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Reasons/Services allow your staff and students to provide additional information and reasons for booking an appointment. For example, reasons such as “Counseling,” “Study Plan Help,” or “Exam.” This would let the consultants know what the student needs help with, provide preparation details and information as needed, and gives your staff additional information for reports. Reasons can be managed by going to Other > Other Options > Profiles > [Your Profile] > Reasons.


The hamburger icon contains several management options, detailed below.

  • Show Activated
This will display globally activated reasons (left-side checkbox).

  • Activate/Deactivate Found Records
Activate/Deactivate reasons in bulk, based on your last search result.

  • New Reason
Create a new reason.

  • Add Multiple Reasons
Create multiple reasons at once, each on its own line.

Creating Reasons

Click on the hamburger button, then select “New Reason” to be brought to the Reason creation menu.


  • Profile
By default, the profile we started creating this reason in will be selected, however, we can change this value or even choose “Available for All Profiles.”

  • Reason
The name of the reason, this will be what’s selected by students or staff during appointment scheduling and kiosk logins.

  • Category
The category this reason is assigned to. More information on this can be found further into this article.

  • Sort Code
Manually specify how your reasons are sorted during login or appointment search. This can be numeric, or you can simply paste your reason name to sort alphabetically.

  • Log Out Method & Visit Time
There are three Methods available.
  • Auto Logout After Time, which will automatically log the student out of the center when the time specified in Visit Time is reached.
  • Auto Logout Immediately will log the student out immediately after they’re logged in and create a visit record of the length specified in Visit Time.
  • Notify Time Expired, which will send out an email based on the checkboxes used when the time limit is reached. The contents of this email will be determined by your 'Visit Duration Notification' email in your Profile Prefs.

  • Inactive
We never recommend deleting records in TracCloud, as this removes them from reports and related records. In the event that you are no longer utilizing a reason, you’ll want to check the Inactive box instead of deleting it to keep the records available and accurate.

  • Work Reason
Work reasons allow consultants to login to TracCloud and track their work hours. This data will then be available to users with appropriate permissions via payroll reports. For more information on payroll tracking in general, click here.

  • Ignore Section Specialties when Searching Availabilities with this Reason
This functions similarly to the 'Ignore Specialties' options in Centers. If a student is searching for availabilities and selects a Reason with this checkbox enabled, they will see all consultants assigned to this Reason regardless of subject chosen. Typically used for Writing or Coaching-related Reasons.

  • Do NOT SHOW for Students (staff only)
If checked, this Reason will only appear for staff who are booking appointments on behalf of students. Students themselves will not see this Reason.

  • Do NOT SHOW for Appointments
  • Do NOT SHOW for Batch Visits
Don’t show this reason under these specific circumstances.

Assigning Reasons to Centers

There are two ways to assign Reasons to your Centers, first is directly from this tab in your Profile. The checkbox button on the right-side allows you to activate/deactivate reasons for the center selected in the top-left corner, or display all activated reasons for the selected center. This can also be used with “All centers” selected, allowing you to quickly add or remove a reason from all of your centers. 785kj4hg3jk75.png

Reasons can also be assigned from your Center directly. From your Profile, click on the Centers tab followed by the Center you want to update. The very last option on this page is 'Active Reasons,' allowing you to add or Remove reasons for this specific Center.

Reason Categories

Categories allow you to group different reasons together. If you have several reasons available, it can be beneficial to group them into categories that staff and students can select when booking appointments.

These Categories will appear followed by “…”, which when clicked will prompt you to choose a Reason within the category.


As an example, a “Placement Assessment” category that contains different assessment reasons for each course. A “Note-Taker” category, “Make-Up,” etc. If you have multiple reasons that would be better grouped together, putting them in the same category allows for improved organization and an easier appointment booking process for staff and students.

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