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Consultant Specialties

This report will display all specialties that are assigned to your consultants, for both reasons and sections.


  • Centers
Filter report data by center. You can select all centers or only a specific few to narrow down your results. At least one center must be selected.

  • Select Term
Only show records for the selected term.

  • Show Which Specialties
Only show sections that have already been Assigned to a consultant, or view Sections that are still Unassigned. Defaults to 'All'.

  • Show Only Active Sections
Only include active sections in this report.

  • Ignore Center Course Lists for Subjects
Ignore the selected centers and show all specialties regardless of center for subject.

  • Ignore Center Staff Link for Reasons
Ignore the selected centers and show all specialties regardless of center for reason.

  • Show Email
Include email address in results.

  • Show Phone
Include phone number in results.

  • Ignore Section for Subjects
Only view specialties by subject, rather than subject + section.

  • Show Faculty Name and Email
Include Faculty Name and Email address in report results.

  • Only Active Registrations
Only include section specialties for currently active enrollments.

  • Group by
Group records by the selected field. Some reports allow you to add secondary and tertiary groupings as well.

  • Reason
Only show results for the specific Reason.

  • Subject/Course/Section
Only show results for the specific Subject, Course, or Section.

  • Additional Search
Filter your results by a selected field.
Use * as a wildcard (Subject: MAT*)
| as "or" (Major: Mathematics|Biology)
# as "Not" (Status: #Inactive)
&& as "And" (Major: #Mathematics&&#Biology)
blankornull as a keyword to find records where the field is blank (Reason: blankornull)
Multiple fields can be added to further narrow down your results.

  • Output format
Use HTML to view report data in your browser, or export this report to a CSV file (available for most reports). Some reports offer additional CSV options depending on if you want to include totals and/or data grouping in your export.

  • Deliver to
Display this report immediately in your browser ("Screen"), or send the report to a specified email address ("Email"). Multiple email addresses can be specified, use ; to separate them (;