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Center Profile Prefs

The Center Profile(s) are only accessible to users in groups with Center Admin level privileges. The Center Profile contains preferences specific to the Center Profile and its related Groups, Users, and Consultants. Because these settings have Profile-wide implications, the Center Profile Entry is only accessible to Center Admin and Sys Admin Groups. Move your cursor to the Trac Navigation Menu and mouse over the search glass in the search bar. Select Centers to access a listing of all Center Profiles. Click on a Center Profile to access the Center Profile Entry screens.
Activating your Center Profile
Center Profile is a setup of unique subcenters, users, consultants, settings, and preferences. A single Trac application comes with a single profile by default; however, additional profiles may be purchased if you have some centers that operate in a slightly different manner from the original profile. A profile is related to a product type (TutorTrac, AdvisorTrac, or FitnessTrac) and will have some unique features enabled for the profile.
Creating Subcenters
A subcenter could represent a physical center, department, unit, or any other division that you might need to separate activities, users, consultants, schedules, and visits. Typical subcenters include Learning Centers, Math Centers, Writing Centers, Advising Centers, but subcenters do not have to be limited to actual physical locations.
Prefs | Log In/Out
The Log In\Out preferences deal with logging students in and out of your center or kiosk. Preferences deal with what is displayed on the log in\out screens and terminating visits.
Prefs | Scheduling
The Scheduling preferences deal with permissions around booking and searching for appointments. Blocking students with excessive missed appointments, timings around booking appointments, and what search criteria options show up and whether or not they're required.
Prefs | Custom Fields
The Visit Custom Fields Tab allow you to create custom questions that appear when the students log in/out or in the Visit Entry window.

These questions are perfect to use in order to get additional feedback from the students when they log in such as “Is this a scheduled appointment?” or “How did you hear about our Advising/Tutoring Services?” You can also ask a question on the log out screen such as “How was your Advisor/Tutor?”

Another option is to have your Advisor/Tutor answer a question when they are entering the visit notes from the Visit Entry Window.

Prefs | Emails
TutorTrac/AdvisorTrac has the ability to send out emails to students or tutors confirming appointments, notifying missed or cancelled appointments, and a whole range of other reasons. There are a couple of steps that we need to walk through in order to get the email settings setup correctly.
Prefs | Notices
The Notices Tab allow you to add a message directly on the Main Menu for the different types of users.