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User Level in Staff Accounts

Every Staff account in TracCloud is assigned a User Level, SysAdmin, Profile Admin, or Staff. These levels impose restrictions on the selected account that go beyond what you can control with just a permission group. This article goes over the exact differences between these levels.


Unique to SysAdmin Accounts

SysAdmin accounts provide the highest level of access in your Trac System, that includes potentially sensitive data, utilities to modify data in bulk, and the ability to edit technical aspects of your TracCloud instance. Here are the options that only System Administrators can access.

  • Saved Searches - Specifically the menu to manage or delete Saved Searches, other User Levels can still save and access their personal Saved Searches.
  • Utilities for merging or modifying data in bulk - The ability to merge, delete, or modify individual records is determined by Permission Group.
  • Access to the "Delete Selection" option on some listings - Students, Staff, and Faculty listings.
  • Profile-specific Group Entry - SysAdmins can open Permission Groups within a specific Profile, to access only that Profile's Center choices.
  • The ability to edit locked Visits - In other words, SysAdmins can override the 'Lock visits older than' setting in your Profile.
  • SAGE referral types - Specifically the ability to modify Referral Types and Emails, other users can still submit Referrals for Students (assuming their Group allows it).
  • Q2 Table Management - Settings for Q2 Tables, other users can access the Tables themselves (if their Group allows it).
  • The ability to delete Reasons - Other users can still deactivate or modify Reasons, just not delete.
  • Lookup Values
  • Audit Logs

And of course, some of the more obvious ones...

  • The ability to set other users as SysAdmin

Profile Admin level or higher

Profile Admins still have access to many important settings and functions in TracCloud, and will be the ideal level for most of your "admin" accounts. Options like Profile Preferences and Group Management are still available, but potentially dangerous or sensitive utilities are hidden. Here are the options that only Profile Admins and SysAdmins can access.

  • The ability to modify a staff member’s user level - I.e., 'Staff' level accounts can only create other 'Staff' level accounts, Profile Admins can create Profile Admins or Staff.
  • The ability to modify the assigned Group and Centers of other staff. Group is filtered to only groups assigned to the same profile of the current user's primary center.
  • Access to the "Delete Selection" option on some listings - Appointments, Course Lists, Documents, Referrals, Registrations, Success Plans, and Attendance listings, if their group has table access for said listing.
  • The ability to create Student records manually

And a few Reports:

All other permissions for Staff-level accounts are determined by permission group.