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Preparing for a Semester Switch
Setting up Appointment Emails
Logging in as Different Users
Order Reasons by Active
Login Screen Info Boxes

Students & Consultants

Custom Student Fields
Student View
Consultant Setup
Deactivating Consultants
Creating Lists and Watchlists
Creating Student Profiles
Student Listing Quick Reports


Appointment Rules: Days
Appointment Rules: Weeks
Appointment Rules: Same Types
Center and Reserve Blocks
Missed Appointment Restrictions
Reset Missed Appointments


Maximizing Kiosk Functions
Creating Custom Questions
Appointment Tolerance
Kiosk Options
Auto Termination Function
Meeting with Students Remotely

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The Redrock Newsletters give users a focused look at unique Trac System features or utilities and gives suggestions on how to use those features to improve the Trac experience.

Our Most Recommended Newsletters

Preparing for a Semester Switch
A comprehensive guide on preparing your Trac System for the upcoming semester switch.
Meeting With Students Remotely
Allowing your consultants to help their students from virtually anywhere.
Logging into Other Accounts as Admin
As a SysAdmin, you can login to any account in the Trac System with just their username.


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