Group Settings

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Group Permissions and Settings
The Groups Entry is accessed through the Center Profile and contains settings that apply to the Groups operating within a Center Profile. Because of these Profile-wide implications, the Groups Entry is only accessible to Center Admin and Sys Admin Groups. To access the Groups Entry, first navigate to a Center Profile Entry. The second tab in the Center Profile Entry screens is the Group Access tab. Click on this tab to assign privileges to Groups within this Center.

Groups allow you to establish the access levels for certain individuals and then assign the individuals to the group. You are no longer forced into the Administrator, Student Worker, and Instructor categories. You establish your own groups, as many as you like, and determine how they are named and what access levels they are given. Within the group, you can create the Users who are assigned to this group and share this specific set of privileges

To get to your Group Access Settings, hover your mouse over the search glass on the Trac Navigation search window and click Center Profiles. Click on your Center Profile. Select the “Group Access” Tab.

Assigning Subcenter Privileges: Center Access
The Center Access Tab of the Groups Entry menu allows you to choose which centers and subcenters you want the users in the group to choose from when logging students in, viewing schedules by center, viewing visits by center, and when viewing reports on centers. Note that the name of the group you are working with is located at the top of the window.
Creating a New User: User List
The User List tab allows you to create/delete users and kiosks for the group and view current user/kiosk information.
Group Access-Scheduling
The scheduling tab contains a set of check boxes which allow or restrict access to functions pertaining to scheduling.
Group Access-Student Entry
The students entry tab allows you to choose preferences for the Student Entry screen, Student Entry Form, Student Search screens, and Visit Entry screens. The different check boxes allow you to give users access to many different functions.
Group Access-Log In/Out
The Log In/Out tab contains a set of check boxes which allow or restrict access to functions pertaining to logging students in or out through the log listing, mini log list, or through quick or batch visits.
Group Access-Admin/Modules
The Admin / Modules tab contains a set of check boxes which allow or restrict access to administrative functions and modules. Options are labeled according to their function.
Group Access-Restrictions
The Restrictions tab contains a list of check boxes that restrict access to the group if checked, rather than granting access. Always read the description of each check box carefully. This tab is useful for restricting the group from various functions within the Trac software. Each check box is labeled according to its function.