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TracCloud Technical Documentation

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TracCloud Data Exports
This portion of our technical documentation covers the possible ways to export data from your Trac System. If you have any questions about this, you're more than welcome to reach out to us at

1. Reports

Applies to: Visits, Appointments, Availabilities, Payroll, Staff, Resource Usage, Referrals, Surveys.

Almost every report in TracCloud can be exported as a .CSV file. For Staff and Profile admins, this may be the preferred option for exporting data. For more information, take a look at our Reports Wiki.

2. SFTP Export

Applies to: Visits, Appointments.

If you're looking for a complete data export, or a scheduled export, this is where the Visit and Appointment Export utility comes in. The exports will be made available on our SFTP server (same location that you're uploading import files to). You have a few configuration options here, including how the data is formatted and when/what is exported. The files will be in a .csv format.

This option can be found in Other > Other Options > Visits/Appointments Export.


3. Listing CSV Exports

Applies to: Students, Registrations.

The Student and Registration Listing both offer the ability to Export the current list to CSV. This will immediately start downloading your queried records to a .csv file in your browser.


4. Print or PDF Export

Applies to: Students, Student Timelines, Visits, Courses, Course Lists, Registrations, Sections, Documents, Faculty, Staff, Work Types, Appointment Requests.

On these listings, under the Hamburger icon (Hamburger.png), you'll find a print option. This can be used to either print the data or save it to a PDF file. In the case of the Student Timeline, you'll need to use your browser's print function (likely CTRL + P).


5. Starfish Export

Applies to: Visits.

We have an additional module available for purchase that provides a Starfish-compatible data export for your Trac System. For more information, reach out to