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The General tab contains basic settings about your profile, including the name, contact information, and student/consultant link rules. Your profile acts as an umbrella, holding all of your individual centers, reasons, and preferences. Groups and Staff are assigned to profiles, and the centers within those profiles.

The "General" tab of a TracCloud Profile.

  • Center Profile Name
This will be the name of your profile. Profile name typically won’t come up often in day-to-day TracCloud use, but will show up when admins and staff are modifying preferences, staff accounts, groups, and more. Students can optionally be allowed to select a profile when searching for availabilities. If you have greater than 5 profiles, the staff schedule will automatically group centers into profile sub-menus to keep the list organized.

  • Staff Contact (Contact Phone and Contact Email)
The primary contact information for your Profile, typically the primary sysadmin. A staff account will need to be selected with the magnifying glass icon, which the phone number and email address will be automatically pulled from. The primary contact is only visible to other profile admins and sysadmins.

  • Profile Name / Badge on Scheduler
This text appears before the center name on the search availability results page.

  • Name for Consultants
This preference determines the phrasing for your consultants throughout TracCloud. For example, if your campus uses the term “Advisor,” “Tutor,” or “Instructor,” instead of “Consultant,” you would select that here. This is only a visual change and does not affect functionality.

  • Linked Student Field / Linked Consultant Field
Students can be linked with advisors/consultants based on a field in their profile. Typically used for Assigned Advisors or Majors. For example, if a student has "Mathematics" as their major, and consultants have a "Major" custom field in their profile, we can link the two fields together. In this scenario, when that student logs in or searches for appointments, they will only be able see consultants that match their major. Advisor email address would be another common example. After fields are defined here, you can enable this feature in your individual centers.

  • Optional formatting options
Define your preferred formatting for multiple student/consultant link values in student/consultant accounts. If your students have a maximum of one assigned consultant each, this field should typically be left blank. This functionality allows students to book with more than one assigned consultant, such as listing multiple majors in the consultant's account or multiple advisors in the student's account.
If the field data is simply separated by a specific special character (like , or |), place that character into this field. If the field data is instead wrapped in specific delimiter characters, you can enter # surrounded by the delimiters. In this case, the data outside of these delimiters is ignored. See chart below for examples.
Field Example Formatting Option
Dave Smith,Jane Doe ,
Dave Smith|Jane Doe |
[Dave Smith],[Jane Doe] [#]
[Dave Smith][Jane Doe] [#]
'Dave Smith','Jane Doe' '#'
'Dave Smith' 'Jane Doe' '#'

  • Formatting Code Applies to
This determines what the above option applies to, student accounts or consultant accounts.

The following articles in this portion of our wiki will be covering the contents of the profile tabs, Centers, Groups, Staff & Consultants, Reasons, and Prefs.