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2024-04-30 | TracCloud features and changes from April 2024

Prospective students, editing recurring appointment dates, announcement schedules and more in TracCloud for the month of April 2024. Our full changelog can be found here.

Prospective Students

TracCloud's new prospective student functionality allows new students to easily create accounts for themselves so they can book appointments or visit your centers. This can be initiated by the student on a kiosk or by a staff member from the students listing. A link will be sent to their email or phone number with instructions on finalizing their account, all independent of your student data import.

More information on this feature can be found here.


Announcements Days & Times

Your announcements can now be configured to only display on certain days of the week and/or certain times of day. This allows you to deliver more timely reminders or notices to your students, staff, and faculty.



The new Resources Listing report will show you a list of resource records along with information about the item and how many times it's been checked out. Click here for more information!


  • Resources can now be made exclusive to students or exclusive to staff with the "Not Available to..." options found in every resource record.

  • Resources can now be configured to require checked out items be returned by end of semester, or shortly before.

  • Custom fields can now be created for resource records to store additional information like item location.

Click here to learn more about resources.


Access to reports can now be provided on a per-report basis. The next time you're managing your permission groups, you'll find that the report options have moved to the Admin / Modules tab. Underneath those options, a new list will be available to give access to all or individual reports. Each report has a toggle to disable the ability to add additional fields/custom fields to the report results.


  • "Days to Respond" has been added to the Additional Fields list in Survey Responses. This allows you to view how long it took each recipient to respond to their survey.

  • An option to include work visit notes has been added to the Payroll report.


  • There's now an Availability Blocks listing to quickly review all availabilities from all centers you have access to. This can allow for easier reviewing of consultant schedules or a faster way to make changes to many availabilities at once. Access to this listing can be provided by going to Other > Listings > Groups > [The group you want to update] > Admin / Modules > Add 'Availability Blocks' under 'Table Access' > Save. After this access has been added, you can find this listing by going to Other > Listings > Availability Blocks.

  • A new permission in Group Access > Scheduling, "Allow user to pick repeating schedule dates", allows staff in this group to edit the dates of a recurring availability during booking.
7172443.png 5959270.png

  • Appointment confirmation and reminder emails have a new option to set the reply-to address of the email to the consultant's email address. This means that when students reply to the email, the recipient will be automatically changed to the consultant's email address rather than the profile or system address. This requires that students specifically use the "Reply" button to send a response from their email client, as the email will still be delivered from your profile/system email address.

  • Appointment reminder emails can now be sent up to two times for each appointment, allowing for a configuration where one reminder sends the night before, and another the morning of, for example.

  • Appointment request notifications from the Report Unable to Find Appointment feature will now show more information without opening the full request record. The search availability widget, reason, and subject will additionally be shown.

  • Max Appointment Rules can now be configured to block a certain number of appointments in X hours or minutes, in addition to the existing days, weeks, etc options.

  • In System Preferences > Availability Entry, the option "Ignore Missed Appointments when using the Move Appointment function" has been added. This allows staff to move appointments to availabilities with missed appointments, which are normally excluded from search results.

  • You can now double-click to select a reason within a reason category when searching for availabilities.


  • The Attendance Listing hamburger menu has a new "This Semester" choice to quickly filter results to only visits for the current active term(s) date range.

Other Changes

  • Automated SAGE emails can now also send texts to the student or the consultant for each referral (with the TextAlerts module).

  • It's now possible to specifically restrict a permission group from viewing grades for registration records. This option can be found in the "Restrictions" tab of permission groups.

  • An option to duplicate a staff account has been added to the Staff Listing. This allows you to use another account as a template when creating an account for a new staff member. This will copy group, user level, linked centers, reason specialties, etc. Personal information will not be copied.

  • Multiple-choice/Multi-check questions in SurveyTrac can now have a limit set for the maximum number of selected answers in the question.

  • Public Documents now have a "Copy Link" button to easily grab a link to the file for sharing elsewhere in TracCloud.

  • Off-campus work visit logins can now be restricted to logging in during any availability time of the same modality (online). This option is found in Permission Groups > Log In/Out.

  • The Tasks listing has new searching options in the search bar and hamburger menu.

  • The Time Line tab in student profiles will now show up to 7 days in the future by default instead of only records up to today. Manually choosing a date range still overrides the default range.