Customize My Trac

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Customize My Trac
This portion of the manual covers customizing the visual elements of your Trac System. Colors, messages, logos, and more.
Customizing your Logo, School Name and Colors
How to add your logo, school name, profile name, and customize the colors of your Trac System. Make sure the Trac System matches your school.
Customizing the Trac Login Screen
How to customize your Trac System login screen, the (HTML supported) message, username and password terminology, campus information box, and more. Everyone sees these when they go to login, make sure it looks exactly how you want it.
Customizing your Main Menu
How to customize what you see on your own main menu. These preferences don’t affect anyone else using the Trac System.
Customizing Messages and Notices
Where to write messages and notices that appear on the main menu for the different user types of the Trac System.
Main Menu Custom Tabs
We can add an additional custom tab to your users' main menus to provide more information on a topic that doesn't necessarily need to be included in the primary welcome message.