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Announcements are messages that can be displayed to different users on the dashboard of the Trac System. These messages can be set to only display during a specified date range, and can be formatted in a number of different ways to better support your use-case.


Creating a New Announcement

As a SysAdmin, go to Other > Other Options > Announcements. Here, you will find the announcement listing, showing any previously created announcements. To create a new message, click the hamburger icon and select "New Announcement."


This will bring you to the following screen.


  • Header
This is the title of the Announcement. This is visible even when the message is collapsed.

  • Start / End
This is the start and end date of this announcement. For example, if you have a notice that your campus is closed on an upcoming day, you can have the announcement expire on that day when it's no longer relevant. If left blank, the announcement will always be visible.

  • Days
Choose the days that this announcement displays on. All are enabled by default, so it will be shown every day of the week between the start date and the end date.

  • Active From / Active To
Choose the time of day that this announcement is shown. Blank by default, which will show all day for each day the announcement is enabled for.

  • Students / Instructors / Staff (excl. Consultants) / Consultants
This determines the user types that are shown this announcement. If student is checked, you will be provided three additional options, as noted below.
  • Show on Dashboard
This will display the announcement on the dashboard, as seen in the first screenshot of this article.
  • Show on KIOSK
This will display the announcement during the KIOSK/Log Listing login process, at the same step where the kiosk welcome message appears.
  • Student list
If a student list is selected here, only students on that list will be able to see this announcement.

  • Type
This determines the color of the text box.  Warning ,  Notice ,  Alert ,  Success .

  • Icon
The selected icon will appear in the top-left corner of the Announcement.

  • Profile
Choose the profile this announcement is linked to. This determines which staff can see this announcement based on what profile their group is assigned to, and which kiosks this announcement can appear on based on the center. Additionally, the announcement will follow the selected profile's time zone rather than the system time zone (if it differs).

  • Text Body
This is the actual body of the email. This can be written with the WYSIWYG editor, or using HTML with the Source Code option under Tools.

Save when done, and you're all set.

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