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Consultant Profiles, unlike Student Profiles or Faculty Profiles, are not contained in a List or Listing. Consultants are uniquely organized within the Center Profile. There are a few steps we will need to take to begin to setup Consultant Profiles.
Term for “Consultants”
Consultants represent an essential Group of Users for all Trac systems. Consultants are typically Tutors and Advisors, but a Consultant can represent any Group that meets or consults with Students. Consultants, like Students, must be assigned Profiles within your Trac System in order to fully utilize certain functions; for example, access to the Schedule. The only group that is required to have a Schedule is the Consultant Group, or in other words, in order for a User to have their own Schedule, they must be a part of the Consultant Group.
Creating Consultants
Consultants (Tutors) may now be linked to multiple Centers and can be shared across multiple profiles. Consultant records are owned by the profile in which they were originally created. While the consultants can be assigned to multiple profiles and have separate privileges within each profile, the consultants can only be removed/deleted from the profile that owns the record. It is not recommended to remove/delete consultants, but to simply mark them as Inactive. This will allow you to continue to run reports identifying which appointments and visits were related to that consultant.

A common question with tutors is: If we know tutors aren't coming back, do we delete them or make them inactive? It's best if you do not delete the Tutors right away and that you set those accounts to inactive. Deleting the Tutor can lead to incomplete visit records, missing Appointment records, etc. This type of information is still available in reports if setting the Tutors to “Inactive”.