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Importing Student Data into TracCloud

TracCloud can import data from any source as long as it's provided in the correct format. Using your current Student Information System (Banner, PeopleSoft, DataTel, etc) as a source, create files that match the specifications below. We will require at least two files- A student file and an enrollment/registration file. It's generally recommended to send data for the current term and one prior term in your registrations file, in case past registrations need to be kept active through the semester changeover.

Import files must be in a flat-text format (.csv or .txt), comma or tab delimited, UTF-8. Comma delimited files must have quotes surrounding every field. A header row is required, and custom fields must be coordinated with Redrock Software to ensure assignment to the correct data field. File names must be static, with each import upload overwriting the previous copies of the files. If you anticipate section's linked faculty changing, let us know, as this may require additional changes to your import process. Lab courses should be designated in the course information rather than the section. For example, "BIO100L".

There are no restrictions on column order, and optional columns can safely be excluded from your file if preferred.

Click the buttons below to view or download example files. The Section Schedule file is optional.

All import files will be uploaded to our SFTP server. The IP addresses for our SFTP server are listed below if you need to whitelist them.


Description of Import fields
Type Description
A## Alphanumeric field with a specified maximum length
#B Big Integer, maximum value of about 9 quintillion, or a 16-digit numeric value
Date Date, formatted as YYYY-MM-DD
Double Decimal # with up to 12 digits precision
Time A specific time using a 24-hour format (HH:MM:SS), e.g., 13:45:00
Duration A duration stored in number of minutes, e.g., 90

Available Student Import Fields
Name Type Required Field Description Example
ID #B Yes* The unique numeric ID of the student, required if Other_ID isn't being used. 19310045
Other_ID A40 Yes* A secondary ID or handle for the student, required if ID isn't being used. A19310045
Other_ID2 A40 An optional tertiary ID or handle for the student. dsmith1990
Barcode A80 A barcode ID for the student, required if scanners are used to log students in. A2609376378
OtherStatus A80 An optional secondary status. Primary status is set automatically. Registered
Legal_First A80 The legal first name of the student. David
First_Name A80 Yes The preferred first name of the student. Dave
Last_Name A80 Yes The last name of the student. Smith
Middle A80 The middle name or initial of the student. L.
Street A250 The street address of the student. 1234 E. Nowhere St.
Apt A80 Apartment Number. #46
City A120 City of the student address. Tempe
State A80 The state of the student address. Two-letter formatting displays best. AZ
Zip A20 The zip code of the student address. 88881
Country A80 The country of the student address. USA
Home_Phone A80 The student's home phone number. 555-555-5551
Work_Phone A80 The student's work phone number. 555-555-5552
Cell_Phone A80 The student's cell phone number. 555-555-5553
Email A120 * The student's email address. Required if students are going to be receiving emails from TracCloud.
Preferred A80 The student's preferred phone number, 1 = 'Home', 2 = 'Work', 3 = 'Cell', 4 = 'Email', 5 = 'Phone' 3
Username A120 * The student's username or handle, required if students are going to be logging into TracCloud. dsmith
Birthdate Date The student's birthdate. 1970-01-01
Gender A80 The student's gender. Male
Ethnicity A150 The student's ethnicity. Caucasian
Major A120 The student's major. Accounting
Class A80 The student's class. SO
DegreeGoal A80 The student's degree goal. AAS
Cohort A80 The student's cohort. 2017SP
College A80 The student's college. Nowhere State University
Grad_Und A80 The student's graduate status. Und
DateStarted Date The student's start or enrollment date. 2015-12-01
DateWithdrawn Date The student's withdrawn date. 2015-12-02
ReasonWithdrawn A128 The student's withdrawn reason. Reasons
GradDate Date The student's graduation date. 2020-10-05
GradDegree A128 The student's graduate degree. AAS
GPA Double The student's GPA. 3.2
AccumHours Double The student's total accumulated hours. 46
Fund A80 The student's fund. Federal Work Study
Pronouns A80 The student's preferred pronouns. He/Him/His
CustomData1-X A80 Custom fields, available for any purpose. Multiple custom fields can be used. ?

Available Registration Import Fields
Name Type Required Description Example
Course.Subject A40 Yes The subject in which the student is enrolled. ACTG
Course.Course A20 Yes The course number. 100
Course.Title A120 Yes The name of the course in which the student is enrolled. The course title is only tied to the subject, such as "ACTG100". Intro to Accounting
Section.Title A120 The name of the section in which the student is enrolled. This overrides the course title if provided, allowing different sections to have unique titles. Intro to Accounting
Section.Code A80 Yes The section code. 03
Section.CRN A80 The unique course reference number (cannot be reused). 123456789
Section.Custom1-X A80 Optional custom fields relating to this section. Multiple custom fields can be used. ?
Term.Code A80 Yes Term number for this enrollment. 2022SP
Term.ActiveFrom Date Active start date. 2022-10-01
Term.ActiveTo Date Active end date. 2022-12-31
Faculty.OtherID A80 Yes* Faculty ID. Only the primary faculty will be imported. Required if this is the only unique faculty identifier. J25059
Faculty.FirstName A80 Yes Faculty First Name. Jane
Faculty.LastName A80 Yes Faculty Last Name. Doe
Faculty.UserName A80 Yes* Faculty Username, only required if faculty members will be logging into TracCloud, or as primary unique identifier. JDoe
Faculty.Salutation A40 Faculty's salutation. Dr.
Faculty.Department A60 Faculty Assigned Department. M262
Faculty.Phone A80 Faculty's phone number. 555-555-5555
Faculty.Email A120 Yes* Faculty's email address. Only required if faculty members need to receive emails, or as a primary unique identifier.
Faculty.Custom1-X A80 Faculty custom fields. Multiple custom fields can be used. ?
Student.ID A40 Yes The ID/OtherID/OtherID2 of the student this registration is assigned to. A123456789
Registration.Grade A40 The final grade/withdraw code for this registration. Redrock will require a list of possible grades/codes to properly set this up. B+
Registration.RegStatus A40 An optional registration status that can be used to deactivate certain enrollments. Dropped
Registration.ValidFromDT Date * The start date of the registration. Not strictly required, but highly recommended. 2023-08-15
Registration.ValidToDT Date * The end date of the registration. Not strictly required, but highly recommended. 2023-12-15
Registration.Custom1-X A80 Registration custom fields. Multiple custom fields can be used. A common example would be midterm grades. ?

Section Schedule Import Fields (Optional)
Name Type Required Description Example
Course.Subject A40 Yes The subject. MAT
Course.Course A20 Yes The course number. 100
Section.Code A80 Yes* The section number. Required if CRN not provided. 45
Section.CRN A80 Yes* The course reference number. Required if Section Code not provided. 123456789
Term.Code A80 Yes The term code. 2022SP
Plus, the schedule data:
Schedule.Days A30 Yes Days of the week, formatted as MONTUEWEDTHUFRISATSUN. MONFRI
Schedule.Time Time Yes Schedule start time, military/24-hour format. 13:00:00
Schedule.Duration Duration Yes The duration of this section schedule in minutes. 50