Custom Utilities

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Custom Utility

The first tab found in Utilities and Prefs is Custom Utilities. Custom Utilities provide access to special utilities that allow you to execute commands on your Trac system.


Standard Utilities
Import Student Data

Execute to begin the import process on the server.

View Import Status
View the status of your most recent import.

Confirm Student BIO
Set all of your students to confirm their bio on their next login.

Link Consultants to Surveys
Check for surveys that are related to a visit record, but are not assigned to a consultant account and assign the visit consultant to the survey for reporting purposes.

Merge by ID
Allows you to merge two duplicate student records together by ID number.

Merge by Sequence
Allows you to merge two duplicate student records together by unique sequence number.

Reset Center Status/Missed
The utility allows you to reset the Center Status and the Total Missed Appointments counts for the students.

Copy Specialties
Copy specialties from term to term for all consultants in that center.

Resend Appt. Confirmations
Enter a date for the modified appointments and resend confirmation emails for appointments.

Advanced Utilities
Login as User

This process allows you to log in as any student, consultants, user or faculty account without the password.

Sys Admin Utilities
Upload Campus Logo

Upload a new campus logo. Make sure the image height doesn't exceed 75 pixels and the width doesn't exceed 350 pixels for optimal appearance.

Reset Color Data
The utility allows you to set the color data for the campus and then reset all user's color preference to use the campus default color data.

Reset MyPrefs
The utility allows you to reset the values for the 'my Prefs' preferences for user(s).

Clear Survey Responses
Enter the Sequence number of the Survey that you wish to clear responses for. The Survey Sequence number must be exact or the responses won't be cleared. THERE IS NO UNDO FOR THIS UTILITY.

Test Live Anti-Virus
This utility tests the presence of live scanning on a directory by placing a special file that flags the scanner to activate. Live antivirus scanning is a good thing....except when it is scanning a data file on a live database.

Duplicate Group
This utility allows you to duplicate the settings from one group and create up to 10 identical groups. You can assign a new naming scheme for the duplicate groups or leave the name blank to default to the original naming appended with _Copy##. You can choose to copy the Subcenter assignments to the duplicate groups or start with blank subcenter assignments. After the utility has been run, it will report which groups were created. You will have to manage the groups individually from the Center Profile after they have been duplicated.

Move User to New Group
This utility allows you to move a user from one group to another. You can also move users within the Group Entry -> User Listing tab, but this utility may be a quicker method for moving several users