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This page highlights some of the recent changes made to the TracCloud platform, and how you can utilize them on your own instance. A list of past changes and a full changelog can be found in the tabs above.

If you have any questions about these changes, feel free to reach out to us on our helpdesk.

Latest posts

2022-03-21 | Ad hoc Drop-in QR codes

You can now create QR codes for drop-in availabilities straight from the staff schedule. These codes can be shared with students, allowing them to record their visit with their phone, similar to the Batch Code functionality in Batch Visits, with no logout required.


2022-03-14 | New Resource Functionality

New Resource functionality has been implemented in TracCloud. Students can now be blocked from checking out resources, either entirely or based on Resource Type, a new Resource Confirmation Email has been implemented, the overdue notice is now customizable, and you can now perform student searches based on Resource usage.

More information can be found in their respective wiki guides below.
Click here for more information on Resource configuration
Click here for more information on Student Searches

2022-03-08 | Default Calendar Time

You can now set a default visible calendar time for your staff schedules, rather than requiring each staff member set this value manually.

This option is available in Other > Other Options > Preferences > System Preferences > Schedule Calendar Defaults.


This affects the default value of this setting on your schedule. Staff members can still override this if needed.


2022-03-08 | Locking Group Rosters

You can now lock Group Rosters / Availabilities as a Staff member to prevent students from booking further sessions, even if slots are available. For example, if you want to reserve the last time slot for a specific student until they're able to confirm, or if you want to prevent other students from booking this time to provide more attention to a single student.

This option is available within your Group Roster window as a lock icon at the top, click to toggle on or off.


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