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Students Listing

Student data is one of the most important parts of your Trac System, on top of being the record that all their visits, appointments, documents, and more are assigned to, you also have the student's information directly. You can run reports on visits grouped by student majors, or send emails to students of a certain class, cohort, or any other field you have available. This article goes over some of the ways you can search for these records.


The Students Listing itself (found by clicking 'Students' in the Navigation Bar) contains all student records uploaded to your Trac System. From this page, we're able to manage student data in bulk, creating lists, sending emails, or submitting SAGE referrals, or we can open a specific student record and manage just one student profile at a time.

Each column of information displayed has a clickable header that will sort the listing accordingly. Clicking once sorts ascending, a second click will sort descending.


Using the Search Bar on this screen, we can easily perform quick searches to find specific students. Right clicking in the search bar (shown below) will provide a list of available student fields to search, click any of these to auto-fill the search bar.


Example Searches:

  • Find a student by a single value, such as ID. Specifying 'Students.ID=' actually isn't required for ID or Name searches, but it works well as an example.

  • ...or name. Names should be formatted as 'Last, First' or 'First M Last'. 'First Last' will also work if middle names are not being imported.
Day, Rob

  • Search multiple fields at once, separate your searches by a space.
Students.Major=Mathematics Students.Class=Sophomore

  • When performing multiple searches where at least one field contains a space, make sure to surround the contents you're searching for with quotation marks.
Students.Major="Chemical Engineering" Students.Status=Active

  • Search in Custom Fields. It's recommended to use the right-click menu to select these, as it will always auto-fill the correct field name.

  • Date searches such as this are required to be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD

Students Search

The Student Listing also has a unique Search utility found in the hamburger menu . This utility has the ability to search related tables to find relevant students. This includes the ability to run searches such as "students who have had appointments in the last 7 days" or "students who have ongoing referrals."


  • Search Type
This can be set to New Search, Search Selection, Remove found from Selection, or Add found to Selection, depending on the desired effect of this search.
  • General Info tab
This tab is where you can search for basic information about the student. ID, Status, Name, etc.
  • Appointments
This tab allows you to search for students by appointment information. For example, "students who had an appointment from 02/10 to 02/20 with a status of Missed."
  • Visits
This tab allows you to search for students by visit info. For example, "students who visited more than 2 times from 02/10 to 02/20 where the subject was MAT100."
  • Registration
This tab allows you to search for students by registration info. For example, "students who are actively enrolled in more than one math course."
  • Documents
This allows you to search for students by documents. "Students who have a document of a certain filename uploaded in the last month."
  • Surveys
Students who have received or responded to a survey in a certain time period. Requires SurveyTrac.
  • SAGE Referrals
Students who have ongoing or completed referrals of a specific type in a specified date range. Requires SAGE.
  • Resources
This tab allows you to search for students by their resource usage, whether they have certain items checked out or overdue.

Hamburger Menu

Every listing page in the Trac System features a hamburger menu with utilities to search for or interact with your list of records. Some of these options are specific to a certain listing/record-type, others are shared. The following list includes definitions for the hamburger menu options available on this listing, and how they can be utilized.


  • List All
This option will show all records on the current listing. Some listings have an additional toggle for only showing "Active" records, such as Students and Registrations, which will still override a "List All" search if checked.

  • Search
This utility will open a pop-up window unique to each Listing it's present on, allowing you to search your records by a number of different fields. In the case of the Student Listing, you could use this to search related records, such as 'Students who have at least 2 Visits in the Learning Center' or 'Students with a recent Document upload in their timeline.'

  • Power Search
This option provides a simple but powerful search utility to find the records you need. String together multiple searches, adding or removing results for each. Use Search Symbols to include ranges of data, and Save Searches for later use if needed. The search term 'blankornull' can be used to find all records with a value of nothing ("") or null ().

  • Search by Term Enrollment
Allows you to search based on the students' enrollment in a specific term or multiple terms. The example search below would show students who are enrolled in a 2023SP registration AND are not enrolled in a 2023FA registration.

  • Lists
See Student Lists and Watch Lists for more information.

  • Saved Searches
See Saved Searches for more information.

  • Find/Merge Duplicates
These utilities can be used to cleanup duplicate records in your Trac System. We highly recommend reaching out to Redrock Support directly for assistance in cleaning up this data.

  • Find by Values
This utility can be used to search one field for multiple values. If you have a spreadsheet containing a list of student IDs, this is an easy way to pull up the same list of students in TracCloud by copying the ID column into this search field.

  • Change Field Values
This utility allows you to make modifications in to your records in bulk. Similar to the Merge Duplicates utility, we highly recommend coordinating with Redrock Support directly on this setting.

  • Selected...
The Selection Tool offers several options to filter and manage your records. More information on this feature can be found in its own dedicated article here.

  • Views
See Views for more information.

  • Send Survey
Allows you to send a survey to the current user list. More information.

  • Register In
Allows you to quickly enroll a student in a new registration. Depending on your import configuration, manually recreated registrations may be deactivated during your auto-import.

  • Assign Success Plan
Allows you to assign a new Success Plan to the current student list. More information.

  • Create Referral
Allows you to create a batch referral through SAGE. More information.

  • Create Task
Allows you to send a task to the current student list. More information.

  • Toggle Photos
Enable or disable student photos on the Student Listing.

  • Create Chart
Based on the data currently being viewed a chart can be generated to visually illustrate the relationships in the data.

  • Export CSV
Export current listing contents to a CSV file.

  • Send Email
Allows you to send an email directly to a list of users.

  • Send Email to Faculty
This email utility allows you to email faculty linked to student registrations. The faculty recipients can be determined by subject, status, and grade. One email will be sent per linked registration, so if there are 3 students listed enrolled in MAT100 with Dave Smith, Dave Smith will receive 3 emails. Faculty recipients can also be filtered by scheduled day/time if section schedule is being imported.

  • Show these <records>
This utility takes your selection of records, finds the related records, and takes you to that listing with the resulting records. For example, on the Registration listing, you can "Show these Students" to display the student records for the registrations that you were viewing.

  • Print
Allows you to print the contents of the current listing, by extension this also allows you to export the current list as a PDF file.

  • New <Record>
Allows you to create a new record based on your selected listing.

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