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Public / Admin Documents

This allows you to upload and share documents with other SysAdmins, and even upload public documents accessible by anyone. This utility can be found in Other > Other Options > Preferences > Public / Admin Documents.


  • Admin Docs
Documents uploaded here are only visible to SysAdmin level accounts, accessed through the same Global Preferences menu.

  • Public Docs
These documents on the other hand can be shared with other accounts. To share a document, upload and open the file, and copy the link in your browser. This link can be opened by anyone, even those without an account in the Trac System.

  • Temp Import Dir
This folder shows the internal import folder of TracCloud. This is typically used to retrieve a copy of your import files.

  • New Folder
This allows you to create sub-directories in Admin or Public docs to better organize your uploaded files.

After uploading a file, you can click the Hamburger icon () to view the following options.


  • Delete will delete the file.
  • Rename allows you to rename the file.
  • Duplicate makes a copy of the file in the same directory.
  • Open will open the file in a new tab. The URL you're taken to is sharable if the file is in your Pubic Docs folder.
  • Download will download the file in your browser.
  • Copy Link will copy a link to download the file. Useful for embedding or linking to this file from elsewhere in TracCloud.
  • Move To... allows you to move this file into a folder.