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TracCloud Technical Documentation

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• Single Sign-on
• Custom URL
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• Migration from 4.0
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TracCloud Training Resources

After purchasing TracCloud, we will go through several training calls with your SysAdmin(s) to configure the system to your needs and to become more comfortable navigating the Trac System itself. Some training calls will come with additional "homework" to be completed between calls. This article lists out the topics that we will cover during training in roughly the order that they appear (can differ slightly depending on campus, training pace, or frequency of trainings). Each topic links to a relevant wiki article with more information on that specific element of the Trac System.

For information on the Trac 4.0 to TracCloud migration process specifically, click here.

1st/2nd Training: Profile-related Records.

2nd/3rd Training: Profile Preferences.

3rd/4th Training: Global Preferences.

4th/5th Training: Continuing System Prefs and Modules.

6th/7th Training: Recording Visits and Managing Schedules.

7th/8th Training: Running reports (typically a few weeks after going live).