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This page highlights some of the recent changes made to the TracCloud platform, and how you can utilize them on your own instance. A list of past changes and a full changelog can be found in the tabs above.

If you have any questions about these changes, feel free to reach out to us on our helpdesk.

Latest posts

2023-05-04 | Asynchronous Availabilities and Appointments

It's now possible to create asynchronous availabilities for your students. These appointments offer a text chat for students and consultants to communicate with each other asynchronously, along with the existing document upload functionality to share files. After booking, these sessions appear in a new widget on the dashboard showing any in-progress asynchronous sessions. These sessions can be concluded and reopened at any time, as opposed to standard synchronous appointments which have a designated start and end time.

For more information on enabling this feature and how to create these availabilities, click here!

These appear as a purple availability block to differentiate them.

Both students and consultants will see in-progress asynchronous appointments on their dashboard.

The text chat appears as an additional tab in the appointment record.

2023-04-25 | Catching up on the past few weeks of updates

You may have noticed a delay since the last "What's New" article, but that's not because new features haven't been getting added, it's the exact opposite in fact! We're working on updating a large portion of the TracCloud wiki to reflect the new options and capabilities of the system, as well as to provide more in-depth guides where needed. That's still in progress, but this article is to catch up on some of the features that we haven't had the chance to highlight yet. (Asynchronous availabilities are coming soon as well!)

  • 2023-04-14: "Send Link via Email" on Student Confirm Bio settings now shows a QR code for the student to quickly scan on the kiosk

  • 2023-04-12: New report, Student Search Availabilities
View information about what subjects and reasons students are searching for, and whether or not they booked an appointment. More information.

  • 2023-04-07: An "Advanced Prefs" menu has been added in Profile Prefs to better separate some of the less used and not typically recommended options.

Use "Students.CustomData/BIOConfirmed=1" to find students who have confirmed their bio, and "Students.CustomData/BIOConfirmed=#1" to find students who haven't.

  • 2023-04-06: "Visit" steps in Success Plans can now be configured with a minimum duration.

  • 2023-04-02: New Referrals Listing menu.
A new listing menu has been added for SAGE referrals. This can be added to your permission group by going to Other > Other Options > Groups > [The group you want to modify] > Admin/Modules > Table Access, then add Referrals to that list and save.

  • 2023-03-24: Custom views have been added to the Appointments Listing

Review how many non-duplicated hours your consultants were booked for, along with their max hours (if applicable).

In the Number of Days to Export field, you can now enter a value such as "14...5" to export the last 14 days of data up to the last 5 days. Some campuses may require more time to clean up recent records before including them in the export, which was the purpose of this addition.

Depending on when you're reading this, the wiki link above might not have an updated screenshot, but you'll see the new "Remember Student" option right next to "Remember Notes" on the Batch Entry tab. This allows you to repeatedly create visits for the same student account. E.g., a generic student account for prospective students.

  • 2023-03-21: SAML Duel Tenant Support
If your campus requires this, reach out to our helpdesk using the support links at the top of your screen and we'd be happy to help you set it up.

2023-04-11 | New Look for Availability Online or In-Person Settings

An update will be released soon that simplifies the look of online/in-person options within availabilities. This adjustment doesn't require you to make any changes to your existing availabilities, and will be applied automatically and seamlessly when released. This wiki article is just to make sure everyone is aware that these options will look slightly different in the near future.

The purpose of this new look is to accommodate a future third Meeting Type for Asynchronous availabilities. Keep an eye on our Wiki for more information on that at a later date! If you have any questions about this adjustment, don't hesitate to reach out to us with the contact information at the bottom of this article.


This change also necessitates a slight visual adjustment to the appointment entry screen as well, with each selected modality appearing as a radio choice when booking or modifying these records.


This new look is also intended to be more intuitive to use if you're unfamiliar with TracCloud's schedule. "Optional" and "Optional Chosen" are no longer needed, as you can directly chose the Default Type when applicable. To further clarify, the screenshots below compare the old availability types to their new equivalents.

In-person only
New equivalent. The "Default Type" field cannot be modified.

Online only
New equivalent. The "Default Type" field cannot be modified.

New equivalent.

"Optional Chosen"
New equivalent.

More Questions?
We hope that you found this article helpful, and as always if you have any questions about this or any other features, please feel free to let us know by emailing or by submitting a ticket.
Thank you for your continued support!

2023-03-14 | Notification Menu Improvements

The Notification menu has received an update to make it easier to search, categorize, and hide notifications. The drop-down option at the top of the menu allows you to select the category of notification that you want to filter by (Task, Appointment Request, etc). Additionally, each notification can now be hidden with the eye icon (or you can hide all shown with the button at the bottom). Hidden notifications can be viewed by clicking on the There are X hidden items text.


2023-03-10 | Appointment Listing

A new Listing menu can now be viewed for Appointments. This allows you to easily search for and modify Appointments in TracCloud, as well as make batch changes (for SysAdmins). Appointments with a "deleted" status can also be viewed here, which are normally hidden from the staff schedule and reports. This listing is only accessible to Profile Admins and SysAdmins, and can be located in Other > Listings > Appointments.


2023-02-09 | Block Students from Booking Appointments Between Two Static Times

It's now possible to prevent students from booking appointments in a specific time range during the day. This applies in addition to the standard "Schedule no later than" rule. The purpose of this is to prevent students from booking very early in morning if your consultants need additional notice in advance.

This option can be found in Other > Other Options > Profiles > [Your Profile] > Prefs > Scheduling > Time Restrictions > Block student from booking appointments between # and #.


2023-02-09 | Search for Students with Birthdays Today

A new special search criteria has been added to TracCloud allowing you to easily find students who's birthday is today. From the student listing, use the phrase "birthdaytoday" to locate these students. See screenshot below.


2023-01-30 | Allow Students Without an Assigned Advisor to Book With Any Staff

A new option has been added to your centers that allows students who's Assigned Advisor field is blank to book with any available Advisor. This option only has an effect if you're already utilizing Student/Consultant link.

This can be found in Other > Other Options > Profiles > [Your Profile] > Centers > [Your Center] > Students with Null or Blank Values in Linking field can book with anyone.


2023-01-19 | Consultant Sort Code for Kiosk Login/Logout

If your Trac System is configured to ask for consultant name during visit login or logout, the list will be sorted alphabetically by last name, then first name. A new option has been added to staff profiles named 'Sort Code' which allows you to override this. Consultants are first sorted by Sort Code, then by Last/First name.

This can be found in Other > Listings > Staff > [Your Staff Account] > Sort Code on KIOSK Login.


In the example below, Dave has a Sort Code of "A" while everyone else is blank (processed as "M"). Similarly, Dave could be given "Z" instead to push them to the bottom of the list. "1", "AAA", "_" are also valid options.


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