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Global Preferences

• System Preferences
• Search Availability Options
• General KIOSK Login Options
• Terms
    Semester Changeover
• Student Entry Choices
• Student Photo Files
• Dashboard Charts
• Custom Fields
• Campus IP Address Blocks
• Student Lists & Watch Lists
• Document Types
• Task Types
• Email Templates
• Public / Admin Docs
• Skills / Accommodations
• Notification Types
• Welcome Messages
• Confirm Bio
• Favorite Reports Management
• Announcements
• Grade Groups & Assignments
• Tracking Staff Payroll

Campus IP Address Blocks
This feature allows you to designate certain IP addresses (specific or a range) as On/Off Campus, or to a custom "Zone." This is used for modification logs and kiosk access.


  • On Campus Zone Name & Off Campus Zone Name
This is the phrasing for your on/off-campus addresses. "On-site," "Campus Network," "Outside," etc.
  • On Campus IP Blocks
This is the actual IP address list that determines what IPs are recorded as being on-campus. If listing a specific device, you can type the IPV4 address here directly. If listing a range of IPs, you would format this as "...0.0/0" with the CIDR notation at the end, as seen in the screenshot above denoting "Campus Wifi."
  • Test IP Address
This is a utility that lets you check a specific IP address to see if it's computed as on or off campus, to verify your current configuration.

  • Custom Kiosks
Custom Kiosks can be locked to a particular IP address to prevent users from accessing the kiosk from unauthorized networks. More information on Custom Kiosks.

  • Logging
When reviewing Audit Logs as a SysAdmin, this allows you to more easily differentiate changes made on-campus versus off.