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    The legacy Trac 4.0 version of TutorTrac/AdvisorTrac/FitnessTrac is no longer receiving updates and will be end-of-life in 2025. Click here to schedule a TracCloud demo or reach out to for migration pricing or contract details.

New, easy to use interface
TracCloud features a modern, easy to use, and mobile-friendly interface, allowing you to easily find and manage your data as you need. Students, staff, and faculty will have a much easier time navigating through the system and accessing the data they need. The new dashboard offers many easy to access widgets to view and manage your data.


New Features
Export almost any report into Excel. Static and dynamic QR codes for touchless-kiosk environments. Unlimited custom data fields in student records, visits, appointments, and more. Customizable views of listing pages. Student timelines. Twig and HTML-supported emails and system messages. Customizable log listing and kiosk views. Center descriptions. New reports. Student success plans as a new module, along with work plans for staff. The full list of changes couldn't fit in this article, and more is being added all the time. Relating to the schedule specifically, you'll find a new appointments listing, availability badges, custom search appointment links and QR codes, unlimited customizable max appointment rules, asynchronous appointment support, and more.


With Twig support, you can personalize system messages, upcoming appointment lists, emails, and more based on the users who are viewing/receiving them. From simple changes like greeting the user by name to completely changing an email based on if the related appointment was in-person or online, in a certain center, for a certain reason, even if a certain custom field in the student's profile has a specific value. This extends to the log listing and kiosks as well, where you can add or remove fields, rearrange the data that's displayed, and add custom formatting with HTML and Twig.


Rewritten from the ground up hosted on AWS, using a MySQL database, TracCloud is faster in every way. This performance increase compared to Trac 4.0 can be noticed throughout the entire system, with reports being especially improved. Even the biggest reports in TracCloud load within a few seconds.


Migrate Existing Data
Migrate your existing data from Trac 4.0, allowing you to pick up right where you left off. We'll work with you to plan out your migration, coordinating with your IT, and training your system administrators to get you started in TracCloud.


Click here to schedule a TracCloud demo!

The 4.x version of the Trac System is in a legacy state and will not receive feature updates or bug fixes beyond 12/31/2022. TracCloud is the latest version of the Trac System. To schedule a demo of TracCloud, click here. For pricing information, reach out to For information on migrating your Trac 4 data to TracCloud, click here.

If Your Trac System is Hosted by Us

If we host your Trac System, updates couldn't be easier. We can update your system without any assistance from your IT department, we'll just need to know a date and time that we can bring your Trac System down (for up to 2 hours, but typically less), and we'll handle the rest. Our hours are 11:00am to 8:00pm EDT, Monday to Friday. Send us an email at to get started.

If Your Trac System is Hosted On-campus

If you host your Trac System on-campus, we will need to schedule up to 2 hours of downtime and coordinate with your IT department to connect with someone who has admin access to the server.

Step 1) Schedule a Time

A time for updates can be scheduled through our training request form, just make sure to mention in the comments the purpose of the call. Once we've settled on a time, we'll need to know how to get in contact with your IT personnel on that date. Depending on how you'd like to meet, you can send an invite or we can provide a Zoom room.

Step 2) Remote Access

We'll send your IT personnel 2 or 3 update files to place on the desktop of the server. Once that's ready, we can either access your Trac System server via VPN + RDP, or if that's not available, by screen-sharing with someone who has access to the server. That way we can request keyboard/mouse control to begin updates.

Step 3) Updates

Once we have access to the Trac System server, we can take it from there. Once updates have been finished, we'll let you know or give you a call back to confirm that your Trac System is back online.

How do I Know if My Trac System Needs Updates?

The easiest way to check is by engine date, go to Trac Navigation > Trac Man > Utilities and Prefs > Custom Utility. At the top of the tab, you'll see "Engine: <date>". The most recent version is dated 07/01/2022


What's Changed?

If you're updating from a 4.0 system or newer, there won't be any major changes. Mostly smaller changes, some new features, and bug fixes. You can find a full list of changes on our Recent Changes article.

Can We Migrate the Trac System to a New Server?

Moving the application from one server to another is a simple process, but does require assistance from a Redrock staff member. To schedule a migration call, you can request a time that works for you on our website, you'll just want to mention in the Comments field that this is specifically for a migration.

This process will include copying the Trac System folder along with any other related applications to the new server, adjusting a few settings, and running maintenance tools and updates. This process can take anywhere from an hour to several hours depending on the size of your database and the speed of your servers. We recommend scheduling this for a date and time when the Trac System is not being utilized to prevent any unexpected interruptions.

To view server requirements, click here.