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Connect to a Mail Server
The Trac System allows anonymous, non-secure SMTP communication, but cannot inherently send authenticated, secure SMTP messages. If an Office 365 or Gmail mail server is used, in most cases, authentication will be required. In cases where authentication is required, we will need to configure a third-party application called email relay on the host server. Email Relay allows the Trac System to accept anonymous, SMTP connections, and then make the secure SMTP connection to Office 365 or Gmail.

If you need assistance configuring email relay, feel free to submit a ticket on our helpdesk or by emailing us at

Email Tool
The Email Tool is used to test and verify your Mail Server settings to allow the Trac System to send emails to users. The correct settings are confirmed when the emails sent through this screen are received. To test on your own, use the form to email yourself. When the correct settings are found, you will want to enter the correct Mail Server in the System Preferences. If authentication is required, a third-party mail relay application may be required (see above).


Mail Server & Port

The Mail Server is the IP Address or DNS for your Mail Server. The default port for the mail server is 25, but your system may utilize a different port. The Mail Server from your successful test needs to be entered in your System Prefs > "Mail Server" options menu.

If your mail server is using a port other than 25, then the Mail Server address needs to be entered in System Prefs with a :<portnumber> appended to the address. For example:

From Email Address
The From Email Address field is the email address from which the test email is sent.

To Email Address
The To Email Address field is the email address to which the test email is sent.

Email Subject Line
The Email Subject Line field is the subject of the test email.

Email Message
The Email Message field is the body of the test email.

Display Verbose Logging in Results
The Display Verbose Logging checkbox enables a detailed log of the mail process. This allows for troubleshooting if sending the email fails.