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This page highlights some of the recent changes made to the TracCloud platform, and how you can utilize them on your own instance. A list of past changes and a full changelog can be found in the tabs above.

If you have any questions about these changes, feel free to reach out to us on our helpdesk.

Latest posts

2023-01-19 | Consultant Sort Code for Kiosk Login/Logout

If your Trac System is configured to ask for consultant name during visit login or logout, the list will be sorted alphabetically by last name, then first name. A new option has been added to staff profiles named 'Sort Code' which allows you to override this. Consultants are first sorted by Sort Code, then by Last/First name.

This can be found in Other > Listings > Staff > [Your Staff Account] > Sort Code on KIOSK Login.


In the example below, Dave has a Sort Code of "A" while everyone else is blank (processed as "M"). Similarly, Dave could be given "Z" instead to push them to the bottom of the list. "1", "AAA", "_" are also valid options.


2023-01-07 | Custom Kiosk Course Lists

Course Lists can now be linked to Custom Kiosks to determine what sections students are able to choose on login, which allows more flexibility compared to selecting a single section.

Custom Kiosks can be managed by going to Other > Other Options > Profiles > [Your Profile] > Prefs > Log Listing Message,[...] > Custom Kiosk Options. Within your Custom Kiosk settings, you will see the new Course List field available to utilize. More information on Course Lists can be found here.


2022-12-31 | Share Course List Items

It's now possible to share items to different Course Lists. This effectively allows you to make bulk changes to your Course Lists, adding or removing a course/section from multiple lists at a time.

First, use the selection buttons on the Course Lists listing to choose which Course Lists you want to share an item with.

Second, open a Course List that contains the item you want to share. Click the arrow button on that item, and you will be shown a confirmation window. Clicking "OK" here will immediately add that item to your selected Course Lists.

2022-12-16 | Hide Reasons from Students

A new option is now available in your Reasons, Do NOT SHOW for Students (staff only).

If checked, this reason will not appear as an option for students who are booking their own appointments, it will only appear as an option for staff to choose when booking an appointment for the student. Click here for more information on Reasons in general.


2022-12-09 | Group Lists with List Categories

It's now possible to group lists together with categories. This can be accomplished by going to Other > Other Options > Preferences > Custom Lists and modifying the name of your lists. Category::List Name, TracCloud will automatically group lists with the same category.

System Preferences:

How it appears on the Student Listing:

2022-12-08 | Terms and Conditions Response Listing

You can now view a list of students who have accepted your terms and conditions records, including the date of acceptance, active semester, subject, and initials. This can be viewed from your existing Terms and Conditions records in Other > Listings > Terms and Conditions > [Your Terms] > Responses.


2022-12-07 | Twig Support in Max Appt Rule Failure Message

The Max Appointment Rule failure message now supports Twig, this includes the ability to display student and consultant details (more info), and the ability to change the message depending on which rule was broken. This article will cover the latter.

Each Appt Rule now has its own ID number, this can be found in the top-right corner of the rule itself. You will need to re-save this rule if it existed prior to December 7th 2022 in order to use the ID number in the next step.

Once you have your ID number(s), you can modify your failure message. For example:

{% for failRule in failRules %}
{% if == "1234ABCD" %}
Description for this rule
{% elseif == "ABCD1234" %}
Description for this
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}


2022-12-03 | Custom Fields on Q2 Raise Hand Menu

Custom Fields can now be assigned to the Q2 Raise Hand form to ask additional questions to your students when they're raising their hand. This question appears for Q2Remote, or when a hand is raised by staff from the Log Listing. The answers to these questions can be viewed on the Q2 queue page by expanding the relevant entry in the list (second screenshot below).

Instructions on configuring Custom Fields in general can be found here.


2022-11-16 | Custom Consecutive Appointment Limit

You can now choose a custom threshold for when consecutive appointments will be blocked. If "Prevent [user type]" is checked and this box is left blank, the default value is 2, meaning students are not allowed to book consecutive appointments. 3 would allow 2 consecutive and block the third.

This option is found in Other > Profiles > [Your Profile] > Prefs > Scheduling > Time Restrictions > Prevent # consecutive.


2022-11-16 | Cancellation Grace Period

You can now add a grace period for cancellations. If a student books an appointment, and needs to cancel ~5 minutes later, you may not want that to count towards any maximum cancelled appointment rules. If a student cancels within the number of minutes specified here, the appointment will be deleted instead of set to a cancelled status.

This option can be found in Other > Profiles > [Your Profile] > Prefs > Scheduling > Time Restrictions > Allow cancellation/deletion of new appointment within x minutes.


2022-11-04 | Set a Custom Auto-Cancellation Threshold

You can now change your threshold of missed/canceled appointments to auto-cancel the remainder of an appointment series. This can be found in Other > Other Options > Profiles > [Your Profile] > Prefs > Scheduling > Other Schedule Options. If left blank, TracCloud will use the previous default of '2' for both of these preferences.


2022-11-04 | New Auto Termination Options

Additional options have been added to Auto Termination settings to provide better flexibility in how this feature applies to your visits.

There are now two parts of this process. The first, Terminate all still logged in, will only conclude visits that are still in-progress by your Time for Nightly Termination. The second, Auto terminate visits longer than, also applies to on-going visits that meet this criteria, however, this additionally applies to concluded visits. For example, if a user created a 10-hour visit for one of your students, this process will change it back to your defined time.

Other > Other Options > Profiles > [Your Profile] > Prefs > Log Listing Message[...] > Auto Termination.

  • Terminate all still logged in
If enabled, any on-going visits by Time for Nightly Termination will be concluded and set to your defined duration.

  • Auto set these visits time to (minutes)
If an on-going visit is terminated, this is the duration it will be set to.

  • Open visit terminations applies to Work Visits
Also apply the above logic to consultant Work Visits as well.

  • Auto terminate visits longer than (minutes)
This part of the process will also affect concluded visits as described earlier. This should be set to your maximum possible visit duration to prevent accurate visits from being adjusted. Leave this and Auto set visits time to blank to disable this part of Auto Termination.

  • Auto set visits time to (minutes)
This is the duration visits will be changed to in the above scenario. Leave this and Auto terminate visits longer than blank to disable this part of Auto Termination.

  • Time for Nightly Termination
This is the specific time the Auto Termination process runs each day. This process only applies to visits on the current day, so it should not be set later than 11:59pm.

  • Send Email Notification to Student / Center Admin
Toggling these options will send an email to the student and/or center admin letting them know that the student wasn’t logged out.

  • Delete visits waiting (not started)
If a 'Waiting' status visit reaches the auto-termination window, you can choose if it's terminated normally (unchecked) or deleted (checked).

  • Terminations apply to Work Visits
If you would like to also terminate work visits, you can check this box and define a different threshold and adjusted time.

2022-10-06 | New Options for Late Cancellation Notices

If a student attempts to cancel an appointment within the time limit defined by your profile, it will be counted as a Missed appointment. Two new options have been added to your Profile Settings to further customize the behavior of this feature. Other > Other Options > Profiles > [Your Profile] > Prefs > Scheduling > Appointment Status and Management.


  • Status for late cancellation
If left blank, a late cancellation will be recorded as "CANCEL - MISSED" (or your Profile's version of the "Missed" phrasing). You can use this to change the phrasing of this status entirely, but make sure to include the word "Cancel" somewhere in the status otherwise TracCloud will not send a cancellation email or open the time slot for other students.
  • Additional text message for late cancellation prompt / warning
This is an optional additional message that displays to students when they are cancelling an appointment outside of your time restriction. This appears in addition to the standard "This will be marked as missed" notice.


2022-10-04 | Include labels in selected SAGE Reasons/Recommendations

Two new Twig arrays have been added, ReasonsAndLabels and RecommendationsAndLabels, which can be used to include labels in your SAGE emails.

The standard Reasons and Recommendations arrays will look like this when sent over email.


Reasons selected:<BR>
{% for key,value in Reasons %}
{{ value }} <br>
{% endfor %}

ReasonsAndLabels and RecommendationsAndLabels will look like this.


Reasons selected:<BR>
{% for key,value in ReasonsAndLabels %}
{{ value }} <br>
{% endfor %}

if statements can also be used to further format the labels.


Reasons selected:<BR>
{% for key,value in ReasonsAndLabels %}
{% if value == "Grade" or value == "Attendance" or value == "Engagement" %}
{% endif %}
{{ value }} <br>
{% if value == "Grade" or value == "Attendance" or value == "Engagement" %}
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

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