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RgtArr.gif Introduction
DwnArr.gifSysAdmin Preferences
B.gif B.gifCustom Utilities
B.gif B.gifSystem Prefs
B.gif B.gifAdvanced Prefs
B.gif B.gifLDAP Tool
B.gif B.gifEmail Tool
B.gif B.gifAutomated Events
RgtArr.gifCenter Profile Prefs
RgtArr.gifGroup Settings
RgtArr.gifStudent Records
RgtArr.gifAppointment Scheduling
RgtArr.gifList Management
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Utilities and Prefs

The Utilities and Prefs menu contains the System Prefs, Advanced Prefs, LDAP Tool, Email Tool, and Automated Events. These are system-wide settings that are applied to the Trac System regardless of Center Profile, Subcenter, or Group. Because these settings have global implications, they are accessible only to the Sys Admin Group. To access this menu, go to Trac Navigation > Trac Man icon > Utilities and Prefs.

Some of the options available in this menu can be destructive, so please take caution when making changes.

Custom Utilities
Custom Utility provides access to various special utilities for managing your Trac System, including executing commands and running specific tools. Manually start data imports, reset missed appointments, login as different users, and more.
System Prefs
System Prefs contains several global system preferences, including mail server settings, student permissions, document types, and many more specific settings organized by category.
Advanced Prefs
Advanced Prefs contain a complete list of all global settings. You should only edit Advanced Preferences under the direction of Redrock Software.
The LDAP Tool allows you to test and identify the correct settings to connect your Trac system to your LDAP or Active Directory to authenticate your users.
Email Tool
The Email Tool allows you to test and identify the correct settings to connect your Trac system to your college or university mail server to send emails.
Automated Events
Auto-events automatically run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Events could include the nightly auto-terminate, student and course import, reminders emails, and more.