Fields in Chrome browser (#1981)
- Fixed the display of linked Reasons to Centers when the Reason is available for all Profiles (#2033)
- Fixed issue with Referral Listing columns not being sortable (#2035)

[1.2.27] 2023-06-01

- Added multiple change field value fields to Staff listing (#1967)

[1.2.26] 2023-05-30

- Added Asynchronous availabilities for asynchronous appointments
- Added a Duplicate button on the Success Plan entry and the Step Listing for a Plan (#1928)
- Added Change field value for Admins to the SAGE Referrals Listing (#1934)
- For SurveyTrac, preference option in 'Dashboard Charts and Dashboard Surveys' allows hiding the surveys panel from the dashboard if there are no pending surveys
- For the Resource Utilization report, staff that processed the checkout and return have been added (#1930)
- Added Email and Staff Sequence optional fields to User Detail report, and Last Access field is now being updated (#1951)
- Added more optional fields to the User Detail report
- Added a convert appointment to asynchronous button to the appointment entry for staff only for profiles that allow asynchronous profiles
- Added change field values to Staff listing (#1967)
- Added 'Subject CRN' to choices for format to display subject (#1968)
- Added display subject preference using CRN now also causes CRN to be displayed in sections list in batch visit entry
- Added Consultant Fund and Center Fund to the Visits by ?? report, for grouping by or as an additional field (#1975)
- For SurveyTrac, there's a new 'Initiated Via' setting: 'Email after 1st visit per consultant during survey period' (#1857)
- Added option to show visit details on Success Plans report (#1862)
- Added reports option to search by Course List on numerous reports (in Additional Search, Registrations Search section) (#1977)

- Asynchronous widget will now only appear on dashboard if 1 or more profiles have the preference activated
- Success Plans for students will not be show on student dashboard if the assigned plan is deactivated or the success plan itself is deactivated (#1931)
- Dropped the display of the unused document field 'Follow Up By' (#1929)
- Resource reports allow the option of showing checkout notes
- Adjusted registrations Assignment Grid view to allow searching for Total Points (#1935)
- Use "KIOSK Enter ID label" for Ad Hoc QR Code text (#1932)

- Fixed an issue with email templates sometime not being editable (#1924)
- Fixed an issue with max appointment rules and In Person only appointments (#1920)
- Fixed sorting of reasons on dashboard to use the sort code (#1955)
- Fixed an issue with Success Plan Step completed email (#1961)
- Minor security updates (#1956
- #1960)
- When booking a recurring appointment check to prevent double booking on future dates (#1964)
- Fixed a couple typos (#1965, #1966)
- Fixed duplicating a group from profile causing an invalid search bar to appear (#1969)

[1.2.25] 2023-05-02

- Added ability to duplicate courselist items (#1851)
- Added Next and Previous buttons to Student, Staff, Faculty and several other entry page navigation
- Added Custom Notes to availability blocks for internal staff documentation about availability issues (#1921)
- Added "Writing Fellow" to "Name for Consultants" options (#1919)
- AddedCustomizable text on local login screen (#1914)
- Added option to allow Custom Kiosks to display consultant login button (#1909)

- Surveys Listing Active field is sortable (#1899)
- Students Visits Cleanup Data report now allows changing the visit or appointment consultant (#1867)
- Changes to sort order of sections in a course list (#1918)
- Added a conclude icon to Q2 list of helped (#1917)
- Resources reports now include staff checkouts, with option to sort by staff (#1910)

- Fixed issue with saving an availability block when no meeting type chosen (#1998)
- Fixed a log resource issue (#1923)

[1.2.24] 2023-04-17

- Added some special student fields to Student import field assignment process (#1882)
- Added new profile preference for the ability to customize the emails that go out when multiple cancellations / misses cause auto cancellations of appointments
- Added ability to retrieve the Block
- Description as a twig tag in an appointment that was blocked on the schedule
- Added QR Code to Student Confirm BIO on login when email for student is inaccurate or missing (#1866)

- Removed the unneeded global preference 'Display Receive SMS' (uses Group preference for access) (#1878)
- Moved several profile preferences into a new Advanced Preferences category (#1877)
- New Availability looks activated
- Next and previous navigation buttons on scheduler are now disabled while the calendar data is loading (#1887)

- Saving a success plan might duplicate the steps (#1894)
- Ad hoc appointments will allow you to choose In person or online (#1896)

[1.2.23] 2023-04-07

- Added new fields to database to handle built-in asynchronous appointments
- Prepared new interface elements that will in the future display asynchronous appointments
- Added Custom Views to Appointment Listing (#1846)
- Added Section and TermCode to Students -> Attendance Listing (#1843)
- Added indicator badge to scheduler to indicate In-Person availabilities (versus Online) in preparation for asynchronous availabilities in future
- Added checkbox options in Consultant Max Hours and Non-Duplicated Appointment Time report whether to include missed appointments in the report, as well as showing appointment subject, reason, and location
- Search by section schedule Day and Time on Registration listing and Via Student search form
- Added WatchLists to available twig tags
- Added new Group Preference called 'hide Is Work' to hide Is Work button from Quick Visit entry
- Added new Group Preference which prevents 1 on 1's from being displayed as drop in when the scheduling time expires
- Added new preference to search availability widget to prevent similar availabilities from being stacked
- Added ability for admins to modify the linked person for a document
- Added new Profile preference affecting KIOSKs that allows the student to log in to an appointment for a center in the same profile as the KIOSK
- Added a new preference in Appointment scheduling that prevents a visit from being created when entering an online session
- Added a new preference in Appointment scheduling that prevents a visit from being created when marking an appointment as attended
- Added a new preference in Appointment scheduling that prevents a visit from being created when marking an appointment as attended and a visit already exists that surrounds the appointment start
- Added Referrals Listing to the Listings menu and Sorted the Listings by Name
- Added a new report, Optional: In-Person vs Online Appointments (#1453)
- Added confirm Bio search to student Listing (#1864)
- Added Minimum duration option for Visit Steps (#1860)
- Added Birthdate to the list of confirm Bio Student fields (#1865)
- Added a new report, Student Search Availabilities (#1222)

- Changed: do not show Student Blocked by Time message for Drop In blocks
- Changed: Visits by ?? report and Visits by Faculty and Subject report now allow Faculty Email as an additional field to show (#1870)

- Fixed saving issue from Success Plan entry via popup (regular entry was working properly) (#1849)
- Fixed a display issue with Documents Listing (showing inactive when not necessarily inactive) (#1845)
- Fixed an issue with hide DropIns from student per search availability widget
- Fixed typo in second selection deletion prompt (#1871)
- Fixed an issue with saving resources showing a resource no longer checked out (#1874)
- Fixed a script error issue on KIOSK Choose Consultant options (#1844)

[1.2.22] 2023-03-23

- Added Appointments listing to Other->Listings menu (for Admins only)
- Added TimeLineEvents entry screen so the event may be viewed by Admins or deleted by a SysAdmin (#1814)
- Added Survey option to auto-resend survey emails for unanswered responses (once) after # days (and optionally, after that, continually resend every # days). Also an option in Survey, Responses tab to exclude responses from being re-sent. (#1109)
- Added categorization option to the notifications modal and ability to hide a notification from the notification listing (#1815).
- Added ability for Redrock staff when setting up imports to drag and drop to move or copy import batch items from one batch to another.
- Adjusted the borders or the roster list of the class roster modal to make it look more like other listings.
- Added a new SAGE report, Referrals by Student and Appointments/Visits (#1816)
- Added ability to prevent an appointment reminder/confirmation/missed email from being sent if the email body contains: #ACTION:DO NOT SEND#
- Added a remember student option on batch visits to allow multi-logging for the same student (#1838)
- Added a new management report, Consultant Max Hours and Non-Duplicated Appointment Time (#1711)

- Slots found on search availability grouped (stacked similar) according to time, date, center, type , location... added online (#1825)
- Adjusted AdHoc QR Code to work when drop in availability is linked to a course list (#1827)
- Success Plan entry screens nowshow the name of the success plan in the app bar at the top of the screen (#1831)
- Success Plan email entry: the pop over editor will not activate the full WYSIWYG editor, but clicking on the line to show the full screen version of the email will invoke the WYSIWYG editor (#1830)
- Visits/Appointments Export, in the Number of Days to Export field, another option is a range of days, i.e. 14...7 would export from 14 days ago through 7 days ago. (#1738)
- Staff only sections will not appear on KIOSK login for students (#1836)

- Hide inactive custom questions on KIOSK log in / out (#1820)
- Hide inactive Q2 Configs on dashboard (#1819)
- Make Continue button on KIOSK log out keyboard accessible (#1818)
- Surveys marked for Display on Document Posting was causing dashboard to not load for Students (#1821)
- Group staff listing does not need the selection menu option at top of list
- removed (#1824)
- Some Resource checkouts weren't being shown on student timeline due to the change that allows staff to now be able to check out a resource (#1826)
- Fixed word wrapping of checkboxes when the label won't fit in the intended area (#1822)
- Fixed an issue with search availability widget preference to hide profile option not working (#1829)
- Fixed issue where certain students migh see a duplicated announcements on dashboard (#1834)
- Fixed an issue with SAGE notes and additional notes hiding when referral type option checked. Also Custom Questions now says Additional Questions (#1835)

[1.2.21] 2023-03-09

- Added ability to change consultant time check mode to bi-weekly (#1768)
- Added Staff LastFirst and FirstLast fields to power search which allows consultant linking to students (#1784)
- Added new report Appointments/Availabilities by Hour by Day of Week
- Added Center and Profile to Outstanding Appointment requests (#1787)
- Added an option to allow student to choose Other when logging in to a center and there is a prescheduled appointment (#1796)
- Added new system preference to toggle Student Upload documents to their dashboard
- Added new option for profile preference regarding choosing a consultant on login: you can now make the consultant required (Yes, No, Yes Required) (#1809)

- Adjust time line indicator on scheduler when center chosen and time is not the same as current browser time (#1778)
- Only Redrock developers may now create a system wide announcement to campuses (thank you Billy).
- Allow registration custom fields to be viewed in Visits by ??, Students Visits/Appointments by ?? and Usage Snapshot reports (#1781)
- Registrations by ?? report now allows grouping by Subject/Course/CRN (#1807)
- Reports using Registrations section of Additional Search now includes searching by registration status (#1802)
- Availbility slots will use availability preference for multi-slots when accessed via search availability (#1810)

- Fixed an issue with outstanding appt requests
- followed up by person (#1782)
- Fixed a too strict logic issue when determining if a consultant can cancel an appointment from the dashboard (#1785)
- Fixed 'birthdaytoday' phrase search on student listing to additionally honor 'search active' (#1790)
- Fixed issue with student name with back tick (`) causes not able to search for an availability (#1792)
- Fixed surveys sending to tutor/advisor/consultant after student visit, when set with 'Email after visit' and Tutor/Advisor option is checked (#1775)
- Fixed when staff removed from a center the visit entry will now still show the assigned conultant for older visits (#1795)
- Fixed a typo for student document upload button (#1803)
- Fixed an issue with annouuncements not showing on Dashboard (#1801)
- Fixed an issue with visit with First Available originally chosen auto choosing the first consultant on the list (#1805)
- Fixed an issue with search availability showing Profile choices to the Student (#1806)

[1.2.20] 2023-02-27

- Added new Task report
- Added Subject and Course as separate additional fields to show on Visits by ?? report
- Added Watch List indicators to Registrations Listing
- Added Show these Registrations to Students Listing
- Added various minor changes to Success Plans (#1773) including auto assign consultant and edit record link
- Added a notification message if roster appt status could not be changed due to network error (#1780)

- Modified student & staff timeline items to show light grey background for Extra Detail items
- KIOSK Sort code for staff can now also sort the staff on the scheduler (#1746)
- Added a message to SI batch visits area show the total number of SI Visits created (##1753)
- When adding a new roster appointment, pre-assigned subject and reason are now displayed in the roster item (#1754)
- Only user-allowed task types are now shown in task entry and listing (#1759)
- Added a Notes Required option to profile preference to allow Notes to be required in Visit Entry
- Added a Cancellation Reason required to system preferemces (#1758)
- Adjust privileges for Staff that are not Admins: no deletion of selected records, no merging records and no change field value (#1760)
- Adjusted size of Q2 expander button in Q2 Queue listing

- Special Needs customized title now used for availability entry modal
- When student is in a timezone different than profile and campus, local time is now being displayed and enter online session button works (#1747)
- Fixed a typo on dashboard for Referrals (#1748)
- Fixed an issue with Max Appt Rules that use a week start on Sunday (#1749)
- Fixed an issue with DST adjustment
- Filtering scheduler with Location filtering and Hide Unavailable now work together (#1756)
- Reasons shown to Staff only are now hidden on KIOSK signin (#1770)
- Fixed weird issue with clicking on watch list name on dashboard (#1771)
- Fixed a location and online issue when moving appointments from one availability to another (#1769)
- Fixed a time zone issue with appointment notifications when appointment time is different from campus time (#1779)

[1.2.19] 2023-02-09

- Added Recompute time for watch lists in the Preferences (#1717)
- Allow dragging of twig fields for batch emails (#1716)
- Added ability to choose selected item from group roster to send visit notes, surveys, and emails
- Entering term 'birthdaytoday' in student nav search shows students with a birthday today
- Profiles can now block student appointment booking between two times (ie 10pm and 4am)
- Added 'Consultant Max Hours' as an additional field to show on the Students Visits/Appointments by ?? report (#1705)
- Added twig to Survey 'Notify results to emails' setting, so each survey recipient can receive their Notify Results email (#1695)
- Added Students Visits Center Grid report (#1714)
- Added option to send quiz to students from group appointment/roster
- Added survey sent via "Email after 1st visit per subject during survey period" option (#1342)
- Added links to edit visit records in Students Visits Cleanup report (#1494)
- Added new cookie for controlling if Extra Detail will be automatically checked (#1742)
- Watch List students on dashboard now have their associated color indicators next to the title

- Prevent Switch to account option from switching to an inactive account (#1718)
- When editing custom fields of an appointment, show Save button as soon as any key is entered in the custom field (#1721)
- Added duration check after batch duration amount entered to prevent badly formatted durations (#1723)
- Custom missed appointment statuses are now honored in student appointment timeline extra detail
- Work visits do not require subject (overrides profile preference for requiring subjects)
- Display appointment's local time when browser time does not match center's appointment time (#1737, #1740)
- Adjusted FTE option to specify students with exactly # / # or more / # or fewer hours/visits for Visits by ?? and Students Visits Summary reports (#1598)
- Moved Profile Pay Basis settings to general Preferences, Payroll section; added link to Work Types listing (#1679)

- Fixed a typo on Group permissions 'this controls which centers the user...' (#1719)
- Fixed SAGE Emails were dropped from timeline due to null category, they are back (#1720)
- Fixed reports query using Students On List option for dynamic lists (#1715)
- Prevent a quiz from being changed back to a normal survey once a response has been recorded (#1741)
- Show unique students per grouping if one of the groupings is Student (#1632)
- Fixed issue with consultant reason specialties selection menu not always loading (#1739)

[1.2.18] 2023-01-07

- Custom KIOSKs now can have a course list attached (#1689)
- Add staff display entry link to day summary dialog for a staff record
- Added Tip of the week menu and tip of the week notification
- Added ability for students to filter the Center Visits widget by Center and Subject (#1708)

- Changed student timeline so emails related to Visit, Success Plans, Appointments, Resource are grouped accordingly and shown when extra detail is checked

- Printing Student Center Visits from dashboard now prints all pages of the students visits (#1707)

[1.2.17] 2022-12-26

- New Module: Student Success Plans (#1677)
- Added ability to share a course list item with other selected course lists (#1681)
- Added additional overall attendance chart to student attendance (#1514)
- Added additional Import process to activate solely based on dates from and to (#1674)
- Added The ability to set a default 'Override From Address' choice in email prompt (#1675)

- Changed wording in Staff Entry of Primary Center to Default Center (#1680)
- Expand 'User Detail' report functionality (#1460)
- Q2 Custom Field requirement changes (#1684)

- Custom Fields that are required when displayed on Q2 Raise Hand will now honor required attribute (#1684)
- When a Course List has no items, recalculation of course list will gneerate a list of no items (#1487, #1683)
- Fixed a typos in Saved Searches modal (#1685)
- Allow Registration Listing Custom Fields to be reset to blank value (#1682)
- Fixed an issue when sending batch emails from student listing, Chrome browser for windows didn't always get the last selection of records (#1582)

[1.2.16] 2022-12-12

- A searchable Usage column added to the CourseLIst listing
- Opacity of Reserved Blocks adjusted so visibility of covered items increased
- Allow checkouts of resources to Staff (#527)
- Added Staff Only option for Reasons (#1665)
- Added Barcode field to batch visit scans (#1672)
- New import process to activate registrations based on date and withdraw codes only (#1674)

- Resource Check In/Out Button On Log Listing Not Working (#1660)
- Issue with wild cards in power searches for custom fields (#1659)
- Unrerve Resource button not showing (#1662)
- Update staff.studentid field when staff user name is changed in staff record (for linking student to staff) (#1668)
- Students name not appearing on check out history tab of Resource (#1671)

[1.2.15] 2022-12-03

- Added Custom Automation scripts to various specific locations (#1607)
- Added Terms and Conditions Reponses tab to Terms and Conditions Entry (#1636)
- Drop down menu support in Custom Views for fields with choices and are editable (#999)
- Sort Lists alphabetically on report picker (#1640)
- Added activation deactivation of Lists in Custom List entry (#1641)
- Lists menu is now searchable
- Max Appointment rule additional message now allows twig processing (#1646)
- Added ability to search registrations based on a course list
- Added Reponses to Terms and Conditions entry with Term and Subject listed (#1651)
- Added Time Check option for required hours per Month (instead of Week)
- Added keyboard acessibility to Q2 Table interface (#1634)
- Added Fund Codes prefs to the Pay Codes area in order to predefine fund codes
- Add ability to group Lists on the menus by using :: (double colons) to separate group name and menu name

- Year is always shown on dates of visits in the attendance listing (#1638)
- Moved general list options menu choices to top of List menu (#1639)
- Changed wording of max appt rule display when status searched is blank (#1645)
- New Availabilities will default to profile preferences for multi-slot times (#1647)
- Dropped 'View Student Info Tab on Visits' preference, now automatically uses Table Access setting from Group prefs (#1655)

- Fixed a typo on special needs instructions (#1648)
- Fixed a typos on Search availability instructions (#1653)
- Fixes an issue with saving blank reason on Availability Badges (#1652)

[1.2.14] 2022-11-22

- Fixed an issue on swift email attachments for iCal REQUEST vs CANCEL (#1594 again)
- Fixed an issue with SI Batch scans confirmation message (#1613)
- Fixed an issue with Batch Scans -> ID and Other ID (#1626)
- Fixed an issue whith student search when trying to find Active Students WITHOUT an active Registration (#1627)
- Fixed an issue with Q2 Table Visit straddling midnight (#1624)
- Fixed issue with Course and Section menu on Workshop entry (#1617)
- Fixed an issue when printing a survey or quiz with text overlapping (#1625)
- Fixed an issue with Workshop attendance creating a visit (#1629)
- Fixed an issue when Chrome language set to Korean, not being able to conclude a Q2 Table Visit (#1633)

- Removed Consultant name from Q2 Hand Raised on kiosk and log list fields (#1612)
- Dropped 'Include Wait Time' preference (not being used) (#1621)
- Added ability to search by workshop name in workshop listing (#1616)
- Added pagination to Enroll Students listing in Workshop Listing (#1614)
- When moving an appointment, dropins no longer appear as an option (#1615)
- When generating attendance for a section, inactive sections are now hidden (#1631)

- Added a group preference for preventing password editing of student and staff (#1605)
- Allow multi-check questions for Quizzes
- Surveys and Quizzes show on timeline under Surveys
- Ability to display a Quiz on Assignments tab of Registrations entry
- Surveys, Staff, Students, Faculty, Visits now show message when a change has been made and user wants to close the page (#1608)
- Report That Only Shows Availabilities That Are Not Booked (#1537)
- Added new log list field for showing currently request Q2 subject (#1609)
- Added QR Code for KIOSKs showing for all profiles (and Work Visit login) (#1610)
- Added new Twig tag for Document Posted By Name (#1622)
- Added a cancel button to Terms and Conditions modal (#1628)
- Added ability to force a custom field to display starting on a new line (#1618)
- Added ability to enroll a student into a workshop via ID, Other ID and Barcode (#1630)
- Added Custom Fields to Q2 List and Q2 Raise Hand modal (#144)

[1.2.13] 2022-11-10

- Prevent confirmation emails for cancelled/deleted appointments when availability is changed
- Fixed list sorting for several fields on several listings
- Prevent student double booking on group roster
- Prevent user from adjusting visit's status changes multiple times in a row (via double and triple click)
- Marking an appointment as logged in from the dashboard now adjusts the appointment status automatically
- Fixed an issue with appointment missed status being set to the custom student missed status
- Fixed an issue with change field value record selection (auto checks against previous search)
- Fixed an issue with certain reserve blocks being ignored on search availability (#1606)
- Courselists for centers properly utilized for subject choices on appointment entry
- Added REQUEST=CANCEL method for email attachment for cancelled appintments (#1594)
- if appt changed and confirmation already sent, resend confirmation.

- Center is required on Quick Visits
- Adjusted the spacing around the Q2 Raise hand button on log listing
- Added date checks to availability blocks when adjusting from and to dates
- Q2 Conclude visit now adjusts to server time for q2 table visits
- Addjusted iCal appointment attachments to be system timezone independant
- Allow person to change online or in-person on group when only 1 person enrolled so far

- Consultant time check now uses a preference that controls how many weeks to display on time check
- Allow faculty to view 'own visit' on student entry
- Allow location and subject course to be searched on visit log listing
- Added a new login to center area on Q2 Queue List
- Added new preference for controlling how many consecutive appointments allowed
- Added a grace period for cancelling a newly created appointment without penalty
- Allow blank as a choices for faculty on section entry
- Added menu for filtering referral types on dashboard referrals widget
- Added Process Specialties button to Terms area of system preferences
- Added new feature to Q2 Configs widget showing hands of students that need help that the current user may help

[1.2.12] 2022-11-8

- Added PGP encryption to FTP files uploaded for import

[1.2.11] 2022-10-27

- Preserve online url for group roster appointments
- Fixed issue with Q2 hand raised modal not closing
- Fixed log list refresh for Queue listing

- Don't show custom fields to consultant on a KIOSK log in / out
- Added a preference to hide the number of slots found message on searc availability
- Prevent certain student fields from being searchable when user can only access brief view of student
- Make sure a concluded visit has the time in field set
- Visit entry requires Center, Reason, Subject and Consultant
- Multiple cancellations and misses now have an adjustable tolerance value for auto-cancelling future appointmenmts
- Followed up referrals nbow show as entries on timeline
- Additional security to prevent user from viewing referral when they do not have access to that referral type
- Allow a previously cancelled student to be added to a roster appointment
- Show attached fiels on mail queue item

- Added a confirmation on rosters whena changing an appointment to missed or cancelled
- Added barcode field to Q2 list search
- Added a paperclip icon to timeline to indicated attached documents for appointment and vsiit records
- Added a profile preference to control reminder alarm for iCal attachments

[1.2.10] 2022-10-17

- Fixed an issue with Group Roster subject not displaying correctly (#1491)
- Prevent double click on log out of visit when survey is displayed (#1492)
- Fixed iCal appointment uses profile time zone (#1493)
- Fixed multiple issues with scheduler on iOS (#1473)
- Fixed Override and Send option on SAGE referral (#1504)
- Fixed an issue with work visits in time zones not matching campus time zone (#1507)

- Added pagination to the student list for resource checkouts (#1511)

- Added Q2 Consultant Alias to list of KIOSK fields (#1499)
- Added a blank subject option in edit visit entry (#1495)
- Added sent notifications to student timeline (#1508)

[1.2.9] 2022-10-03

- Added new ReasonsAndLabels and RecommendaitionsAndLabels tags for SAGE Emails (#1444)
- New prevent double booking procedure for 2 students clicking to book at the exact same time (#1439)
- New functionality to allow availability blocks for a single staff to be for all centers
- Added Consultant Alias to Kiosk Field choices
- New profile preference for CANCEL
- MISSED (#1456)
- Added batch staff notifications and document uploads
- Added Export to CSV for staff listing
- Allow termination of work visits at night (#1462)
- When cancelling multiple appointments in a row, cancellation 'auto cancel' email will go out to student and consultant including iCal (#1463)
- Added a preference for batch imports to email campus IT on success (#1476)
- Added a Terminate Visits Now button to profile entry preferences so profile admin can manually terminate all open visits.
- Added a Q2 Configuration option for requiring a table when raising hand (#1484)
- Batch scans that fail now show on scan results (#1483)

- Ability to move availability from one day to another (#1445)
- Fixed Export to CSV for Assignment Grid (#1447)
- Fixed an issue with time entry for time between 12:00 am and 12:59 am (#1449)
- Fixed issue with batch referrals for faculty not working if too many (#1451)
- Prevent double click on roster log visit (#1452)
- Fixed require reason for Q2 Hand Raise (#1455)
- Fixed an issue with search availability not ignoring custom delete statuses
- Prevent double clicking on batch save referrals (#1461)
- Nightly missed appointment process uses student missed preference (#1471)
- Assignment grid sorting
- force numeric fields to sort numerically (#1474)
- Fixed an issue with workshop attendance where the student is not enrolled in the course we are linking the attendance to (#1479)
- Fixed a display issue for faculty linked to a class that has a badly formatted time for the class schedule (#1482)
- Fixed an issue with marking a workshop as attended sometimes temporarily showing other students in the workshop roster (#1479)

[1.2.8] 2022-09-28

- Added Online as a field option for searching visits (#1429)
- Added new capability to FTP REMOVE import process, allow remove multiple files (#1433)
- Added new Q2 Config preference to keep a Q2 Remote center visit logged in and remain on log listing

- Fixed an issue with signature fields negatively interacting with fields near by (#1426)
- Fixed an issue with wait status change functionality not working with advising centers (#1425)
- Fixed problem displaying the custom location on batch visits editing (#1428)
- Fixed an issue with batch emails to Faculty and Staff not using the new check system (#1431)
- Fixed an issue with Q2Remote table visits not being marked as online (#1432)

[1.2.7] 2022-09-19

- New search availability rules and badges
- New Twig Text item on KIOSKs and Log Listings for customized text with tags
- New search field on scheduler staff menu (#1397)
- New Search Avail Query counter for students
- Added Appt Search items to Student Timeline (extra detail appointment items)
- Added new permission to groups for allowing view schedule but not edit anything (#1395)
- Added a print button to student center visits widget (#1393)
- Student tags side bar to email templates and batch student emails (#1379)
- Added new system preference for sticky start and sticky duration (#1405)
- Added color picker for availability badges (#1407)
- Added to Q2 Feature for showing Q2 Table visits on log listing (#1329)
- Added ability to choose a requested consultant for a q2 table visit (#1329 also)
- Added consultant name requested in Q2 Queue. Icon flashes if consultant user is the same consultant as requested
- Log out a visit now has a confirmation modal (#1413)
- Wait status not reset when wait status not used when changing the consultant from one staff to another in log listing (#1414)
- When logging out a visit, if no location present, it will use the consultant's location automatically (#1416)
- Added a new tag for logging a student in and out of their appointment on the staff main menu (#1368 again)
- Added Sort Code to Reason entry (#1419)
- Added Q2 Config option for only choosing consultants that are logged in for visits (#1423)
- Added additional capability for logging a student into an appointment from consultant main menu (#1368 again)
- Added Reason Sort Code to Reason entry (#1419)
- Added a confirmation for signing a student out on KIOSK view (#1413)

- Changed title of student cancellation reasons (#1399)
- Center status widget now filters out work visits (#1388)
- Adjust phrasing of drop-in reminders 'This is not an appointment' (#1378)
- When booking a recurring appointment, the system now checks the future subjects for any subject conflicts (#1404)
- When booking an appointment and required fields fails verification, save button now re-enabled immediately (#1415)
- An error message will now show when student attempts to raise their hand in a queue center for which they are not currently logged in to (#1376)
- Changed edit availability button on appointment entry closes appointment (#1418)
- Changed how choose consultant works in tutoring center
- no reset wait time (#1414)
- When a student attempts to remote sign-in for q2 but hasn't signed in to main center
- show an error message (#1376)

- Fixed Work Visits log time, now based on profile's time zone (#1383)
- Fixed show text email button for SAGE referral testing (#1398)
- Fixed This Semester Visits not filtering properly for student center visits (#1392)
- Filter out carriage returns in Starfish export (#1370)
- Fixed Searching for Active Faculty Incorrectly Displays Inactive Status (#1389)
- If an availability is longer than your max appt limit, booking an appointment for that time slot causes duration to not match time (#1387)
- Fixed very poor network conditions and pressing 'Confirm' multiple times sometimes can allow students to book duplicate appointments (#1384)
- Fixed Students Can Book Two Or More Group Appointments At The Same Time With Different Consultants (#1381)
- Fixed scrolling issue on appointment entry after the center info dialog shown (#1380)
- Fixed searching by faculty name on sections listing (#1382)
- Fixed Students' Center Visits widget
- "This Month" seems to show "This Semester" data (#1374)
- Fixed Batch Visits using wildcard subject could create a visit for an inactive registration (#1408)
- Fixed an error when saving a favorite Payroll report (#1411)
- Fixed on issue with QR Code KIOSK logins (#1422)
- Fixed default sticky drag minutes (#1424)
- Fixed location on log-in being set for drop-ins (#1416)

[1.2.6] 2022-09-14

- Added New process for faculty activations based on registrations active
- Added more messaging for unsupported file upload doc types, added multiple new document types allowed (#1354)
- Send auto cancellation email for multiple misses or multiple cancellations (#1361)
- Added preference to not show avail split warning, no new profile creation unless redrock user (#1363)
- Added new preference for instructions on how to fill out an unable to find an appointment report
- Added Power Search option to search faculty by inactive / active (#1372)
- Added ability to log in and out the students from the group roster
- Added default appointment view (day or week) for dashboard for either students or consultants

- Imports opened up to system admins
- Logging into to center and out of center allow tabbing to buttons (#1355)
- Moving appt modifies the appointment schedModBy field now (#1364)

- Fixed Issue with Move to button when Online location is stored in Location field
- Fixed Don't hide those that have hand raised and are filtered. (#1347)
- Fixed Work indicator doesn't appear when no log in reasons (#1346)
- Fixed Prevent double click on avail entry save (#1353)
- Adjusted TinyMCE to not convert urls (#1351)
- Update course lists for courses that are linked to availabilities during the process specialties process (#1349)
- Fixed power searches with custom fields and faculty main menu course list search (#1358, #1359)
- Drop-in 'enter online session here' link now contains the reason and section (#1360)
- Do not let cancelled appointments on 1-on-1 slots determine the subject for that block
- Duration not showing similar start end duration time on appointment (#1362)
- It's not possible to remove an email attachment after uploading (#1356)
- Fixed an issue with the student center visits query for this month (#1374)
- Fixed Max appointment rules for 1-on-1s do not apply to appointments not linked to an availability (#1366)
- Notifications Do Not Adjust to local browser time zone (#1365)
- Fixed an issue with move an appointment over another appointment that is not linked to an availability (#1367)

[1.2.5] 2022-09-07

- Add Staff fields to custom view for visits (#1333)
- Added indexed to Appointments RecurID, StartDT, Status (query speed improvement 10x)
- New preference added for limited consultant choices for logged in to work in same center (#1340)
- Additional explanation for cancel
- missed (#1341)
- Warn user when saving a visit without an entered date and time
- Allow sys admins access to temp import directory

- Allow barcode as login to the SI QR code
- Allow QR SI Login using user name

- Latest trac, show small navbar menu at less than 1068 pixels
- Search availability instructions for option 4 and 5 were not being displayed properly (#1336)
- Survey apostrophe issue (#1337, #1338)
- Send email attachments to roster fixed, moving an appointment change online location (#525 again, #1344)
- Fixed a grammar issue (#1345)

[1.2.4] 2022-09-02

- Visit / Appointment export has option to include work visits
- Added new ability to override SMS address for certain cell users
- Info logging added to import process, also added new campus functions to override imported data if needed
- Added a custom message for max appt rules failure

- Changed default system requirements for local password number of characters for uppercase and lowercase character requirements
- Changed interval time for Q2 remote checking for help link (adjusted interval to longer duration)
- Improvement made to Visit query for finding related registration or section (speed improvement increase by 10 times)
- Only SysAdmins can lock local accounts
- Course lists with related course lists no longer editable
- Removed cancelled and deleted appointments from center status summary
- Cancelled appointments in a group recurring will be used to determine subject if not other appointment present to determine the group's subject
- Update trac to use new table collation

- Fixed Q2 Logoff button (not always available)
- Fixed issue on calendar where sometimes chosen consultant would be forgotten
- If Hide ID chosen on user's group, don't show ID on student pickers
- Fixed MaxHours computation in Max Appointment rules for group appointments
- QR code expiration computation fixed
- Fixed issue of overlapping work visits
- Adjustment to appointment save to keep button deactivated until save concluded
- Prevent spam click on log out of center
- Minor fix for Students Visit Summary report

[1.2.3] 2022-08-25

- Added new special needs to preferences for linking special needs to student lists
- Added Create Visit on Staff entry (#1294)
- Added host and process id to database import statuses
- Added HTML support in Search Availability Instructions (#1304)
- Added a new system preference to allow students to choose a cancellation reason when cancelling an appointment
- Added a new system preference for search availability widgets to hide the menu 'First Available or Choose Date and Center

- Updated TinyMCE to 4.9.11, jQuery to 3.6.0, Bootstrap 3.4.1, FontAwesom 5.15
- Changed method for ViewSchedule centers for group preference controlling access to search avail widget
- Saving a Quick Visit without a duration will now warn the user
- Clicking on the wait status will now by default show the consultant's name as the first choice if the user is logged in as a consultant
- Profile Entry -> Consultants will now show consultants linked to other profiles as italics

- Fixed spelling mistake in "Save And Split Into Separate Availabilities (not typically recommended)" (#1297)
- Fixed issue when availability is an odd length compared to the increment value (#1300)

[1.2.2] 2022-08-19

- Watch list hide email hide phone group prefs are now honored (#1288)
- Don't show timeline tab on a new record when tab cookie says to show timeline tab (#1289)

[1.2.0] 2022-08-19

- Removed a duplicated struct update

[1.1.8] 2022-08-16

- Added Account lock and unlock interface when using local accounts
- Added preference to control wording of enter online appointment link (#1279)
- Added lockout when bad passwords entered multiple times (#955)

- Increased size of faculty salutation field
- There are no upcoming classes / appointments wording changed by dropping the word classes (#1280)
- Student/Consultant tabs auto disappear in appointment records if no custom fields are available (#1281)
- Change label of profile prefs, 'CC Center' to 'CC Profile' (1287)

- Fixed log out page for SAML
- Fixed location choices based on profile for staff entry (#1278)
- Fixed line breaks in preview for consultant schedule reminder emails (#1230 again)
- Fixed Save notification upon saving visit notes to coach (#1282)
- Fixed an issues with new appointments overlapping a block, reject new appointment before saving (#1286)
- Booking appointment that intersects with previous block should reject the appointment (#1286)

[1.1.7] 2022-08-15

- Search availability widget only displayed if the group is associated with a profile associated with a center listed in viewCenterSchedules group pref
- Appointment.DisplayTime now has a raw tag included automatically (#1276)

- Fixed issue with reason choice on KIOSK not updating list of consultants for that reason (#1273)
- Fixed handling uploaded documents with periods in filename (not indicating the extension)
- Fixed Course Lists showing sections listing when including staff course lists (#1258)

[1.1.6] 2022-08-04

- Added ability to control display of prompts on the Search Availability choose Date, Profile and Center modal
- The ability to group by faculty name in Visits by ?? report (#1242)
- Added navsearch by student ID to the attendance listing (#1251)
- Added new group pref for staff viewing work visits (#1243)
- Added option to show or hide work visits on dashboard utilization (if they have access to work visits) (#1244)
- Added option to enter Work Visit notes on log out of work session (#1245)
- Added In-Person label to search availability results when availability is In-Person (#1255)
- Added option to choose a blank subject in batch visit entry modal (#1257)
- Added new global preference that turns 1 on 1 availabilities into in person availabilities if the time period for allowing students to book has expired (#32)
- Added new preference for Q2 Configs to lock the student email address for sending the table help instructions
- Added a weekly and daily chart of visits to Center Usage widget
- Added Trainers to consultant names (#1271)
- Added Accum Hours to Student power search (#1265)
- Added raw attribute to Appointment.DisplayTime tag (#1276)

- Speed up auto scroll animation in search preferences interface (#1249)
- Fixed Student log out resource buttons not fully clickable (#569 again)
- Fix title of Date/Time field in Workshop entry (#1246)
- Dashboard charts preferences, save button stays visible after clicking (#1248)
- Change label and display type of custom # choices for login choices (#1250)
- Fixed opening an entry for a layout that had a previous tab that is no longer existent (#1261)
- Fixed 'Find first immediately' when default date is other than today (#1259)
- Fixed Student chart issues and added 'Age' as a grouping field for charts (#1260)
- Fixed 'enter online session' button not working when local time zone different than server time (#1196)
- Fixed nav search issue with % wildcard followed by digits (#1263)
- Fixed problems with periods in filenames (#1271)
- Fixed Student timeline all since option when student record created is after first visit for that student (#1268)
- Fixed minor issue with Calendar URL for students not showing (#1264)
- Fixed scrolling issue after choosing reason category in appointment entry (#1269)
- Fixed issue with creating new student bringing up blank page (#1272)

[1.1.5] 2022-07-26

- Log when students search for availabilities, process after the fact if the appointment was ever booked (#1203)
- Added a popover title showing the query used for Lists in preferences
- Added new preference for preserving the original physical location on visits even when marked online
- Added indicator to the schedule that shows breaks in availabilities (#1201)
- Added Referral.CreatedDT tag to SAGE tags (#1233)
- Ability to set the week start day for max appointment rules involving weeks (#1132)

- Cleaned up the look of Lookup Values listing, added navQuery fields and power search fields. (#1220)
- Added Log List refresh back to log listing using the profiles log list refresh settings (#1215)
- Simplified the code for search avail widgets and added 2 more widget groups for a total of 5 options.
- Removed ability to use & character in Table names and locations for Q2 Remote (#1227)
- Showing consultant alias instead of name for consultant center visits (#1229)
- Added preference to control title of 'All Groups' menu in search availability options (#1232)

- Save and split availabilities with complex fractions of time (#1216)
- Fixed Previews of emails to show line breaks (#1230)
- Fixed search availability title on search dialog (#1231)
- Fixed various issues with Workshops entry (#1235)
- Changing Appointment Display text to defaults was not showing the Save button (#1237)
- Fixed name of a search availability widget disappears after you click search (#1238)
- Fixed scrolling of day summary with large amount of data (#1178)
- Fixed an Issue with deleting Custom KIOSKs in the Profile Entry (#943 reopened)
- Removed duplicate power search terms from the nav search menu in Attendance Listing (#1241)
- Prevent students from booking appointments where date time has already occurred (#1124)

[1.1.4] 2022-07-20

- Added ability for faculty to schedule appointments from dashboard when SAGE is active
- Appointment duration twig tag added (#1195)
- Added staff sequence searches (#1190)
- Added Custom Staff and Student Edit BIO button label (#1189)
- Added Save and split preference and renamed save and split button (#1202)
- Preference for setting default date option for search availability (#1187)

- Group prefs for save own visits now honored by batch QR code visit creation (#1188)
- Change the verbiage of the single sign in log out for KIOSKs
- Batch selection delete visits now honors group preference for deleting visits (#1183)
- When Q2 config name is changed, all names in all Q2tableaccess that uses that Q2 config (#1193)
- Hide the x on an appointment entry when not inside a modal dialog (#1177)
- Batch Changing field values for receive text alerts fixed, Custom label for report unable to find appointment, search Visits by full name (#1204) (#1200)
- Change wording of allow user to view student contact field on schedule (#1206)
- Don't match fields if already have been assigned any (#1180)
- Only show save button on profile when contact actually changed
- Visit entry centers pulldown menu needs to view Centers group preference (#1212)
- Log listing button labels are now clickable
- Added local account password rules, allow for lockouts, resetting password honors rules, resetting password unlocks account

- Staff record custom fields were not saving (#1184)
- Fixed duplicated nav query fields for term sequence in registration listing (#1181)
- Clicking next day on dashboard schedule was moving a week forward (#1192)
- When moving imported field from one column to another, need to store the old line as blank (#1175)
- Logout button on Attendance listing fixed, cannot search resource students on schedule (#1290) (#1207)
- Changing time zones on profile entry doesn't show save button, allow blank time zone (#1198) (#1197)
- Fixed an issue with KIOSKs and log listings
- Q2Remote link on student search availability link not working (#1218)

[1.1.3] 2022-07-07

- Fixed an issue with Custom Lists
- Fixed assignment of UUID to staff records

[1.1.2] 2022-06-24

- If the scheduler date is today, the today button is highlighted (#1157)

- Fixed job server issue
- Fixed students seeing cancellation on dashboard but not seeing other attended appointments (#1154)
- Fixed issue where optional in/person or online slots could not be hidden by location (#1114)
- Fixed issue with Q2 Tables with colons, ampersands and backslashes not pre-selecting (#1159)
- Fixed an issue on search availability not allowing all center choices to be available (#1160)

[1.1.1] 2022-06-24

- Minor formatting change to batch visits section field area (added light gray line) (#1152)

- Fixed QR codes for Q2 Tables default table option now working (#1151)

[1.1.0] 2022-06-15

- Implemented some changes to job queue
- Added ability use a KIOSK as a listing
- Minor mods to resources listing (search by resource type etc.)
- Utility entry for visits, show only active consultants in popup (#1141)
- Allow KIOSK, log listing options menu to be searchable (#1138)
- Added location filtering on scheduler

- Center Stats are sorted by Center Name
- KIOSKs menu sorted alphabetically (#1147)

- Fixed consultant alias on notifications (#11463)
- Fixed issue to allow students to save an appointment for a time where it was previously canceled (#1145)
- Fixed student BIO condition problem (#1146)
- Fixed find by values using a custom field (#1149)

[1.1.18] 2022-06-08

- New option in referral type for hiding non-enrolled subjects when choosing a subject for the referral
- Inactive sections on referral are marked as Inactive

- Adjust the wording of the KIOSK Log out message
- Allow log listings to have a specified number of persons listed (#1130)

- Fixed issue with Saved Searches for groups searches not appearing (#1119)
- Fixed issue with re-sending emails (#1134)
- Fixed issue for Faculty only for hide reasons and recommendations

[1.0.17] 2022-05-31

- Added An 'Auto Alias' feature (#1094)
- Added NULL value searching to power searches (and 'blankornull') (#1095)
- Added An 'Ignore Consultant Section Specialties' option for Reasons (#1106)
- Added default search fields to the Surveys Listing (#1111)
- Added button to force send Reminder Emails, Missed Appointment Emails, Consultant Summary Emails (##899)

- Fixed Custom Registration Fields not showing up in 'Registrations by ??' report (#1093)
- Fixed Staff.OtherID doesn't sync with linked student account (#1096)
- Fixed 'View Listing (No Edit)' still allowing edits on certain records (#1097)
- Fixed Sage referrals Hide from Faculty options hide information from all user levels (#1099)
- Fixed Log listing Outstanding Resources not showing on log listing (#1103)
- Fixed 'Log Listing/Kiosk for Profile' doesn't display centers if those centers have been recently saved (#1104)
- Fixed Using email templates does not include attachments for the template (#1115)

[1.0.16] 2022-05-26

- Fixed Max Appt Rule date ranges are used even if the box is unchecked (#1088)
- Fixed not possible to edit certain favorite reports (#1089)
- Fixed Typing a space in a new SAGE referral email subject causes it to immediately save (#1090)
- Fixed Using the 'Override and Resend Referral Email' option in SAGE always sends every email, regardless of which option is chosen (#1091)
- Fixed When submitting a roster referral from student listing, changing the roster course doesn't affect the student list (#1092)

[1.0.15] 2022-05-19

- Fixed After performing a search on a center-specific Log Listing, the next student login/logout displays all centers as available options (#1087)

[1.0.14] 2022-05-12

- Added work visits as an option to show on day summary and schedule (view own or all added as a group pref) (#1054)
- Added photo rotation to student and staff records.
- Added new functionality where a group online availability's online to in-person is determined by the first booked appt
- Added Copy Sequences and Copy IDs to allow clicking to open IDs and Sequences in a new download window.
- Added new menu command Search by Enrollment allowing users to search by enrolled or non-enrolled in the various terms
- Added TimeOut to Payroll report (#1033)
- Added new Group Table Access settings: Edit (No Listing) and View Entry (No Listing)

- Consultants can't update their own course list without table access to course lists (#1057)
- 'Document' tab still appears in Appointment Entry, even if students don't have the ability to upload documents (#1067)
- Centers set to 'Hide on Log / KIOSK Listing Menu' are still displayed when logging into a Profile Kiosk/Log Listing (#1068)
- Make Assignment Comments possible to edit from the Assignment Grid view (#1064)
- A Term with the Term Code = '0' will automatically be updated with the earliest 'from' and latest 'to' date of all active terms whenever a term is modified.

- Time check for the semester totals (#1061)
- If a consultant who isn't assigned to a Course Lists edits their Course List through Confirm Bio, a new list will be created every time (#1059)
- Multi-group option
- Same Section
- Does not work. (#1062)
- Consultant Time Check doesn't follow 'Week Starts on' setting in profile (#1066)
- 'Q2Remote' doesn't appear as a Location choice if placed in 'Default Online Options' (#1065)

[1.0.13] 2022-05-04

- Added 'semester' option to student center visits widget (#1016)
- Added 'Time From' and 'Time To' for announcements (#1021)
- Added point total to student time check (#1017)
- Search by User Name for quick visit entry (#1023)
- Added 'Proceed to SSO' option when switching to dashboard from kiosk (#1015)
- Added Visit Notes to Visits Listing 'Change Field Values' utility (#1034)
- Added option to return to queue for Q2 Remote (#1030)
- Added OtherID field to Staff BIO update from Student import (#1052)
- Added ability to use username for student raising their hand in Q2 Remote (#1049)
- Added ability to search student by terms and conditions accepted (#1047)
- Added group preference that prevents mass emails from being sent from Student Listing (#1051)

- KIOSK Log out does not show a login option for a center the student is already logged in to (#1018)
- Removed an additional click when logging out a KIOSK (#962)
- Ignore consultant specialties for this center (i.e. Writing Center) now doesn't filter subjects on appointment creation (#1028)
- Double-clicking Profile Reason Checkbox assigns the same Reason to a center multiple times (#1035)
- Search availability widget now constrains the subjects list according to the center specialties of the linked profiles (#1045)

- Move user to group had issues (#1022)
- Creating a block for a single center was marking all center appointments as cancelled (#1024)
- Fixed Import process not importing students with apostrophe character in their name (#1007)
- Fixed interacting with an Upcoming Appointment prevents you from clicking on Availabilities until a refresh (#1026)
- Fixed Missed appointment emails no longer sending automatically (#1029)
- Fixed Locking a group availability does not prevent students from booking (#1032)
- FIxed SAGE Custom Question order is not reflected when submitting the referral (#1027)
- Fixed Q2 Remote Student still sees their hand as raised even after their visit has been concluded (#1031)
- Fixed uploading attachments to email template (#1037)
- Fixed issue with locking course lists to consultants (#1038)
- Fixed issue with clicking on appointment record from student timeline (#1036)
- Fixed issue with searching Profile Reasons when reason or category has a space (#1048)
- Fixed various typos (#1046)
- Fixed issues with search student before searching resources on resource log out (##1053, #1050)

[1.0.12] 2022-04-28

- Added delete button to resource type entry (#1002)
- Added Re-Send button to email (#978)
- Added ability to search by student user name for schedule an appointment (#1010)
- Added ability to log search availability group to a student list (#1011)
- Added option to hide consultant time check on dashboard (#1012)

- Selecting to activate the local accounts setting will no longer deactivate the SSO setting (#998)
- Profiles listing is sorted alphabetically by default (#1008)
- Availability entry day toggles changed to system color (#1009)
- When group assigned to all profiles, now allowed edit to groups assigned to specific profiles (#1013)

- Fixed a typo on time check (#1000)
- Fixed work visits for consultants
- no need to notify consultant that visit has started (#1003)
- Fixed online session is available notification from being shown for non-online appointments (#1001)
- Fixed a cosmetic issue with schedule options popover being selected when an appointment modal is shown (#1004)

[1.0.11] 2022-04-13

- Added preference for handling students in waitlist when termination process executes (#954)
- Added an option to add Location to Log List and KIOSK (#981)
- Added an option to View Student record from Staff Record entry (#982)
- Added ability to use Custom Views for Staff listings (#979)
- Added preference to hide certain centers from Log Listing and KIOSK listing menu (#983)
- Added master lock to system preferences to lock consultant from editing course lists (#980)
- Added a recalc grades process for batch import scripts (#988)
- Added ability to lock course lists from staff editing as a global setting (#980)
- Added an option to hide a center from the log listing center choices menu in attendance listing (#983)

- Allow keyboard selection of New Document button on appointments (#957)
- Student picker on Quick Visit entry is paginated (#876)
- Person picker on Task entry is paginated (#963)
- Removed extra click on log out of other center (#962)
- Click the term activation toggle changes activation immediately (#972)
- Prevent student from changing any field on task except completed and notes (#968)
- Allow log in to scheduled appointment, only show appointments within next 45 minutes (#975)
- Hide SMS options from profile email options if TextAlert module not active (#976)
- Removed unused preference 'condition code and flag text' (#977)
- Adjustments to profile notifications displays an indicator that save is needed (#994)
- Adjusted search availability results to show both online and in-person location when optional online availability (#995)
- Adjusted all modals for better accessibility (#987, #986)

- Fixed issue with Staff Task creation (#949)
- Fixed issue with Custom Fields on Log out (#953, #966)
- Fixed save document type issue (#960)
- Minor fixes to Notification types clicking (#959)
- Search availability on linked to Profiles issue (#967)
- Fixed an issue on clicking remove for availability blocks (#964)
- Fixed an issue for preventing consecutive student / consultant appointments back-to-back (#970)
- Send missed email computes all previous missed including current missed now (#965)
- For Terms and Conditions, when only initials field displayed, pressing enter had an issue (#973)
- Fixed menu for show activated for staff reason specialties (#974)
- Fixed SAGE referral's linked list (#989)
- Fixed when changing staff contact to profile, save button now appears automatically (#991)
- Fixed typo 'independent' in registration entry (#992)

[1.0.10] 2022-03-31

- Added preview for Staff BIO (#917)
- Added system preference to change term of Group, 1 on 1, and Drop In on search availability
- Surveys can now differentiate between online and in person visits (#833)
- Searching staff listing can include group name in criteria (#930)
- Details button to staff time check (#931)

- Welcome messages use WYSIWYG interface (#921)
- Added preference to profile to require consultant on batch visits (#919)
- Changed referral follow up date on sage listing on dashboard (#924)
- Increased ttl for import job time
- Batch Visits previous attended list of students show full name with middle initial (#928)
- Added Student ID back to search students on Quick Visits (#933)

- Fixed ability for phones to upload documents (#897)
- Fixed potential issue with generated links and campus code (#895)
- Fixed Hide Reasons and Recommendations from Faculty on Full View of Referrals (#935)

[1.0.9] 2022-03-21

- Added ability for staff to see students currently logged in to an SI Batch QR Code
- Added ability to send a group email to all visited students for an SI Batch QR Code
- Added ability to adjust Term Code sequence
- Added computation of Student Last Date In for Attended appointments
- Added Ad Hoc QR Code for In Person Drop-in to scheduler
- Added new menu to Students Listing to allow copy sequences and ID to clipboard
- Full caching adding to import procedures
- Added activate registrations by term button to system prefs

- Resource Types and Resources listing modified with new Resource Type editing capabilities.
- Changed label for Staff Reason Quit / Terminated (#914)
- Cancelled appt show as dimmed always on schedule (#910)
- Merge records can identify up to 5 fields (used to be 4)
- New Ad hoc appointments can now be set to online (#916)
- Do not allow browser to resubmit appointment save from student (#903)
- Allow custom locations on batch visits (#918)

- Fixed last date in field for students when batch visits created (#901)
- Consultant can no longer have two work visits at same time

[1.0.8] 2022-03-08

- Added ability to remove multi slot times from the availability (#844)
- Added Process Specialties for Course List items to batch operations options (#847)
- Added system pref for calendar start time and duration (#856)
- Added new Student Action menu to Register student in a course (#849)
- SurveyTrac Instructions can now have HTML text (#848)
- Added Confirmation email for Resource checkouts (#859)
- Added Checkouts options to Student search modal (#860)
- Added ability to limit who can check out a resource via a master block list and individual allow list for each resource type

- Group roster now updates when an appointment in roster is updated (#852)
- Mark all attended now only marks the appointments with No Status as Attended, skipping Cancels and Misses (#850)
- Student searching for quick visits and batch visits now limits the student list results to 30 records at a time (#876)
- Removed Required field for Section ID in batch visits (#875)
- Removed some field choices for Student Listing -> Create Chart (#863)
- Increased length of custom question's answer size (#868)
- Time format of Batch Visit entry changed to am/pm (#864)

- Roster mark all attended can now be used repeatedly (#851)
- Register In from Student listing worked but displayed an error (#855)
- Student signin via QR code, Time Check data was too large for portrait orientation, time check reformatted to display properly (#854)
- Printing a Time check from KIOSK would display extraneous information, that information has been removed (#853)
- Fixed an issue with QR SI codes not working (#877)
- Added additional security to student document downloads (#878)
- Prevent student from clicking on center visit lines (#879)
- Fixed report Registrations by ?? when student id added (#872)
- Prevent same student from being added to group roster multiple times (#867)
- Fixed issue with search availability instructions not being shown (#869)
- Fixed 'Batch Visit > Batch Scan'
- If an incorrect ID is entered, no visits are created for anyone in the list (#885)
- Fixed Multi-Person Availability Locks apply to all availabilities in the series, not possible to unlock any but the first (#884)
- Quick and Batch Visit duration not counting towards Registration Total Visit Time (#883)
- 'Section' field no longer appears when creating Quick Visits, only appears after saving (#882)
- 'The location for this appointment is here' text allows students to join an online session before booking the appointment (#881)
- 'Send notes' button on visit entry not displaying consistently (#886)
- 'Preview' button doesn't work for Resource Emails (#888)
- SurveyTrac 'Link to Centers' list displays inactive subcenters as options (#892)

[1.0.7] 2022-03-03

- Added Visit notes field to be shown on new record entry (#806)
- Added visit information to survey responses report (#790)
- Added isTerminated to Visits By report (#812)
- Added ability to open up Visit and Appointment records from Staff timeline (#822)
- Added Center Info Preview button to center entry (#820)
- Added Consultant payroll Time Check button to dashboard of consultants (#817)
- Added additional options for Status charts (#404)
- Added ability to send batch emails to Staff and Faculty (#232)
- Added ability to enter Follow Up notes to Outstanding Appointment Requests (#832)
- Added ability to add Consultant and Wait Status to KIOSK listing and prevent student from clicking to change (#842)
- Added ability to lock a group availability's time slot from further booking by student via search availability (#811)

- Allow set work type group disposition to '1+' (#801)
- Increase character length of Location field (#821)
- Document Types that are not usable for students are now hidden on new document entry (#836)

- Fixed issue where certain fields were being shown even if preference for those fields to be hidden was selected (#799, #800)
- Fixed an issue with search availability not loading results when dynamic lists utilized data from SAGE referrals (#802)
- Fixed an issue with Schedule and Appointment widget showing reasons from another profile grouping (#803)
- Fixed group roster email attachments issue (#805)
- Fixed wording of 'Drop-in Appointment' to 'Drop-in Availability' (#786)
- Fixed various lists sort by column (#808)
- Fixed additional wording of drop in availabilities (#810)
- Fixed title of the Send Visit notes button for individual visits (#809)
- Fixed watch list indicators issue for a malformed query (#813)
- Fixed 'Last Month' for navSearch on Visit Listing (#819)
- Fixed an invisible reserve block on schedule (#829)
- Fixed deactivations for Student in List not automatically running (#831)
- Fixed an issue where Sending an Email to a single student had problems (#834)

[1.0.6] 2022-02-18

- Added Other_ID and Other_ID2 fields added to Student SAML login options
- Added per tutor MaxHours field
- Added new tag called 'Auto Cancelled' (#795)
- Added subject identifier in group rosters when same subject/instructor/section chosen (#426)
- MaxHours field to staff record and a MaxHours tag to the max appointment rules functionality (#785) - Changed
- Changed: enter online session button is hidden when clicked
- Missed appointment email process only changes student status to Student Missed

- Fixed work button content from wrapping
- Fixed location of appointment not overridden when opened
- Fixed New Student visit summary report (#776)
- Fixed Outstanding Appointment request report (#787)
- Fixed Drop-in Availability wording
- Fixed an issue regarding scheduling appointment problems with clicking on the availability time on the schedule (#789)
- Fixed automated emails adding extra lines breaks (#791)
- Prevent student from entering online session early (#794)
- Fixed issue preventing certain user from being able to select a student from the search student prompt (#793)
- Fixed an issue with appointments Visit Utilization report (#782)
- Fixed an issue with display of upcoming appointments on dashboard (#797)
- Fixed an issue with certain users unable to open group roster on scheduler (#798)

[1.0.5] 2022-02-09

- Added student ID to sort for Students by report (#752)
- Added ability to attach an upload document to a Visit record (#739)
- Added ability to create a Quick Visit from the Student Record (#740)
- Added ability to specify the online versus in-person location of availability (#438)
- Added ability to hide certain sections from Student course list options (#770)
- Added ability to search registrations by sequence in assignment grid (#764)
- Added Multi-part consultant group appointment reminder prefs
- Added ability for SysAdmin to lock a CourseList
- Added ability for Staff to opt out of SMS messages.
- Added ability to resend survey to students (#783)

- Change wording of 'Online Optional' to 'Online or In-Person' (#756)
- Center status on dashboard no longer displays inactive centers (#753)
- Staff reasons no longer display inactive reasons (#751)
- Changed wording of Log in button to Log In / Out on KIOSK (#746)
- Changed format of visit duration to xh Ym instead of 0:00 (#741)
- Overridden ID format applied to all reports (#738)
- Prevent utilization editing visit from opening more than 1 visit popup at a time (#772)
- Changed look of processed checkbox on listing for outstanding requests (#769)
- Hide Sign up for SMS Reminder button when school does not have Text Alerts module (#762)
- Appointments from other centers now display for scheduler when showing all staff (#780)

- Overriding Student ID fixed (#738)
- Fixed an issue with import header protection when schools send extra characters prior to first quote (#754)
- Fixed find student button for ad hoc appointment creation (#755)
- Fixed a whiteboard send image issue with some browser (#398)
- Fixed issue with appointment duration when profile preference duration increments is 00:00 (#744)
- Fixed issue with Previous Visits tab on Visit entry, honors consultant security settings (#748)
- Fixed issue with SAGE triggers and certain emails (#749)
- Fixed issue with double clicking the join session button creating multiple visits (#750)
- Fixed issue with deactivated custom fields still showing in visit entry (#743)
- Fixed issue with editing visit link not working on page 2 of the utilization (#745)
- SI Comparison report
- Percentages not adding up correctly (#747)
- Fixed permissions issue with booking appointments by staff on group availability (#742)
- Fixed export of grade assignments to CSV from registrations listing (#767)
- Fixed selecting a section on Quick Visit when section title contains apostrophe (#771)
- Fixed issue with certain visits not computed in total visits shown for registration (#765)
- Fixed issues with recurring appointments being block when block is for all center or all staff (#766)
- Fixed sort options for outstanding appointment requests (#768)
- Fixed an issue with Terms and Conditions acceptance when Staff is seeing conditions for a student (#763)
- Fixed navigation bar display for faulty entry (#775)
- Selecting consultant on KIOSK login rechecks whether continue button should be enabled (#779)
- Delay for KIOSK welcome message is reset when the KIOSK modal is closed (#781)
- Fixed an issue in SI comparison report (#747)

[1.0.4] 2022-02-01

- Drag and drop student photo files now convert file names from old format to new.
- Added preference to control display of numeric ID of student on student listing and entry and in search list
- Added Students currently being seen to center status area of dashboard
- Added new functionality during SAGE Email processing to assign referral to a consultant
- Added availabilities for other centers will now appear on schedule for all persons in a center
- Added last modified by and scheduled by to bottom of appointment display (#728)
- Preference to allow future appointments to be auto cancelled is student cancels 2 consecutive appointments
- Added ability to send visit notes from the Group appointment roster

- Fixed issue with confirm student bio not showing on dashboard for some students (#724)
- Fixed issue with Quick Visits not showing in utilization tab if no Entered Date Time (#732)
- Fixed issue with some reserved time blocks not appearing on schedule for all persons in a center (#731)
- Fixed students unable to upload a document to an appointment (#719)
- Fixed a display issue with attendance listing in student entry not display until a search is performed (#726)
- Hide reasons and recommendations from faculty on a roster referral now works (#722)

- Changed the display of lists assigned in student entry with searchable option (#706)
- When SAGE recipient removed, automated emails will display the recipient with a line through (#721)
- Notifications for outstanding appointment requests now can be shown to any group with privileges (#730)

[1.0.3] 2022-01-27

- Added Visit Notes to attendance listing in student entry.
- Added Send Quiz option for Surveys
- Added Lab Staff as another Consultant descriptor (#700)
- Payroll summary export now contains work reasons
- Added ability to mute notification bell sounds (#710)
- Upcoming group appointments are shown as a single item on consultant dashboard
- Added Staff.FirstLast name search to Visit search (#712)

- Change student status to missed in group roster will now send missed appointment email (#703)
- Only show active sections on registrations entry (#709)

[1.0.2] 2022-01-24

- Fixed issue when custom missed status was not being used to calculate 2 consecutive missed appointments. (#696)
- Fixed Reasons sort order on Search Availability reasons menu (#694)
- Fixed issue with editing groups not showing profile menu for certain user groups
- Fixed Registration activation for certain conditions when registration record not imported

- Special Needs added to reports for Appointments
- Added ability to link a max appointment rule to student on (or not on) a particular list
- Added display of time when hand was raised to the Q2 Queue (#689)
- Dashboard for Consultants now has week and day view for appointments
- Resources listing now uses barcode for searching in nav search field.
- Added ability to specify section, with wildcard, when adding an item to a course list.
- Added Semester Dates to Time Line choices for time period.

- Change Field Value for Visits / Appointments: other fields adjusted automatically when duration adjusted (#693)
- SysAdmins now see outstanding appointment requests as notifications items (#678)
- Adjusted the time display on dashboard visits to show 1h 23m format.
- Quick Visits Date Entered is no longer required

[1.0.1] 2022-01-21

- Consultant main menu shows appointment view options for Day, Week, and List
- Updating Duration field will now auto update the End Time (for Visits Change field Value) (#693)
- Show Accommodations in Reports (#423)
- Outstanding Appointment Requests will notify SysAdmins (#678)
- Max Appointment Rules now have the ability to link to Lists (#686)
- Added start time for hand raised in Q2 list (#689)

- Schedule reserved blocks now shown properly on Center Schedule report (#685)
- Work Visits do not require a student when saving on entry screen (#682)
- Work Visits Reasons are now scrollable in the work visit menu.
- Adjusted the entry screen to hide the save button for those without access via the table access preference.

[1.0.0] 2022-01-15

- Code running on AWS

[0.11.9] 2022-01-13

- Create batch Work Visits from the Staff listing
- New preference to Hide Drop In availabilities from Students
- Upload URL as document record

[0.11.8] 2022-01-06

- KIOSK Name search allows for Middle Initial and displays middle initial in results
- drop-ins allow student to receive an SMS reminder (#661)
- Ability to add an import process to deactivate students not imported (#658)
- Search avail widget title pref now used in search dialog title as well (#662)

- Roster send emails to All send to all except cancelled appointments (#652)
- Twig tag Appointment.isCancelled now ignores missed and added new tag isMissed (#657)

- Keep multi-check custom fields from wrapping between checkbox and label (#656)
- Changing status of appointments to custom missed status was not sending missed email (#655)
- Fixed issue with dynamic list using related data not showing page entry (#659)
- Do not auto choose Student ID field for import field matching (#660)

[0.11.7] 2021-12-28

- Potential assignments is now a selectable menu
- Recompute Specialties runs as a job behind the scenes (#646)
- Appointment reasons now allows for grouped reasons (#643)
- Added more preferences for title text for Schedule and Appointment widget (#650)

- Minor bug fixes (#649)
- Availabilities for a staff is based on linkages to centers and the current user's privileges (#631)
- Search availability choosing student no longer shows inactive students (#648)
- Fixed issue for reason required to be chosen on schedule an appointment (#651)

[0.11.6] 2021-12-21

- Added Queue view to KIOSKs and Log Listings
- Added minimum visit time in grade calculations
- Added twig rendering to Confirm BIO text
- Added center filtering to centers menu on the scheduler and sorted the centers

- Sections listing on Quick Visits
- Fixed sorting Registrations on Student Entry
- Sections on search availability

[0.11.5] 2021-12-19

- Added Terms and Conditions for Student Main Menu, KIOSK Login, and Booking Appointments. (#484)
- Remove Course list from the listing for Deactivated Staff members. (#619)

- Fixed: Staff have access to create availabilities in centers they don't have access to. (#616)
- Fixed: Student group uses the View Schedule group preference for determine the centers shown when searching availabilities. (#617)
- Fixed: Availabilities created with choosing the DAYS (defaults to null), where being hidden when choosing Hide Unavailable on the scheduler. (#618)
- Fixed: Batch Visits
- Batch Scans and Selected do not record subject when using the wildcard (#620).

[0.11.4] 2021-12-09

- Fixed Attendance and KIOSK menus, only show Profiles for Centers the user has logging access to
- Fixed adjust computed end time of appointment when Duration changed (#612)
- Fixed SAGE Referrals Listing timeframe for Today and Yesterday (#613)

- Added Live time of Q2 visit updated and expected duration shows warning if over time (#526)
- Added Profile Preference to prevent consecutive appointments with same student / consultant (#29)

[0.11.3] 2021-12-07

- KIOSK Menus will sub group by Profile if more than 5 profiles
- Added more fields to be used as staff -> student linkages
- Added special needs / skills to outstanding appointment requests
- Added grouping by Profile for Schedule Center / Consultant menu for more than 5 profiles
- Honor missed appointment status for Group Rosters

- Fixed Order profiles by Name
- Fixed export students to CSV removed non-breaking space characters from email text
- Fixed search in select after a listing searched

[0.11.1 2] 2021-12-02

- Added ability to drop a large number of student photos onto the student photo folder for batch upload
- Added Subject Faculty display option to subject listing on student main menu for search availability
- Added requirement for Student to be chosen for a Quick Visit to be saved
- Added inactive surveys to the surveys list for access preferences
- Added Assignments to the search Students form

- Fixed Whiteboard issue with blank or single pixel images
- Boosted the speed of the search student form
- Search students by Visits will only search active registrations

[0.11.0] 2021-12-02

- Fixed faculty email report

- Added more logging for send SMS for future debugging

[0.10.59] 2021-11-27

- Fixed dynamic dates for status charts (#571)
- KIOSK Login, update consultant list when subject chosen
- Fixed charts issue (#574)
- Fixed issue with custom tab1
- Fixed Sort Groups by Name
- Fixed Batch Visits for selected students

- Assignment Grid now available in Sections Enrollment Entry and Registration Listing
- Added Group Preference to hide student photos

[0.10.58] 2021-11-22

- Unable to delete list from Student Listing if the name contains an apostrophe (#559)
- For a certain campus, Unable to create new Max Appointment Blocks (#560)
- Fixed Sorting profile listing by email doesn't sort alphabetically (#561)
- Fixed Saving a large phone number causes blank screen (#562)
- Fixed select student names in quick visit if the student's name contains an apostrophe (Fixed #565)
- Fixed Staff members are unable to update their Staff Bio (#566)

- Added ability to apply location to SI Batch visit and Quick Visit (#563)

[0.10.57] 2021-11-16

- Sort groups menu on staff entry alphabetically
- Allow sysAdmins to access public and admin docs in System Preferences
- Removed preference to staff confirmation BIO that was not needed
- Cancelling appointments via a block will send cancellation emails if needed

- Student search form now allows the ability to search for the students via existence or non-existence of a linked record (Appointments, Visits, Registration, Document, Survey, SAGE Referral)

[0.10.56] 2021-11-12

- Fixed issue with custom views not saving all the fields for power search
- Dropped Appointment OnlineURL custom tag
- Fixed issue with opening profile reasons

- Added auto navigate to last KIOSK if dashboard is loaded with logging in

[0.10.55] 2021-11-09

- Update link class
- If the center of a multi-person availability is changed, also change the center of the related appointments (#510)
- Redirect kiosk accounts back to the kiosk view if dashboard is accessed without logging in (#507)
- Profile Admins Cannot Save Profile PREFS Settings (#506)
- Fixed unable to open groups from Profile Entry (#505)
- Fixed wildcard search in visit location (#504)
- Fixed Creating a new student from the log listing doesn't follow the "next ID value" preference (#503)
- Fixed Custom Registration Listing Views
- Student custom field data doesn't display (#498)
- Fixed Appt Missed calculations when covered by a block (#518)
- Covering an appointment with a block will now cancel the appointment (#519)
- Fixed Appointments for subjects where subjects no longer active still show as choice (#522)
- Fixed open term entry issue (#523)
- Prevent arbitrary center ids from being entered with batch visit entry (#516)

- Add location drop down to Visit Record (#502)
- Moving appointment from one consultant to another, change location (if using staff location) (#525)

[0.10.53-54] 2021-11-09

- Fixed Custom URL issues

[0.10.52] 2021-11-04

- Added confirmed datetime and notified datetime to notification entry
- Added number of students selected during SI Batch student selection (#495)

- Notification types that don't require confirmation now display on KIOSK login (#480)
- Q2 Report menu is available to staff

- Group by referral related data (#442)
- Roster emails sending to all (#485)
- Work visit button display weirdness when resizing the screen on KIOSKs (#481)
- Fixed issue with a blank watch list query causing save on student to show a blank screen (#482)
- Utilization and Center Visits Widget on Dashboard
- Sorting by Name or Center hides all visits (#483)
- Fixed issue where staff privileged prevent editing students still were able to edit a column in custom view (#487)
- Fixed with unable to search in nav search area with text that included an apostrophe (#488)
- Fixed issue with appointment saving, when clicking save and a field is required, save button was not ren-enabled (#490)
- Fixed issue with new student record showing timeline and registration records, now hidden until save (#492)
- Fixed marking an appointment as Missed doesn't trigger the Missed Email to be sent (#493)
- Fixed clicking the X icon to close the "this appointment is part of a series" window soft-locks the dashboard (#494)
- If a recurring appointment lands on a day with an Availability Block, it still books the appointment, overlapping the blocked time (#489)
- Added Save button to the Student Custom1 tab (#499)

[0.10.51] 2021-11-01

- Added ability to specify current term when creating max appt rules
- Added ability to specify a course list linked to an availability
- Added a new twig tag for "Last Modified By" in appointment records (#475)
- Added RedrockOnly announcements to identify to Redrock staff regarding any special conditions that should be taken into account when adjusting system parameters (i.e., activating students is specially performed)

- Custom views have a default search of all records now
- Center utilization uses the dates of the active terms but ignores null dates in terms

- Fixes 'Last Modified By' in appointment records doesn't update when a student cancels an appointment (#474)
- Fixed an issue caused by new max appointment rules: current term preventing appointment save
- Fixed appointment documents being deleted not refreshing the document listing in appointment

[0.10.50] 2021-10-29

- Added listing editing capability to certain columns when designated (listings and custom views)

- When staff cancels appointment, message was stating student cancelled (#473)

[0.10.49] 2021-10-28

- Added sorting capability to faculty referrals list: sort by first or last (#467)

- Time check after choosing the student from the list didn't show the continue button (#469)
- Clicking next on utilization listing doesn't hide the navsrch field (#468)
- Changing availability location was not saving new location in appointments (#458 AGAIN)
- navSearch previous query shows html for < and > (#471)

[0.10.48] 2021-10-27

- Added new profile preferences for Student Time Check

[0.10.47] 2021-10-26

- Added student ID, Other_ID and Other_ID2 to field picker for Custom Views (#465)
- Added view student record button from Outstanding Appointment Request screen (#464)

- Fixed document type toggle buttons appearing over top nav bar (#459)
- Fixed uploading attachment files to Email templates (#461)
- Fixed backup link to enter online appointment now passes reason and section to log the visit

[0.10.46] 2021-10-25

- Fixed Outstanding appointment request reason not showing/saving on entry screen (#463)
- Fixed batch emails for group roster emailing issue (#460)
- Fixed availability location change not applying to group appointments when appointment is not online (#458)
- Fixed issue with new document type button causing a click event for doc type toggle buttons (#457)
- Fixed issue on appointment entry where editing a custom field value wasn't causing appointment save button to appear
- Fixed minor positioning issue on whiteboard chat history when page is resized

[0.10.45] 2021-10-23

- Added support for the various date time formats on KIOSK and Log listings
- Added sys pref to display Accum Hours on Student/Campus tab
- Date time conversion for time zones on KIOSK and Log Listings
- Added Profile Pref for time zone different from Campus time zone

- Dragging an appointment past the midnight hour fixed (#448)
- Fixed whiteboard issue with draw sending multiple times on multiple send clicks (#451)
- After sending, undo options cleared (#462)
- Clicking the delete button on newly created watch/custom list fixed (#447)
- Preview for "Warning message to display on early logout" shows a preview of Notice on KIOSK instead (#445)
- Creating a new document type expands all existing document settings, and inverts whatever they were set to (#444)
- After creating and deleting a Custom List, it becomes impossible to rename existing lists until a refresh (#443)
- Changing locations in appointment entry doesn't prompt the save button to appear (#440)
- Fixed Next staff and previous staff buttons, clicking too fast shows wrong staff (#449)

[0.10.44] 2021-10-21

- Added change log list (View Latest Changes menu added for SysAdmins)
- Added change location on group availability affects appointments (#435)

- When creating new document, auto expand the file browser area (#434)

- Typo in section search for availability block sections (#431)
- Typo in outstanding appointment request title text (#432)
- Email survey after visit via Join button (#428)
- Fixed display of student appointment after booking an appointment (#433)

[0.10.43] 2021-10-20

- Improvements to navSrch previous search menu (for Students & Registrations)
- Added color ribbons to search availability results (#427)
- Announcements for students may be for dash or kiosk of both, also fixed an issue with login dialog disappearing prematurely (#425)

- Choosing consultant on logout was not working properly (issue #424)
- Fixed custom views for very complicated table traversal (ie Registrations needs data from Courses and Students) also allow Generated fields to be chosen

[0.10.42] 2021-10-19

- Fixed registration views to show Student fields.
- Found an issue with visits not logged out that aren't getting terminated (#417)
- Moved KIOSK choices for all centers that profile and Log listings to last item in list (#416)

[0.10.41] 2021-10-18

- Subjects chosen for availabilities are shown in the slots (#260)
- Appt Visit Utilization report, add csv output option

- Availability recurring (optional & selected) interface changed to be more simplified (#335)
- Less stern warning regarding date and time of appointment when not matching expected values (#414)

- Fixed issue when deleting a multi availability, remove from calendar display
- Prevent double clicking on appointment save (#413, #412)
- Fixed certain submenu choices for windows surface table (#401)

[0.10.39] 2021-10-15

- Export Registrations to csv (#410)
- Added ability to re-search previous searches using menu on nav search (#372)
- Added new feature / system preference: Dash chart choices are now customizable
- Add option to show summary report for Appt Visit Utilization

- CC center on send email to students listing
- Switch format of full name on user searches

[0.10.38] 2021-10-14

- Update SMS validator to support api key

[0.10.37] 2021-10-14

- Saved searches are editable by sysAdmins (#406)
- Add icon to automated reports in favorites submenu

- Fixed privileges issue when switching to Staff that is Profile Admin from Faculty

[0.10.36] 2021-10-13

- Fixed typo in search availabilities

[0.10.35] 2021-10-08

- Added scheduler cookie prefs to the user preferences (#373)
- Allow SI Batch codes to work for non-enrolled sections (#397)

- Added options parameter to sendConfirmation, when online changed on availability from No to Yes or Yes to No, adjust all future appointments (#394)
- Moving appointments, set avail id and force confirmation immediate. Recompute duration

- Fixed typo in search availabilities
- Online location display option fixed (#396)
- CC Center on Roster batch emails fixed (#380)
- Moving appointment from one consultant to another fixed email issue (#393)
- Fixed a bug with courselist sql when blank data in search criteria
- Your online session is available needs to be removed if appointment is canceled or deleted (#395)
- Prevent double clicks to enter online appointment (#392)

[0.10.34] 2021-10-07

- Trap double clicks on links on scheduler

- Outstanding appointment requests are now accessed via Table Access preference (#389)

- Roster buttons became unresponsive after clicking (#384)
- Fixed formatting of move and edit availability buttons in appt entry (#385)
- Choose a different date on move appt (or search availabilities)... format to look like a button, fixed bug with not choosing last date chosen (#388, #387)
- Fixed datetime format on mailqueue display (#386)

[0.10.33] 2021-10-06

- New integration functionality for merging multiple campus licenses into one
- Faculty email report allowed for Admin (#377)

- Fixed Views became broken from previous adjustment (#383)
- Fixed drawing availabilities with DAYS = null
- Scanning SI batch codes other than Student Sequence is fixed (#383)
- Fixed OFF/ON CAMPUS/ZONE calculation (#379)
- Fix missing csv header (#371)

[0.10.32] 2021-10-01

- Minor documentation, latest trac

- Group pref override scheduling prefs allows search Avail find any availability during move process (#370)

[0.10.31] 2021-09-30

- Process SI and Batch fixed online checkbox option (#369)
- Fixed the CourseList course item issue when expanding an item, search didn't account for text values (#367)

- Update PinStatus during imports, remove old pins automatically, allow user to remove a status pin if they dont need to see it any longer (Gears turn during long processes)
- Added a KIOSK option for All Profiles (#365)
- Added a few more power search phrases for the visits listing (#366)
- Nightly terminate removes any non-started visits

[0.10.30] 2021-09-29

- Fixed a typo in student nav search choices: Birthdate
- Batch visits create for non-online batches properly (#361)
- Prevent appointments with duration <= 0 from being booked
- Addition appointment security checks added to prevent user from hacking the appointment values

- Auto cancel future appointments when 2 consecutive missed in a recurring series
- Add survey instructions to the survey link email

- Add watch list indicators to referral list to faculty (#352)
- Profile admins can create student records in the student listing screen
- Referrals Assigned, student name is now clickable to view student entry (#363)

[0.10.29] 2021-09-28

- Latest trac for menu slider fix (#354)
- Don't allow students to override a conflict with a blocked time (#355)
- Fixed appointment layout issues when viewing from a phone (#349)

- Referrals listing on dashboard, add student name and added ability to filter

- Added search active only to registrations listing (#356)

[0.10.28] 2021-09-24

- Fixed appointment layout issues when viewing from a phone (#349)
- Fixed issue with choosing a section for an availability (#348)
- Moved get student bio to a helper proc. Fixed issue when showing students before opening batch visits (#350)
- Another fix (#329)
- applied to group appointments
- Fix for issues (#322, #339)
- appt scheduled by and modified by

[0.10.27] 2021-09-23

- Click continue multiple times creates multiple logins, hide button to prevent (#347)
- Date format for search availability problem (#342)
- Fixed an issue with Static lists being non-editable (#338)
- Converting seconds to HH:MM format, rounding fix

- Add a message to top of appointment when appointment is saved (#)
- Add logging to survey and report email attempts
- Allow required fields that are toggle fields to be highlighted when not chosen (during validation process) (#344)
- Added ability to test an IP address to understand if IP is in block range or not.
- Add SchedModBy field to Appointments table
- Error logging on appointment email send
- Faculty email report
- add reply-to email address

- Email: Only allow From override if not using or office365
- Adjusted wording of Reason Not Required override (#341)
- Differentiate between visit location and appt location for student visit/appt report (#336)

[0.10.26] 2021-09-21

- Add a RegStatus field to Registrations allowing a different field to be used for deactivating a registration record (#334)
- Additional Logging on calc_Missed
- add ability to process additional merges, cleanup, after a merge operation has been performed using an optional function 'app_processAfterMerge'

[0.10.25] 2021-09-20

- Fixed a bad SQL statement having to do with blocked availabilities

[0.10.24] 2021-09-20

- Added ability to collapse the filter text on KIOSKs (#328)
- Add document uploaded Notifications that appear under alarm bell (#180)

- Preference for work button now control consultants logged in button
- Obscured placeholder will now use a label is text to be displayed

- Fixed a bad SQL statement
- All uses of count check for countable
- Cancelling an appointment might mark status as undefined (#326)
- Fix for automated reports
- even if bad email address, update favorite as processed
- Fix import batch item process to not automatically have a batch file name, so the user has to enter it.

[0.10.23] 2021-09-20

- Adjusted cleanup report
- use record class so changes are auto logged

[0.10.22] 2021-09-18

- Added ability to pull linked student data into staff record when viewing/updating (#146)
- Allow max appointment rules for blank status (#317)
- Added Bi-Weekly to repeating appointment

- Group multi slot booking should not use time intervals (#323)
- Don't notify Staff when their own work visit appears (#321)
- Show FTP versus School Imports Test file name
- Query student subjects is faster now on search availability

- New Custom fields had an issue with saving before extra clicks (#250)
- Latest trac and fixed dashboard links on entry forms
- Cancel
- missed status wasn't being applied properly (#324)
- Fixed Show These students from the Visits listing after having found visits for this week (#320)
- Prevent student double booking re-fixed (#318)
- Set appointment status as attended when online session entered (#319)

[0.10.21] 2021-09-17

[0.10.20] 2021-09-17

- Batch assign UUID for faculty if not already assigned.
- Added php Uuid::uuid4() assignment to import process for any record that has a UUID field
- Students can use the multi-slot booking now

[0.10.19] 2021-09-16

- Added ability to remove calendar iCal attachments (#279)
- TotalTime in Visits Export (#307)
- Log out consultants button added to list of consultants logged in (#306)
- Latest trac
- Ability to override max merge records found limit
- Conclude work visits from visit listing (#303)
- Reports are now run as job on the job server
- Added ability to Log visit to only staff who are logged in to work (302)
- Added Section CRN to various reports (#298)
- New profile pref to require reason and section on save appt only
- When logging in at KIOSK for an appointment, the Subject and Reason and Time are displayed
- Allow section to be specified in a Custom KIOSK (#280)

- Allow uses to remove a list even if linked to student records
- Show only staff in a center if there is a linkage for that staff in that center
- Custom KIOSK assigning a Reason, removed any duplicate choices
- Hide work visits from KIOSK (#308)
- Writing centers don't use specialties for subject list for consultant (#304)
- Roster status updates are now done using record object for logging purposes
- Changing online for an appointment in a series now applies the value to all in the series (#254)
- Last import status with mismatched columns or column data has better error display
- Only output headers right before json output (for the API)

- Fixed issue with blocks not completely obscuring availabilities
- Multi-slot booking fixed when hour start increments is 0 (#310, 309)
- Don't show inactive registrations on search availabilities subject choices (#313)
- Wait time reports: if WaitTime is null, use 0 (#305)
- Fix resource images load/uploadto
- Fixed bug with login to appointment text showing subject reason and time.
- RecurID of undefined is not a real recurID
- Max Appt Rules for Subject needs to query for same CourseID

[0.10.18] 2021-09-14

- Added #id of conflicting subject section appointment for debugging purposes
- Added go to dashboard icon to some of the entry screens

- Use NIL UUID for default User, check for null user before loading groups
- Group appointments with slot prefs (same subject, same faculty, same section), now do a check before saving a new appointment (#246)
- Split automated_reports into two scripts
- reports and exports

- Adjust z-index of nav so magnifying glass isn't on top of menu above (#248)
- Fixed typo, report calculation (#296, #301, #300)
- Students can't override adding more to a multi-person slot (#296)
- Don't show work visits (or visits with null for student id in Log List or kiosk)
- Removed duplicated appointments based on related table search
- Fix, in case a later-deleted customData field is in use in a saved favorite report
- SchedCheck bug fixed
- Move To dialog now appears over existing appointment dialog
- Get proper campus code for sso logins

[0.10.17] 2021-09-13

- Referrals widget default open/close via cookie
- Added CRN to Student's Registrations List
- Added CRN field to various reports (#287)

- Removed 'Email' from User Login prompt
- Removed PHP Mailer
- Automated reports use new CRON and jobs system

- Appt SectionID and ReasonID properly copied to group roster visit when attended
- View these Students from Registrations listing (#293)
- Roster attended was duplicating visits, fixed
- Also attended now sets the enteredDT to same as TimeIn for roster visits
- Latest trac with str_toHours fixed
- Fix link in email for emailed reports
- Work visits menu needed a unique id to differentiate from nav menu work visit menu
- Fixed issue with faculty courses not showing students enrolled

[0.10.16] 2021-09-10

- Added Section CRN to main Registration listing

- Make sure appointment's section and reason override availability
- Availabilities dropsearch for sections show only active sections, minor cleanup of count of selected records

- Mark a group appointment item as attended applies sectionID to the visit record (#283)
- Fixed issue where TimeOut wasn't being computed on an SI Login. Fixed issue when number of students in current selection filled up memory (#281)

[0.10.15] 2021-09-10

- Added Redrock Pref, to set how many days of data for reports to run as a job

- Use new Redrock IP detection
- Update import status when file not found or FTP Path is nonexistent
- Update automated_reports.php
- added logging, and better null checking

- Hide availabilities fixed when availability was for DAYS not shown

[0.10.14] 2021-09-10

- Added display for import file location (test or FTP)
- Added ability to use caching for certain record types during the import process to increase speed of imports by 300%
- Add limitation message for Office 365 email (#38)

- Import now allows for Student record caching, adjusted to track memory usage
- Import status while importing, show latest record count
- Importing: switched the default cache setting from no to yes

[0.10.13] 2021-09-09

- Added more clarification notices/descriptions to all system preferences
- Added handling of SSO de-auths
- Add SAML/CAS settings for de-auth

[0.10.11] 2021-09-09

- New system pref to control format of subject when searching availabilities (#215)
- Hover over log listing images makes them enlarge
- New appointment group pref added (#262)
- Photo image sizes can be controlled on the log listing (#268)

- Student Touchless signin in using phone: auto select first subject to help fix iOS issue (#276)
- Faculty view: related courses now default to active only (#275)
- After a staff record merge operation we remove any duplicate entries in the CenterStaff table (#270)
- Adjustment to the interface for the merge records functionality

- Sections: find duplicate records fixed
- Consultant Schedule Summary Emails is now working (#263)
- Fixed import status issue
- Don't try to delete a non existent document (#274)
- Subject courses on search availability sorted properly (#249)
- Resolve issues with cookie settings not being honored (#259)
- Fixed custom KIOSK reasons and consultants (#253)
- Don't send terminate message to student if preference is not checked (#241)
- Blank announcement bodies fixed (#261)
- Cleanup appointment code, save user who modified it and date and time modified
- Dont allow adhoc creation of avail when no center / staff chosen on pulldowns
- Hide availabilities when not linked to staff on search availability

[0.10.10] 2021-09-08

- Get default time zone of America/Phoenix when Prefs doesn't exist yet
- Update manual cron runner with modern code, specifically changeCampus
- Add cleanup script for emails with massive attachment lists
- Check if email can be tried before trying
- Smaller email batch sizes when sending plain emails
- Email updates: a bit more reply-to implementation
- Adjust SAGE referral emails recipients display

- Fix issue with email attachments growing to absurd levels
- Fix twig rendering error logging

[0.10.9] 2021-09-08

- New not Online pref to display when Online checkbox is NOT checked
- Additional options for SAGE date filter
- Dashboard widget: SAGE Referrals uses filters and also use cookies for default open/close display
- More LDAP validation preferences for functionality

- Adjust handling of sender reply tos

- SAGE automated emails listing formatting issue

[0.10.8] 2021-09-03

- Provide user feedback after duplicating a survey

- Set UUID for all students without a UUID during process activations script
- Hide term sequence: its confusing

[0.10.7] 2021-09-02

- Staff listing on profiles now has a search active only option
- Option for new time format that is not military time (for log listings)
- Send Survey to students in current student listing

- Import jobs allowed to take longer amount of time to finish (for now)
- Consultant save own record will only load self as choice on new recs

- Fixed Wildcard subjects now appear in Center Schedule report (#239)

[0.10.6] 2021-09-01

- For reports being emailed (by auto-favorites, job, manual, etc.) implement reply-to for schools using our mail server
- Next and Previous scheduler buttons can use enter key to activate
- For TracCloud schools using our Redrock mail server, for emailed reports, set reply-to

- Consultants default to their own schedule for their default center when they click the Scheduler link
- Show only active reasons to choose from for visits cleanup report

- QR kiosk code not allowing students to login (#238)
- Prevent multiple appointments for a single student in same multi-person group (#235)
- Prevent double click on update specialties (#236)
- Referral custom questions need to be handled differently when applying annotated referral values to selected referrals (fixed issue where all custom questions were being updated)
- Fixes privileges: SysAdmin group overrides Admin, Staff or Consultant privs
- Visits by FTE report fix
- Access own schedule should only show own consultant info (#216)

[0.10.5] 2021-08-31

- Record when visit notes sent, show an indicator (#226)

- Appointment location on calendar is obfuscated (#230)
- Center staff list uses own setsuffix to utilize own search filters (#224)
- When barcode lookup occurs and only 1 student found, auto select

- Fixed a display issue with Cancelled or Missed appointments (#229)
- When document not yet saved, but new doc ready to be uploaded: fixed issue with it showing are you sure you want to upload with no doc (#225)

[0.10.4] 2021-08-30

- Added expired time to display of sessions that no longer are available
- Added 2 new names for consultants (Educators & Academic Coaches) (#218)

- Show current time bar on schedule as blue and server time when server time does not match local time on scheduler
- Block non-redrock sysAdmins from editing import batches
- Added more functionality to merge faculty. Fixed issues (#210, #212, #213, #151)
- Visit / Appt Export refinements

- Set the initial check value for items with isNewOnly checked for assignment field list

[0.10.2] 2021-08-27

- Log json apptcenters when no records found
- Added error message to apptcenters when returns blank json

- HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR as the user's IP address
- Visits report FTE improvement
- Change logging to info level and do it every time apptcenters json is called

- Fix issue with appointment centers json call failing

[0.10.1] 2021-08-26

- Added new removeDuplicateFaculty job and associated menus

- LDAP Tweaks, fallback to local accounts when ldap fails
- Simplified notification code for URL link copy
- Prevent entry in online dropin session before it's time

- Fix some issues with LDAP settings not making sense
- Online URLs from the search availability maybe copied to the clipboard now
- Fixed online copy URL for older params

[0.10.0] 2021-08-26

- Added Appointment.OnlineLink tag to retrieve a URL that can be emailed for an online session appointment

- Return to original url when doing SSO redirect logins
- Cleaned up and standardized online session link to go through a single form that rejects or redirects based on whether or not the session is available

- Fix retrieval of staffPhotos directory
- Fix issue with retrieving empty url overrides
- Use proper job return types