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Saved Searches

On several Listing pages throughout TracCloud, you have the ability to search and then save that search for later use. This allows you to create dynamic searches that will update the results of a particular listing based on new information available at the time of loading that Saved Search.

1. Creating a Saved Search

From your listing, start by performing a search as you normally would, via the search bar or Search/Power Search utilities. In the example below, I'm searching for all Active students with a Major of Mathematics.


After performing your search, click on the hamburger icon () > Saved Searches > Save Current as... to save your last search. You will be prompted to choose a name in a pop-up box.


2. Using a Saved Search

Now that you've saved your search, you can access it at any time from the hamburger menu. Simply click your search from the Saved Searches list to immediately query for the relevant records.


3. Managing Saved Searches

After creating your Saved Search, maybe you want to modify or delete it. For this, you have the Saved Search Listing. Go to Other > Other Options > Saved Searches. Click on the relevant search to make changes.


This will bring you to the following screen where you can review the search criteria or delete the saved search. It's recommended to not modify the search criteria directly, as it has the potential to break the search. It's recommended (and likely easier) to simply delete and recreate the search.


4. Sharing Saved Searches

Saved Searches can be shared to other permission groups, providing other staff the ability to run the same search just like you would. Go to Other > Other Options > Groups > [The group you want to edit] > Admin / Modules > Custom Searches. Here, you can add or remove your saved searches as needed, save when done.