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TracCloud Single Sign-on Configuration

TracCloud supports SAML, CAS, and LDAP for user authentication. Information on each of these options is available below.

We can be reached at

With Redrock Software's Assistance


To setup SAML authentication, the following steps will need to be completed. At least one of the attributes being sent must match the contents of the username field in your Trac System, typically the first part of the email address. We can also use ID number, full email address, or other unique identifiers, but handle/username is preferred.

1. Install our Metadata

Available here:

2. Send us your Metadata

Either a URL or an XML file.

3. Send us a test account

This makes implementing SAML on your system significantly faster, but isn't required.


To setup CAS authentication:

1. Add Redrock as an authorized service

Here is our URL:

2. Send us your CAS settings

  • CAS Login URL
  • CAS Validate URL
  • CAS Logout URL


To setup LDAP authentication:

1. Send us your LDAP settings

  • Server Address
  • Port Number
  • Service account name (if applicable)
  • Service account password (if applicable)
  • Base DN

Multiple base DN searches can be performed if needed.

Without Redrock Software's Assistance

If you're comfortable applying changes here and already have the information above, you can put these settings in place with any SysAdmin account. If you're having any trouble with these settings, feel free to reach out to us at or by submitting a helpdesk ticket. LDAP currently requires additional configuration not available to non-Redrock accounts, reach out to us directly if you plan on using LDAP.

SAML Configuration

Other > Other Options > Preferences > Login & Security Settings > SAML 8589517.png

1. Install our Metadata

Redrock Metadata:

2. Fill out SAML settings

  • Trac Return URL
Replace 'campus code' with your campus code, as seen in your URL. Otherwise static. Must be lowercase.
If using a custom URL, use that in place of
  • SAML Relay URL
This is static and never changes.
  • Authentication Order
Your staff may have more than one account type in the Trac System. You can use the "Authentication Order" preference to determine which account type authenticates first.
  • Install your Metadata in the Primary Metadata field
After submitting, your Entity ID field will be populated automatically. If you require a duel-tenant configuration, reach out to us at for assistance.

3. Retrieve your attributes

Navigate to the provided URL in a Private/Incognito browser and login, you will be provided with a list of attributes and their value for the account that you used. Find the attribute that works for your system (e.g., first part of email address) and copy the name of that attribute into the "Attribute containing unique ID" field in TracCloud. This will need to correspond to the Username fields of accounts in the system.

4. Enable SAML

Enable the toggle option in the top-right corner of your SAML window to enable SAML authentication for future logins.

CAS Configuration

Other > Other Options > Preferences > Login & Security Settings > CAS 6231962.png

1. Add Redrock as an authorized service

Here is our URL:

2. Fill out CAS settings

  • CAS Relay URL
This value is static and should not be changed.
  • Ticket URL
Place your CAS Login URL here.
  • Ticket Param
Typically "ticket"
  • Validate URL
Place your CAS Validate URL here.
  • CAS Version
Typically "2.0"
  • User Name Attribute
Typically "cas:user"
  • Trac Return URL
Place your CAS Logout URL here.
  • Deauth when visiting KIOSK
Kiosks are typically student-facing. If this is checked, it ends the SSO session to prevent a user from navigating to other campus services or even logging back into TracCloud.

3. Enable CAS

Enable the toggle option in the top-right corner of your CAS window to enable CAS authentication for future logins.

Additional Login/Logout Settings

After setting up the SSO protocol, there are a few optional settings to configure, detailed below.


  • Log Off Redirect URL
This is the URL that users will be taken to when logging out of the Trac System, typically used to redirect users to a page that ends their single sign-on session.

  • Custom "No Access" Page URL
By default, if a user attempts to access a page that they don't have access to, a generic "Access Denied" page will display from TracCloud. If you would prefer to override this with a different page, enter that URL here.

  • Block SSO users from kiosk
If enabled, anyone who logs in via SSO will not be allowed to open student-facing kiosks. This should only be enabled if your single sign-on service doesn't support single logout, otherwise if a user opens a kiosk, their campus account will still be logged in.