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    The legacy Trac 4.0 version of TutorTrac/AdvisorTrac/FitnessTrac is no longer receiving updates and will be end-of-life in 2025. Click here to schedule a TracCloud demo or reach out to sales@go-redrock.com for migration pricing or contract details.

New, easy to use interface
TracCloud features a modern, easy to use, and mobile-friendly interface, allowing you to easily find and manage your data as you need. Students, staff, and faculty will have a much easier time navigating through the system and accessing the data they need. The new dashboard offers many easy to access widgets to view and manage your data.


New Features
Export almost any report into Excel. Static and dynamic QR codes for touchless-kiosk environments. Unlimited custom data fields in student records, visits, appointments, and more. Customizable views of listing pages. Student timelines. Twig and HTML-supported emails and system messages. Customizable log listing and kiosk views. Center descriptions. New reports. Student success plans as a new module, along with work plans for staff. The full list of changes couldn't fit in this article, and more is being added all the time. Relating to the schedule specifically, you'll find a new appointments listing, availability badges, custom search appointment links and QR codes, unlimited customizable max appointment rules, asynchronous appointment support, and more.


With Twig support, you can personalize system messages, upcoming appointment lists, emails, and more based on the users who are viewing/receiving them. From simple changes like greeting the user by name to completely changing an email based on if the related appointment was in-person or online, in a certain center, for a certain reason, even if a certain custom field in the student's profile has a specific value. This extends to the log listing and kiosks as well, where you can add or remove fields, rearrange the data that's displayed, and add custom formatting with HTML and Twig.


Rewritten from the ground up hosted on AWS, using a MySQL database, TracCloud is faster in every way. This performance increase compared to Trac 4.0 can be noticed throughout the entire system, with reports being especially improved. Even the biggest reports in TracCloud load within a few seconds.


Migrate Existing Data
Migrate your existing data from Trac 4.0, allowing you to pick up right where you left off. We'll work with you to plan out your migration, coordinating with your IT, and training your system administrators to get you started in TracCloud.


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Latest version: 4.2.170210-B
Latest security update version: 4.2.150818 and TracWeb40 dated 07/01/2022

The 4.x version of the Trac System is in a legacy state and will not receive feature updates or bug fixes beyond 12/31/2022. TracCloud is the latest version of the Trac System. To schedule a demo of TracCloud, click here. For pricing information, reach out to sales@go-redrock.com. For information on migrating your Trac 4 data to TracCloud, click here.

January 2021

Added "allowVisitLocEnterable" advanced preference. If set to false, this will remove the option to type in a Location when creating quick visits.

September 2020

Added ability to control if the Drop in Available Times should appear outside of appointment rules (add Advance Pref, ignoreDropinExcludes=true).
Fixed Appointments/Students by ?? Report to Group by 'Center'.
Added the option “Include Student Handle:” in the Appointment List Report.
Fixed the Online Link when including surveys to be emailed after visit.
Fixed SurveyTrac to save the Multi Check choices when answered.

June 2020

Fixed Consultant Pay by Work Reason to show chosen work reason.
Fix Whiteboard send special characters (iOS) curly quotes on chat entry.
Fix Whiteboard chat emoji from auto entering when entering a time like 3:00. The :0 will not change to emoji.
Added ability for server to require session cookies be secure (using a preference).

May 2020

Added ability to edit timeframe for online zoom link to become available (default was 15 minutes before appointment), new preference is TimeStudApptLink.
Updated MobileView for latest WCAG accessibility guidelines.

April 2020

Added ability to to control on a Zoom appointment whether or not the survey for that center goes to the student (add noSurvey=true) to zoom link.
Spaces are now trimmed from beginning and end of user name on log in.

March 2020

Fixed Edit BIO link for consultants (was not showing for some campuses).
Added ability for zoom appointments to either auto enter the appointment notes to the visit notes or leave blank.

February 2020

Q2 Start a Visit now stores the time on the local device and is sent to sever when the visit concludes (rather than having server track the start time for each start of visit).
Fixed curly quote issue on Q2 and iOs.

December 2019

Fixed sending Sage Referral notes when & in notes field.
Fixed post Document notes not saving in Chrome.

October 2019

Fixed uploaded document Notes to allow more than just first line to be saved.
Fixed SAML authentication when the attribute is the email address or has a @ in the username.
Fixed send email from group roster when & in message.

September 2019

Fix .ical attachment for cancellation email.
New report added, Non-Sequential Weekly Appointment (Scheduling category).
New SAML authentication ability to use metadata logout URL. (Prefs = SAMLUseSingleLogoffData, SAMLUseSingleLogoff)

June 2019

Fixed schedule head and shoulders icon to only display for the primary profile subcenters of the consultant.

May 2019

Fix for Android Chrome browser to allow search availability and book Reason, Consultant or Location list options to display properly.
Fix for certain browsers a blank survey record was being created.

April 2019

13th Annual Redrock Conference April 3 - 6 in Chandler, AZ (Next conference is April 1 – 4, 2020)
Fix TracMan icon menu selection for recent chrome browser changes.
Fix dropdown menu display when using iPad iOS 12.2
Fix availability block creation when using iPad iOS 12.2
Added Online Remote Link customization for Zoom
Added Change Location option for group availability roster.
Fix for Q2, link to correct Q2 visit upon closing visit with iPad iOS 10.

March 2019

Added a change location option for a group appointment.

January 2019

Fixed required option in SurveyTrac

December 2018

New report added, Initial Visit (Students By category).
Minor security fix: X-Site Scripting (anonymous function call).

July 2018

Added dynKioskActSects preference option for a Dynamic Kiosk to show ALL active sections assigned to the Linked Subcenter when pre-selecting the subject.
Added AllowStudLoc preference option to allow students to pick location when booking an appointment.

May 2018

SI Batch Entry Active Only

April 2018

12th Annual Redrock Conference April 4 - 7 in Chandler, AZ
Added utility, Clear Survey Responses.
Utility Reset myprefs to include the reset of both the consultant and users of a specific group that you select

March 2018

Minor security fix: Q2seq parameter sanitized.

Jan 2018

fix EmailOverdue - now email to administrators shows only overdue resources, instead of all previously checked out items.
Fixed a utility display text error message.

Nov 2017

New report added, Resource Utilization (Material/Resources category).
New report added, Consultant Non-Duplicated Visit Time (Students By category).
Added more grouping options for a report, SAGE Referrals/Students by ?? (SAGE category).

June 2017

Added System Preference RestrictResourcesByCenter to restrict users to checking out resources for centers to which they have permission.
Added System Preference orderReasonsByActive to order the Reason List in the Center Profile by Active status.

May 2017

Added ability for SAGE Referral email blocks to utilize special codes to allow tags to define a hyperlink.
Added ability to edit SAGE Referral Email Subject if it was saved as blank or only with spaces.

April 2017

11th Annual Redrock Conference April 5 - 8 in Chandler, AZ
Added a Student Listing report to display Student Photos for a selection of students.
Added ability to send a survey to faculty through SurveyTrac and a custom script.
Added Power Search for faculty records.
Added search for faculty that have opted in or opted out of receiving Visit Emails to standard faculty search.
Added ability to schedule students for appointments by finding them with a hidden custom field value.
Added Barcode to entry form for consultant records.
Added ability to survey faculty directly through SurveyTrac without any customization.
Added ability to customize options to send automated emails through a custom script.
Added ability to sort resources by center to the resource listing screen.

March 2017

Updated Availability Block entry to handle characters that may prevent a consultant schedule from displaying correctly.
Updated Starfish Export process to exclude data with an invalid student identifier or an orphaned visit.
Updated Main Menu to address a bug in Chrome/IE where page might load twice, causing Log Student window to lose cursor focus.
Updated Quick Visit entry to load the student info and previous visits before saving the visit.
Updated Profile Max Appointment Rules with an optional fourth rule with conditions.
Updated Redrock Helpdesk to force all connections to the secure HTTPS address at https://helpdesk.go-redrock.com.

February 2017

Updated default value of preference "KIOSKBigLogin" to false.
Fixed display of student and consultant photo on appointment entry window.
Removed option for Custom RSS Feed as part of increased security.
Fixed email option for Registrations List Reports for SAGE Awaiting Referrals and SAGE With a Referral.
Added preference "SAGE-Faculty-NoReferralEmailMsg" to include a custom message in email to faculty from SAGE Awaiting Referral.
Added preference "SAGE-Faculty-HasReferralEmailMsg" to include a custom message in email to faculty from SAGE With a Referral.
Added options to Visits Export report to format the output of the Visit Total Time.
Added Referral Custom Questions to output of SAGE Referral List report.
Fixed view of referrals on main menu Referrals tab to restrict display of referrals to students on assigned list.
Fixed view of Trac Navigation on MobileView.
Added preference "defAvailMaxStud" to set a default Max Students value when creating a new availability.
Increased authentication wait time to 10 seconds for slow connections with CAS Authentication server.
Fixed Student Listing from MobileView to correctly hide Student IDs based upon group preferences.
Added Expand All / Collapse All button to faculty Referral Roster entry form.
Added Handle to Student Field options on Student List report.
Added restrictions to SAGE Referral reports based upon group permissions to view/edit Referral Types.
Fixed #visitday# tag to correctly display the day of week for a visit in emails and messages.
Allow returns and quotes to be entered in preference "HTML:SearchAvailInstr" to display instructions on Search Availability form.

January 2017

Fixed issue with the Tip of the Week to display correctly.
Updated SAML Authentication with major speed improvements.
Updated system to automatically fix errors with entry of primary Auto Events.
Fixed display of section list in search availability pulldown.
Added HTTPS access to Redrock Helpdesk at https://helpdesk.go-redrock.com

December 2016

Added ability for administrative users to switch to a matching consultant or student record.
Added color codes for centers to display on the schedule.
Added preference "KIOSKBigLogin" for Kiosks to display larger font and hide the on-screen announcements section.

November 2016

Added preference "SectDispOnSchedAppt" to allow display of title versus sectionterm no.
Corrected issue where some Trac systems may have had trouble sending emails to more than 100 students.
Corrected an issue where using the Max Appointment Rules specific to "Groups" would cause an error on scheduling appointments.
Fixed issue with the custom RSS Feed so it displays correctly.
Added Student Search options to the Usage Snapshot report.
Added advanced debugging to troubleshoot questions regarding reports.

October 2016

Added export CSV option for every table.
Default preference "DNSServer" to blank if not being utilized to prevent configuration errors and problems sending emails.
Fixed an issue with Faculty Validation search parameters to restrict visits to those related to the faculty.

September 2016

Increased field size of [centersections]subcenters to allow for more linkages between subjects and centers.
Added preference "chooseCtrBtnLabel" to allow customization of button when a student signs in for a visit.
Changed how the appointment screen queries for sections and reasons if user came from the search availability form and had searched for a specific section.

August 2016

Added option in sched_searchAvail to output JSON for use with Q2 interface for search availabilities.

July 2016

Added native SAML Authentication to integrate with campus' authentication systems.

June 2016

Added option in web_gsp to handle accessing a blank param.
Added option in zVisitLogReason_AsstIn to utilize subjectScript.
Added a timestamp for checked out resources to display during the resource check out / in process.
Added a simplified version of the SI Comparison report that does not include any grade data.

May 2016

Changed the nightly terminate process to end a visit at 11:59pm if the auto terminate settings would set the visit past midnight.
Removed the user sequence from the Appt Created By field and only store the username.
Account for Reason tips in the appointment entry screen.
Added Section Max Time In to the visit log in / out process.

March 2016

Added preference StudShowGroupCount to Availability results search.
Added Q2-Scheduler option as an additional scheduling option using minimalist interface.
Added Active option to search students by registration.
Added LDAP Authentication options through use of cURL.

December 2015

Added due time (to go along with due date) to resource check out record structure.
Added Status to check out record structure for resources.

October 2015

Added ability to print QR Codes for the table list for a given Q2:Table Config.
Added ability for student to scan a QR Code when signing in to a KIOSK and confirming that they want to receive a text message notifying them that their advisor is ready see them.
Fixed a bug with moving appointments that were scheduled to be repeating weekly.

September 2015

Added ability to use only local account logins using new ldap format without an LDAP record structure in campus preferences.
Added new reporting to Q2 Tables.
Added ability to open student record from the SAGE referral list tab on main menu.
Fixed a bug in the Consultants by Subject report where it was duplicating the last line.
Prevent a group from deletion if there are related consultant records.

August 2015

Added several interface and design changes to Q2 Tables including sort by time hand was raised, added ability to raise hand for student on Log Listing and ability to filter only those who have hands raised.
Added Queue Mode to Q2 Tables to allow the Queue to be displayed on a TV screen or some similar display device.
Fixed Assigned Consultant link in SAGE Referrals.
Added SAGE Referral List as an additional tab on the Main Menu.
Security patch 8/18/15: Fixed security checks where users could potentially access records after having logged off.

July 2015

Added utility to duplicate group records, choosing to include subcenter selections or not.
Added multiple LDAP Server Authentication settings to new LDAP authentication method.
Added Group preference to allow/block users from logging students in for visits by their handle.
Updated Students by Center Grid report - Removed the consultant search so the report will include all visits.
Added AND/OR conditions to SAGE Emails - Allows for a variety of differing emails to be sent based on conditions related to the referral or the student.
Security patch 7/2/15: Increased functions to block attempts at Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection, and Link Injection.
Added functionality for CAS authentication requests to be run through cURL for TLS security.

June 2015

Changed time format of email tags #visitTime# and #timeout# from the 24-hr clock to AM/PM format.
Fixed missing consultant name on logout message screen when profile setting would log out all related student visits with the consultant log out.
Added a Time Check feature for staff to quickly provide a student with their semester visit totals broken down by section. This feature is global and enabled via advanced preference.

May 2015

Fixed a bug in logging in a student and creating a new student doesn't open the login window for the newly created student.
Added new LDAP method utilizing custom campus.xml file

April 2015

Added capability for ajxMenu_sect to utilize qry search for subject groups as well as exiting sections list.
Added form caching and security method caching for speed enhancement.
Added new speed processing for pageCode: visitList, studList, stdcc.
Fixed rptVisStudBy for computing unique versus total number of students.
Added pageCode("sched";"consList") added for use with schedule.4sp for a speed improvement in drawing schedule.
Added new command: blob to document2 and scipt_cleanCode for better migration to later engine versions.
Added staticLoc replacements for speed improvement.
Added more SAGE checkboxes for simplifying the entry process for faculty
Added ability to name the processed button on SAGE referrals
Added ability to autolink a referral to a consultant on saving the referral.
Added ability to link a roster referral to a specific subject.
Added ability to link a roster referral to a student list.
Added menu drawing for student and visit list for a speed improvement.
Fixed Tutors by Date report to show total booked and availability properly.

February 2015

Advisor Cancelled status working on searchAvails.

December 2014

Added current date to the search for [SectionSchedule]Days during the log in process for procedure zVisitLogReason_SubjCon and zVisitLogReason_AsstIn and zVisitLogReason_Load.
Added new procedures zArchiveVisits, zDeArchiveVisits. These affects zgetINIValue, zGetINISect, zSetINIValue, zSetINISect, zVisitLogOutCom_Surv
Fixed a bug in Appt Calc Missed process.

November 2014

Added indexAllOffline procedure that defaults to indexing all tables in safe mode and takes system into offline state until done.
Added ability to list multiple reason during FTESearch using | character.
Added ability for Dynamic KIOSKs to use the student's enrolled subjects (not just the center's subjects).
Fixed an issue with linked consultant on a dynamic KIOSK.

October 2014

Added ability to automatically block downloading XML or EXE unless logged in as admin.
Added ability to automatically block downloading BAK files unless logged in as admin.
Added web_injectFail capabilities to allow a parameter to have a semicolon.
Added message to web_flushLogFile to write server stopped messages to log mods file.
Added ability to extend the size of consultants displayed in the log out process for 'Who did you see?'.

September 2014

Added ability to block directory using ACCESDIR0 preference.

August 2014

Added scheduler capabilities to subscribe to a schedule.
Added ability to process script code dynamically on traditionally static pages using '_dproc.' in a page URL.
Added ability to add cookie additional data via SESSCOOKIEADD preference.
Added totals to the logins by hour report.

June 2014

Added new tags for accessing survey data: #surveySentDate#, #surveySentTime#, #surveySentBy#, #surveyVisitID#, #surveyRespondedDate#, #surveyRespondedTime#, and #surveyRespondedVia#.
Added new header text section to display above Survey.
Added ability for system to process tag data in questions and statements of surveys.
Added a link to student info on search availability page.
Added ability to format a student's name on KIOSK student lists (John Smith, J Smith, Smith, John, Smith, J).
Updated report Visits Students by ? to display non-unique # students when the same student listed consecutively for multiple subjects.
Updated report Registrations by ? to not display registrations that have no visits when the don't show registrations without visits check box is checked.

May 2014

Fixed an engine issue for virtual directories and linking student photo to JPEG files in virtual directories.

April 2014

Added search for consultant on student search SAGE referrals tab.
Fixed issue with KIOSK login and auto choose a center when only one center available for that KIOSK.
Fixed issue with Google Chrome and printing the Day Summary from Schedule.
Fixed issue with saving a group appointment and Auto-Book weekly.
Fixed issue with assigning subject to SAGE Referrals.

March 2014

Added capability to set student default view to be mobileView to aid in ADA compliance.
Added contacted to SAGE Referrals tab of the Student Search.
Fixed an issue with user chosen text color for window titles not being saved.
Fixed a scheduling issue where modifying an appointment was prevented under the rare circumstance where the appointment straddled time slots and was with the prevention of booking an appointment time constraints.
Fixed an email cancellation issue where the email was not being sent when the appointment was moved from one consultant's schedule to another's.

February 2014

Added student middle name to the nav search listing.
Added capability to access a cloud-based site for static documents in order to offload the activity on the server and server's network.

January 2014

Fixed issue with Visits with blank reasons not showing in loglisting.
Added ConsultantID and RegistrationID to SAGE referrals. This allows a referral to be assigned to a specific consultant for a specific class.
Added capability to show any of the SAGE fields in the SAGE reports (as well as the linked section and linked consultant fields).
Added engine process aProcessOpenVisits to process open (non completed) visits during the script timer process. This increases speed of processing the visits.
Fixed a minor bug in the engine process web_Process4SP where copying the blob might not clear out existing data and set the size to the new appropriate size in some very rare circumstances.

November 2013

Fixed issue in Visits/Students by Report not replacing #numStuds# with the number of students.
Added two new engine commands yStripSubText and yGetSubText.
Fixed issue in engine, halt execution of zEntryIncLoad after an injection check.

October 2013

Fixed an issue where under certain conditions add consultant from other profile was causing server to respond with processing message that never went away.
Added an option to hide additional notes box on SAGE Roster View.
Modified SAGE Roster list to allow filtering by student list.
Modified SAGE Roster list to allow multiple referrals of same type if the subject field is different.
Fixed Appointment Move To functionality to allow moveing appointment to a slot that has a canceled appointment.
Fixed Appointment for student double booking on Group roster.
Fixed issue with Visit creation with an consultant name typed in causing -1 for consultant ID on visit record.
Major performance enhancements.

September 2013

Added iCal reminders and cancellations are now sent to consultants when appointment is moved.
Prevent duplicate visits for a student from being created in the SI Batch entry listing.

August 2013

Fixed a Bug Reasons were not displaying on new appointments for consultants.
Fixed a Bug Center Blocks were generating a script error on server under certain conditions.

July 2013

Added an extra preference to form entry definitions to control actionlog item creation.
Added two advanced preferences (SendFutureRecure and SendFutureGroupRecure) for allowing recurring appointment reminder emails to be generated immediately, one for each appointment (same for cancellations).

June 2013

Added an option to control individual doc access to students regarding whther or not to download or upload over an existing student post document.
Added ability to filter out deleted appointments from the Students by Appointment Status report.
Added ability to adjust menu sizes and tab sizes to small medium large for touch screen device compatibility.
Added ability to show related active registrations from student listing.
Fixed a bug where Consultant Additional Detail report was not sorting.
Added the fields Hired and Terminated to Consultant Additional Detail report.

May 2013

Fixed a bug in IE 10 with the Nav Ticker for advising.
Fixed a bug with location choices not populating by default on a quick visit.
Fixed a bug with multi-slot booking calculation of the end time of the appointment not computing as a numeric.
Fixed a bug with the center chosen not being defaulted when creating an appointment linked to an availability with ALL as the center choice.
Modified the consultant entry for new consultants to set default choice of the consultant group to the default group chosen for the center profile.
Fixed a bug in Visits Export when Saved as a Favorite and re-choosing the report, the default fields might reappear in the report.
Fixed a bug when adding consultants to a subcenter, sometimes choosing List All after having added a sublist of consultants to a subcenter might apply the whole list to the subcenter.
Added an option to the appointment rules to allow a campus proc to be executed to determine if the appointment information should be accepted.
Added an option to use a #tagged# value for the appointment rules so that condtional numeric values may be used when determining the maximum allowed appointments a student might have.
Fixed a bug that prevented removing a power search favorite from being removed from the sections listing on some browsers.
Added a green bubble to display when a visit in the utilization tab on the main menu has visit notes associated with it.

April 2013

Added a new tab to Utilities and Prefs to show Automated Report events and the ability to de-link the report from the automation.
Fixed a bug where if the time entry popup was closed via the 'x', the enter key might still open the time entry popup when in another field.
Fixed a bug where automated reports might not remember the user that created the report if the report was not sysadmin.
Fixed a bug where multiple automated reports assigned to the same event would not run all but the first report.
Modified the Week Pay by Fund report to allow only visits for the center chosen by clicking the checkbox button.
Fixed a bug with auto generated reports not computing the dates for 'last week' correctly.
Added a new feature to SAGE called Roster Annotations. This allows faculty to quickly made individualized notes on the students in a course when creating a referral or just issuing a grade report.
Added automations for campus-controlled sage referral emails. Also added the ability to view the recent automations that have occurred.
Added ability to go directly to the Consultant Listing from the Nav Search area. User's group determines what entry form is available.
Added ability to view from registrations listing all records with or without a referral of a specific type linked to it. Also added the ability to show the GPA.
Added ability to change the visit or appointment reason from the Visits data Cleanup report. Also added deletion confirmation in this report as well.
Added ability to choose a subject when choosing a referral type for batch creation of referrals. This feature was available for faculty but is now available to all user types that have SAGE referral capability.
Added ability to display Student Class Schedule on student Main Menu screen via a preference stored in the Student Access group privileges.
Added foul language filter to the Chat area of Whiteboard.
Added foul language filter to the Discussion Board area of Whiteboard.
Added print button to SAGE referral entry form.

3-6 April 2013 Redrock Conference 2013

7th Annual Redrock Software Conference

November 2012 - January 2013

Added option to check for KIOSK only custom fields for display/entry.
Added option for vdir and rdir (virtual directories based on login account) to work outside of Trac directory.
Added option to add Custom Headers to output of any 4sp page.
Added Wizard functionality.
Added ability to show dropin times when availability time is not allowed to be scheduled.
Added option to prevent faculty from viewing processed notes and to click the processed option on SAGE referrals.
Added View these students menu from the consultants listing to navigate to the related student listing.

October 2012

Added major speed enhancements by sending expires date for cached/non modified items.
Found a flaw in FireFox regarding connecting to server for expired items, created a work around.
Added maxLiveConnect and maxDeadConnect time preferences.
Visit login/out pages are compiled into the engine for further speed enhancements.
Student class schedule page, not allowed to edit appointments.
Student class schedule page, added print button.
Recurring appointment dates tag modified for showing all dates on a group cancellation.
Added new engine process zGetResource for getting student encoded data.
Prevented entryInc.4sp from re-encoding previous encoded data during a save.
Added additional parameter to yGetFieldData for encoded data.
Prevented server from serving pages with a period at end of name.

September 2012

Security patch 9/7/2012: Updated tracweb40 to include a script to remove (if present) a maintenance script that could be used to access host computer.
Added Student Schedule grid for viewing and customizing personal calendars (including study time and practice time).
Fixed an issue with SAGE conditional text for emails regarding Reason 'is not' equal to entered value.
Added additional group restrictions preferences to restrict any or all of the sub tabs on the student general information.
Security patch 9/14/12: Remove previous versions of TutorTrac that do not use the current validation methods.
Added ability to extend number of watchlists available via a system preference.
Added confirmation for creating batch visits for more than 100 students at a time.
Added link on student listing for creating batch visits (in addition to the existing link on visit listing).
Added ability to specify the from address of a SAGE email.
Added all recurring dates on a roster cancellation email to student.

August 2012

Added an advanced preference to set choices for Appointment Status on Student Search screen (StudSearchApptStatus).
Added option to Center Profile to prevent a student form logging in for a visit when the current time intersects with a student's class time.
Added option to KIOSK entry to constrain it's functionality to either IN only or OUT only.
Added dates header to the report Students by Appointment Status report.
Added new KIOSK option WaitList which will only display who is waiting to see a consultant.
Added ability to choose from a list of statuses for CANCELED-DELETED when deleting one more more appointments from the schedule.
Added an additional option to set the default value of the Send Notes checkbox to checked or unchecked.

July 2012

Added an option to include page breaks between grouped sections of the Visits/Students By Report.
Added Tutor Certifications reports to Other category.
Added option to generate a Text Alert confirmation code from the student entry screen.
Added an option to allow faculty to auto fill the subject for Batch SAGE referrals.
Modified the + and - buttons (made them larger) for time entry on the mobile version of appointment and visit entry.
Modified visit extract to replace carriage return characters in Visit Notes extract with [par].
Added an option switch a student back to Waiting status from the loglisting for AdvisorTrac users.
Added an option allow a TutorTrac center profile to utilize a waiting room feature like AdvisorTrac.
Added an advanced preference to allow WatchList indicators to be refreshed after student save (recomputeWatchAfterSave).
Added an Required Hours options to the Visits/Students By Report.
Added an advanced preference to allow LabTrac server to timeout a client and conclude visit when client is no longer responding (LT-MaxMinutesNoUpdate).
Fixed a broken image link in the Date/Time Sort Ascending listing for Appointment History (engine version 20120724).
Fixed an issue with FireFox 13 not holding a popup menu open after a click in the SAGE Conditions for conditional text.
Added an option to specify a user or a group when resetting preferences in the Utility for resetting myPrefs.
Added an group preference to allow the Trac server to auto logout all students a consultant is currently seeing when the consultant logs out after a work visit.
Added a new list report to the Registrations Listing to allow user to see a course where a referral has not been created. Also added a link to this report to email the faculty (subject is in advanced preference SAGE-Faculty-NoReferralSubj).

June 2012

Added an additional group prefs option to limit consultant's to seeing own name only on quick visit entry (when they can view other consultant's visits).
Added an option to use Advanced Preferences to override any portion of an existing form (use FORM-entry-FORMNAME or FORM-entry-FORMNAME-GROUPID), requires engine 20120604.
Added new advanced preference 'CampusNameUsedForTitle' when set to yes, it cause the Campus name (not Profile name) to be displayed as main menu title.
Added a new advanced preference 'ChooseCenterType' when set to Type2, it displays an IN and OUT button to help display the centers the student might log in to or out of.
Added an ability to either print or email Favorite reports from main menu.
Added favorite reports to appear to the right of report menu under TracMan.
Added a new group preference to prevent access to the group favorites.
Added ability to allow favorite reports to be accessed all in the group, group favorites appear to the right of the report menu.
Added KIOSK List as submenu of the Enter KIOSK menu under the TracMan menu.
Added sessionExpireKIOSK and sessionExpireDaysKIOSK preferences to allow KIOSK sessions to expire at a different time than other user sessions.

May 2012

Added custom tag codes with dynamic parameters (#tagCode:parameter#).
Fixed a bug with dt_getDiff used in certain date formats.
Added a command postURL for doing post data processing with other servers.
Added related query abilities to the qry_xml command to allow for student lists to be searched in the Power Search.
Added ability for Power Search to search with INI data fields.
Added Time Sent and Time Read fields to the standard Messages table.
Added LabTrac preferences to the System Prefs page.
Added labPage for LabTrac confirmation of Log Out.
Changed wording of some of the LabTrac advanced preferences.
Added ability to log off OS when LabTrac client session expires (and log off the visit).
Added ability to search students that have opted to receive text alerts from the student Power Search.
Added customizable text messages for student reminders, confirmations, and cancellations.
Added ability for consultants to receive text alerts for Appt Confirmations, Cancellations and Reminders.
Added ability to send a text page to a consultant from the LogListing screen.
Added Is On List option to SAGE conditional text blocks.
Added custom questions to SAGE referral entry form.
Adjusted order of Reasons, Recommendations, Notes and Custom Questions.
Added option in SAGE referral form to have custom recipient as a prompt for email address.
Added option in SAGE conditional text to utilize the custom question data entered.
Added option in SAGE conditional text to utilize Student On List (or Not On List).
Added option in Student search to find students based on answers to custom questions in the SAGE referral form.
Added several new #tags# for use in SAGE referrals including: #refSubject#, #refType#, #processedDate#, etc.
Modified referral entry to not show the heading 'Reasons' or 'Recommendations' if none are provided.
Added #facEmail# tag for use in SAGE referrals from faculty.
Added scriptTimerAlso to layout.xml to allow for additional processing (also in Campus.xml).
Added new System Preference for logging SMS and Emails to the student message history.
Added default Note type for logging SMS and Emails as a preference to the Group entry screen.
Added advanced preference 'searchAvailLocWildcard' to allow a wildcard to be added to the location search for availabilities.
Added option to Show Related Registrations, Visits, Student Documents from the Student Listing.
Added Registration Listing report to the Registration Listing.
Added Power Search to the Registration Listing screen.
Fixed a bug with Mobile View sometimes defaulting to full version.
Added new JS section to entryinc 'beforeLoadJS' for including any JS that needs to be executed before onLoad event.
Added features to the Send HTML Message form to allow multiple media types to be sent at the same time.
Added features to the Send HTML Message form to allow for attachment to be attached to Email messages.
Added the ability to access the PublicDocs folder when generating a Send HTML Note email to allow for insertion of links to public documents.
Removed an unused Login Prompt center preference from the Center Preferences entry screen.
Added new options to the Availability entry to allow for multi-slot booking (or appointments that extend across multiple slots automatically).
Added an option to name a student's first name as BLOCKED to allow blocking of time slots similar to appointments, validation rules excluded.
Added Chained Process option to automated events.
Added the ability to allow the schedule start week to start on Sunday (startWeekDay = SUN).
Added the ability to adjust the weekdays hilited on schedule (WeekEnd = FRISAT).
Fixed a bug in Favorite Reports that had a problem saving a + sign for grades.
Fixed a bug in SI Comparison report when using a list to specify the student population for NON SI Group.
Fixed a bug in saved Favorites reports where the student listing selection wasn't being reloaded in FireFox browser.
Fixed a bug in saved Favorites reports where the linked automated event has an apostrophe in the event name.
Added the ability to see future bookable dates on recurring availabilities where tyhe user has the option of choosing to book future dates.
Fixed a bug in the roster listing on the schedule where clicking 'Mark all as attended' was creating the linked visits, but was not changing the status to 'attended'.
Added ability to hide color picker when performing batch utility to reset MyPrefs.
Added an ability to block a group of users from viewing InfoTabs area at bottom of standard student entry.
Added Power Search favorites to the Sections Listing.
Added ability to use the Power Search favorites when searching registrations in a Report.
Added Link on Sections listing to 'Show these Registrations'.
Added new afterSave block to prefGroup object in layout.xml to allow futher processing to occur after the pref group is saved.

April 2012

Added multiple dates to email cancellation when all appointments in a recurring series are deleted/cancelled.
Added Consultants by Subjects which displays all consultants that have a specialty in a subject.
Added option to add Reason and Subject to the Appointment List report.
Added option to add Reason and Subject to the Students that Visited report.
Added birthdate to Registrations by ?? report.
Removed the word 'Survey:' from the survey display screen.
Added filter by Recs and Reasons to the SAGE Referral List report (rpt1102.4sp).
Added ability to set up a custom script to react to external site linkage that requests an update of student orientation completed custom field.
Added Power Search Favorites to the Visit Listing to allow a user performing a Power Search to save the search for later recall. Also added the Visit Power searches to appear in Search Visit popup.
Fixed a bug with the procs.xml script 'viscons' that was locking a visit record during a search for a valid consultant during log in process.
Added Student Indicator Watch Lists to show a colored dot next to the student name on the appointment entry, loglisting and student listing based on the student's existence in a watch list.
Added option in Center profile to default a linked document in the appointment entry to be a LiveDoc. The start LiveDoc session button in the appointment entry gains easy access to the Live Doc.
Added option to go to HTML edit mode when editing any html posted document.
Fixed a bug with latest iPad Safari Browser that was not displaying the TracNav Search popup menu.
Fixed a bug in registration reports when using the previous list of students options.
Modified post document look to hide display of file chooser until mousing over the choose file label.
Modified SAGE Referral Types listing to have the navSearch field and Show All button.
Added several new options for date searches in TracNav, Power Search and Reports: # days ago, # days from now, -# days, +# days.
Added option for report chooser to get the calculated dates from the server in ajax call.
Added option for Consultants by Subject and Consultants by Specialties reports to include section title.
Added option in Availability Blocks to enter a status to be used for any appointment that is missed.

11-14 April 2012 Redrock Conference 2012

6th Annual Redrock Software Conference

March 2012

Added to options for user-customizable SAGE emails using conditional text blocks and multiple potential recipients.
Removed Power Search and Utility Search from users that do not have the ability to see custom fields and visit info.
Added new PublicDocs directory and utility for posting files for anonymous web access.
Added new tag option for cancellation emails to include all dates of recurring appts when being deleted/cancelled.
Fixed a bug with computing a free slot when a recurring block had an override date set to same date as appointment.
Added seconds it took to process the dynamic request to the logmods.txt file.
Fixed a bug with availability using section name and #i to constrain future bookings to same instructor.

February 2012

Added option to prevent a session cookie from being generated from any application web page.
Added additional option to require a new session cookie be generated on specific application web pages.
Added tables LabeledValues and SubValues to be used to store additional cross-module data.
Added option for executing SAGE procedures directly using xm_doProc.
Increased the speed for processing Replace Tags (aReplaceTags) for replacing tags in custom emails (ie #student#).

January 2012

Added optional choices to the Custom appointment field controlled by the center profile preferences.
Added option to resend a SAGE referral to the predefined recipients.
Added option to search for multiple grades on Report Chooser registrations search.
Fixed a problem with mini log list acting differently in some browsers when logging a student out.
Fixed a minor formatting issue on time picker in visit entry on some browsers.
Added a back to top button on batch visit entry in the MobileView version.
Added location combobox options to the visit entry based on the center appointment scheduling preferences.

November 2011

Modified engine (aDrawCal23 in engine 20111115) to show center global blocks as blocks on week schedule.
Added new log resource functionality to the log resources window to allow multiple items to be processed for a single student.
Fixed an error with some types of global blocks not appearing on overall center schedule.
Fixed an error full page schedule javascript error for refresh.

October 2011

Modified engine (aDrawCal23 in engine 20111004) to have an even greater performance in schedule drawing.
Modified qry_usingXML (engine 20111006), allows additional parameter to be added to the original clause.
Added grand total to Conultant Appt/Visits Report.
Fixed schedule printing for number of columns per page to automatically draw page break and draw additional consultants on pages 2+.
iCal attachments work with Outlook Live and Gmail.

September 2011

Validated all student visible pages for section 508 usability.
Added an option to the back-to-back booking prevention to isolate only same student booking.
Fixed problem with an group availability not tied to a single center not allowing notes to be entered for all visits when marking all as attended.
Fixed problem with an group availability that when marking all as attended was also marking cancelled/deleted.
Modified engine (20110906) to prevent session cookies from being issued on every logical page...now certain pages may be identified as session start pages using a preference called pagesForCookies.
Modified style.css and listing pages to display a cleaner top heading on all listing pages. Removed a table for the top heading and replaced with floating divs.
Improved schedule display speed by a factor of 10x.
Improved Log Listing display by a factor of 5x.
Improved performance overall by deleting unused sessions in a timed event independent of session initialization.
Fixed a problem with overlapping appointments by same student sometimes able to be scheduled.
Fixed a problem with iPad version not choosing student prior to booking an appointment in admin view.
Fixed a problem blank visit records being created during login process.
Improved scheduling by cancel or no-affect save on availabilities and appointments do NOT now cause the schedule to refresh automatically (needlessly).
Fixed a problem where the main menu refreshed due to a student logging in (in AdvisorTrac) when user was in the middle of editing in a dialog popup window (or report window).
Add new advanced preference called logListRecsPerPage to control number of records to display in log listing independently of other listing screens.
Added a new search option to the visit listing trac nav search "current", this will display all currently active visits.
Added additional search options in all trac nav search areas, use "; " to separate multiple (and) clauses (ie John@; tempe; arizona). Use ctr=Demo Learning Center to only search for the specific center in the visit listing.

August 2011

Security update issued preventing anonymous access to certain pages.
Modified Discussion Board to use 4.0 look with enhanced navigation.
Added 'sticky' threads to discussion board to keep thread on the top of the list.
Stored Passwords (not recommended, use LDAP instead) may be encrypted for additional level of security.
Added Send HTML Note feature for sending full html-formatted message to students via bulk email.
Added ability for layout entities to switch places with other layout entities in so items in dialogs can be reordered.
Added ability for layout entity multicolbreak to have a condition.
Added ability for engine procedure web_blobGSP and web_blobGSPtext to return large data blocks (in conjunction with the new Send HTML note functionality).
Added ability for engine to handle secured single field updates using encrypted resource ID and expiration date and time.
Added new advanced pref 'LogInSubjectConsultant' that controls the list of consultants show based on the chosen Subject.
Added new advanced pref 'loginConsWithAvail' that is used with 'LogInSubjectConsultant' to show only those consultants with an availability (drop in or unfilled one on one) now.
Added new advanced pref 'logReasonWidth' that allows the log a visit process to have a larger dialog window to accomodate section titles, reasons and consultant names being shown side by side.
Added confirm student BIO capability to work during the log a visit process.
Removed page numbers from showing in listing screens where only one page of data is displayed.
Fixed a problem with Favorite report delivery method not being saved.
Added ability for Appointment entry screens to also show survey entry (similar to feature available in 3.0 version).
Added additional security message for Favorites to be run only by the person that created them (used to not run, but now it also displays No Access message).
Added new group preference to prevent Visit notes from being displayed to a user even if they are allowed to see the visits.
Modified terminology on the Availability entry from 'Allow student to book weekly' to 'Allow option to book weekly.'
Modified version number display on login screen to show Trac Engine version including date of engine.
Fixed a typo 'Nudge' in the Whiteboard Java applet.
Added additional security to prevent source code XML from being displayed.
Fixed schedule display problem when apostrophe in consultant name.
Added option to direct outbound mail to a file directory to be picked up by a custom mailer app.
Modified listing and entry displays to be even more compatible with assistive technology browsers.

June-July 2011

Added to engine the ability to allow a set to be passed in the search availability, this allows for even greater customization of schedule search results.
Added GradDate and GradDegree to student entry.
Added to engine a mobile view cookie.
Added to engine the ability to allow detection of injection (web_injectFail) automatically with custom failure.
Added to engine the ability to post followup dates to document postings.
Added to engine product, orders and manufacturers for product sales component.
Added new center profile preference Max Consecutive appointments to limit the number of back to back appointments a student may have with a single consultant.
Added appointment reason as an available field to print on group roster.

3 May 2011

Modified group cancellation message to use preference from the appointment's center when the the availability does not have a center.
Fixed an issue with Favorite Reports saving and the ethnicity preference getting confusing parameters (certain browsers).
Fixed a problem with pulldown menus for custom field choices (major, college, class, etc.) in reports chooser, it now works better with IE.
Added center name to the drop in availability on the schedule.
Added capability to list the posted documents from multiple students as a separate listing. user may choose show these students to see the related students.
Added ability to send an automated email when visit time exceeds a certain notification tolerance based on visit reason.
Added ability to click notification icon in loglisting to snooze the notification for a preset amount.

29 April 2011

Fixed a tab issue in Mobile Safari for Student Entry screens
Added a button to LogListing to a send text message to students that have signed up to receive text alerts and the Other option is checked.
Added a StudentHistHead option to the campus procs that allows for custom text to be printed at top of History page on student entry.
Added a title Student Name at top of visit history when viewing student visits via a student account.
Fixed Time Out equals Zero to not report a bad time when saving a Quick Visit.
Added a Resource Preference (in Utilities and Prefs screen) to prevent the Reserve button from being displayed during the check in/out process.
Fixed a bug in Search Students->Registrations Tab.
Added an Inactive button to the Resource Entry screens and prevent inactive resources from being found during check out process.
Added a system pref option to prevent user from editing News URI (as well as providing the default news URI).
Added an option to the MoveTo button on Appointment Entry to allow the user the ability to NOT send a confirmation when appointment is moved. (default is to send an confirmation).
Modified the labels for the enter notes on logout width and height (was w and h).
Added FollowUpDate, Inactive to posted document.
Added search capability to find student via posted document information.
Added capability to search availability so that an availability can be tagged with SUBJECT#i to allow a speciafic subject and same instructor for all in a group.
Fixed search availability so that a single canceled appointment will not force the instructor of the canceled appointment.
Modified color of drop in availability to a light blue.
Added checkbox option to the appointment entry to override and send the confirmation message no matter if date/time not changed or email settings are not set to send confirmation immediate.

26-30 April 2011 Redrock Conference 2011

5th Annual Redrock Software Conference

26 April 2011

Fixed an issue where if you book an appointment, then cancel it and immediately book appointment with different tutor, same date and time. This used to cause the old cancelled tutor to be linked when the student attempts to log in for their visit on that date. (3/4)
Added new utility to re-send email confirmations for appointments modified on a certain date. (3/28)
Added gradDate and gradDegree fields to standard student entry. (3/29)
Added set focus to Continue button on log in confirmation so that the enter key may be used. Was a only a problem if no questions were being asked on log in. (4/4).
Added mobile cookie value. (4/07)
Fixed combo select: worked around a Safari 4 bug for choosing combo lists (4/7).
Added reports utilizing student search data now have the option that allows the user to choose standard choices from a pulldown menu (Major, Cohort, ct.). (4/8)
Added resources history is shown on resource entry screen. (4/8)
Fixed issue with resources when checked back in now reset the 'due by' field. (4/8)
Added new module: released mobileView module for internal testing (4/8).
Added new method for increased ease for processing url santization. (4/18)
Added computed date ranges to favorite reports. (4/18)
Added dynamically computed date ranges as an option to favorite reports. (4/20)
Added favorite reports to quick reports area of main menu. (4/20)
Added edit visit ability to the minilog listing. (4/20)
Modified Subjects to not be loaded from server on availability blocks (improved response time). (4/25)
Fixed a bug in batch entry where first tab would activate during visit record creation (now stays at same tab). (4/25)
Modified schedule to show blocks with no center assigned, allow no center by choosing ALL in availability entry. (4/26)
Modified availability entry to not choose default center for an old availability when no center chosen. (4/26)

23 February 2011 This batch of changes includes efforts from November 2010 to February 2011

Added Subject and Reason to the `click to schedule` title text. (11/23)
Added three new options for sysAdmins to control editing of users by other users. Prevents user from Creating/Editing/Deleting users. (11/30)
Added NoSubjectEntry advanced preference, Yes values displays subject no matter what the profile says, No hides it no matter what the profile says. Keep blank to use profile preference. (12/1)
Fixed a bug where A student attempts to log in, but the student does not exist, so the student/user clicks create student. After the student record is save, the system now continues the login process. (12/2)
Added reports to the automated events and also added the ability to process utilities from the automated events controller. (12/16)
Added tips for reasons will appear on the search availanility and Visit entry screens when the user holds the mouse over the reason choice. <12/16)
Added option for Search availability, where now there is a special option (sched_searchAvail -centerSeq) that allows the program to find all subcenters within a specific profile center. (12/20)
Added capability to advanced searching, it now processes script code during search (qry_usingXML). (01/11)
Added new module: Released textAlerts module to beta testing group. (2/19)
Added option to search availability. It can now take a set of consultants (ignoring or not ignoring specialties) that will be used as a the base listing to display availability results. (02/23)

29 November 2010

Modified roster attended checkbox to affect appointment status as attended.
Added availability reason to display on search availability popup text and on the schedule block description.
Added option to send any report created as an email attachment.
Added option to save any report (and the report options) as a favorite for the user.
Added pop menu of student search have the choices: and at least one visits since, with no visits since, at least one visit prior to, with no visits prior to.
When scanning a resource id, then student id, the Enter key on the check Out screen will choose the first student that appears in the list of possible students for quick check out.

9 November 2010

Added page number and page navigation to the bottom of all standard listings.
Added an auto scroll to the header section of embedding listing pages.
Added a new group restriction to prevent deletion of appointments and prevent changing status to cancel/delete.
Added a new group restriction to prevent dragging appointments to a new time, and restriction date and time inside appointment.
Added appointment check rule to now check student's center status as well as student status for prevent booking.
Modified a livedoc session file, system now prevents user from uploading a file over the top of the session's file.
Added ability to create admin messages that are now displayed on main menu.
Fixed a bug where notes might be displayed in schedule as opposed to appt reason.
Fixed a bug in Visits/Students by report had an issue with the last total not displaying.
Added more capability to AdvisorTrac First Available choice. First Available can be limited to certain subcenters using a new preference.
Added the ability to auto choose the first found student in logging out a resource to a student.

28 October 2010

Added Page Break option to Students/Visits by Report.
Added option to search for (or exclude) required hours value in the Students/Visits by Report.
Fixed a bug where weekly events would not always start on time.
Added an option to log a resource in next to a logged in students name (thus saving the step of choosing the student).
Added an option in the group roster to send a note to all students on the roster (added a preference to center profile to allow this).
Fixed a bug where Surveys that had the option chosen for 'Link on Visit Entry' would open an entry instead of email a message to the student
Added an option to Mark All as Attended in the group roster.
Added an option to center profile to require appointment times to start on the ## hour. Appointment end times and durations may be constrained in the same fashion.
Fixed the layering of menus in the navigation so they always appear over the menus in the listing areas.
Added the ability for the center profiles to auto load the consultants and sections when the tab is clicked.
Fixed a bug in Appointment Reminder Summary to Consultants which would send a reminder to all consultants no matter the profile setting.
Fixed a bug Daily Summary that was allowing a user to edit and appointment if their schedule options prevent editing appointments.
Added Appointment instructions to Center Profile. Any text entered here appears at the top of the appointment entry screen.
Added ability to customize Student Cancellation subject with tags (like #student#) to the Center Profile Prefs.
Added ability to specify whether or not to allow visit notes to be entered by worker when logging out from a work visit.
Removed display of Choose a Consultant when logging out after a work visit.
Added Messages tab to Consultant Entry to display all messages (filtered by message types the user is allowed to view) sent to a consultant's linked Student record.
Modified the Registrations by ?? report to total the Visit and Total Time when the Grouping.
Fixed a bug in the Registrations by ?? report where show registrations that have visits was not showing any registrations.
Fixed a bug in Consultant entry that occurred when a Consultant was able to edit Consultant records. After editing a consultant, the consultants own record would then appear.
Added a printable version of the schedule that allows the user to specify the number of columns and the width of the page to generate for the printed schedule. The user may check which person should appear on the printed schedule as well.
Fixed an engine bug that might select a user/faculty/student/consultant record of the current user when calculating a record modification by tag: (aComputeWho).
Modified the Split Availability option to not show on a reserved block.
Modified check for conflict to (if not schedule overrides) notify conflict with reserved blocks.
Fixed a bug where clicking and dragging on the edit availability box in an appointment might allow moving the availability if you do not have privileges to do so in the scheduler.
Updated engine that runs search availabilities, making it over 5 times faster in certain instances.
Updated engine to include required tags (and custom tags) for hidden objects.
Updated Quick Visit entry to require a Date and Student before saving.
Fixed a bug that could keep faculty emails of visit summaries from being sent to all faculty.
Fixed a bug in Whiteboard and 4.0 that prevented students from entering a WhiteBoard session based on specific student reservation
Fixed a bug in Whiteboard and 4.0 that allowed all students to enter session that was coded to a course reservation
Fixed a bug in Whiteboard that sometimes displayed a script error when a server had been restarted during an active whiteboard session

24 September 2010

Fixed a bug in the Students by Appointment Status report where it might leave off a student
Added Reason and Subject to the Appointment History of the Student History screen
Added Visit search filters to the Attendance by Hour by Day of Week report
Added Visit Location to the Usage Snapshot report and the Visits/Student by ?? report
Added Visit search filters to the Attendance by Hour by Day of Week report
Added an option to KIOSK entry to allow the KIOSK to auto choose a location upon student login
Added an option to KIOSK entry to optionally display the Log Resource window at the top of the KIOSK
Added an option in the Center Reasons listing to subsearch by active/inactive reasons
Removed the option to add users to student or faculty groups
Added option to add pay rate and notes to the payroll report from consultant listing screen
Added option to add notes and mailbox to the Payroll Summary report
Added option to add pay rate and notes to the Consultant/Work Visits by ??? report

21 September 2010

Modified Report Visits by Instructor & Subject to have many more search options
Modified Report Visits/Students by to have the option for time format (Hours, Minutes; HH:MM)
Added Group preference to lock SAGE Referrals older than xx days
Fixed a bug with WhiteBoard Invitations to a specific student not showing
Added Modified by to the appointment modification date and time
Modified all entry screen tabs to use a more IE compatible interface
Fixed a bug where deletion of progress report lost the link back to the original student record
Added the Split Availability into Blocks functionality to create multiple availabilities out of a single availability block with time slots
Added GroupFaculty table to link sections to multiple faculty.
Added reset Color Data utility in the SysAdmin Utility area
Added another variation of Surveys: Single Form student entry pages. Students may fill out a one-time questionnaire (like a health risk appraisal). You may create an unlimited number. Appraisal are loaded by Redrock into the campus.xml file.

15 September 2010

Modified Report Chooser and Engine to load Report Titles very quickly
Added new entity type checkEntryField to engine to allow for a combination checkbox and text entry in the same field.
Fixed a bug where the availability became editable when overlapped by an appointment for admins/consultants on scheduler.
Fixed a bug in the Center Schedule report where it was not filtering by the entered consultant name
Added ability to add consultant fields to the Consultant Pay by Reason report
Fixed a bug on the loglisting for sorting using two different values (second value was ignored)

14 September 2010

Added Alternate Instructor to Sections and now faculty see registrations where they are either primary or secondary instructor
Modified LoginLinkData preference (CAMPUS) to control display of campus box and welcome box. More control over campus box title and content.
Added faculty as a listing option from the search menu.

9 September 2010

Added Consultant Classification and Location to the date headers in the Scheduler
New color pickers for choosing campus color scheme
Assessments are a variation of a survey. Assessment data must be loaded by RedRock into the Campus.xml file. Students may take any assessments with custom results.
Fixed a bug where a new student list wasn't being added to the user's group privileges.
Fixed a bug where a sections weren't loading properly on an availability entry. Adjust code so load time is under a second.
Added options on center reasons to exclude he reason from displaying in either appointments or in the log in/out screens
Modified the popup windows to not auto-center on an iPad (iPhone was adjusted earlier in summer).
Added feature for students to open an appointment to access the LiveDoc component of WhiteBoard
Fixed a bug where new Surveys created by a user were not being added to the group privileges
Added average GPA to the header of the Student Overall GPA List report
Fixed a bug where surveys were not being shown on visit entry screen if the survey was linked to a reason
Modified all screens where student ID is displayed to not show when user has barcode only as the student entry screen
Modified search availability and search for student for an appointment to hide the student ID when the hide Student ID option is selected for the user group.
Fixed a bug on specialty copy utility when copying specialties from one term to another.
Added ability to Send Notes to coach/advisor on visit log out. Also added ability to change the label to something other than coach/advisor.
Added user ability to change the subject line of appointment reminders/confirmations. And appointment Cancellation emails. The word Reminder is auto changed to Confirmation and the word Remind is auto changed to Confirm on the confirmation emails.
Fixed a bug in Group privilege editing where user logged in group priv were always being displayed.
Modified search availability and search for student for an appointment to hide the student ID when the hide Student ID option is selected for the user group.
Added ability to identify 'Work' sections (sections that are only available to consultants).
Added new tags #missedApptTotal# #missedApptSince# #missedApptSubCtr# #missedApptCtr# #profileCenter# for displaying the number of missed appointments since the profiles preference date and the ability to display the date and the profile name.
Added ability to edit registration records form the registration listing in student entry/history
Modified the confusing check boxes of registration inactive vs active
Fixed bug in the Visits/Students by that was not calculating unique students
Modified appointment entry to only display searched availability subject when booking appointments after searching
Fixed bug in the display of document posts - it was repeating the same document title
Added section as an option for the student search regarding students that visited
Added new options for attendance tracking based on the section schedule.
Added new report option for printing the specialties of consultants.
Modified time picker to allow tabbing from time to time out while picker is open in the visit entry.
Modified date entry to allow regular text entry.
Modified search consultants to use Active as the default menu choice.

24 August 2010 (changes during the summer)

Added new internal procedure imp_importPackage for easier import script. (5/14/10)
Adjusted internal procedure zArchiveIN to utilize oldSeq fields for old sequences when merging two databases (5/21/10)
Added Options field to Workshops for more advanced data storage (7/19/10)
Added ability to specify listSel rec# for included entry area in listinc area (7/22/10)
Modified location of campus.xml, it is now located in webfolder (still looks in old dir first), customFormBlocks in campus.xml allows for partial form customizations (8/6/10)
Modified some internal processes to give time to system events (8/12/10)
Added phone to availResults, added field noShowOnSched to consultants, modified server monitor to show processing, sending, and in send buffer for dynamic pages (8/18/10)
Added TUTOR CANCEL@ option to not free up time on schedule (still cancelled, just doesn't allow a re-book) (8/24/10 Appointment_Status
Added Center names chosen on the report chooser have been added to the top of the reports as part of the display of search criteria
Added the ability to edit the values of custom fields shown on the loglisting
Modified the survey results tab to not load the results until the tab is clicked
Modified the Center Profile Prefs to not load until the Prefs tab is clicked
Added 4.0 version of Consultants by Specialty report
Added Consultants & Linked Centers Report
Added Search Student Default List to groups preferences. This allows you to specify a default list of students (that can be overridden) during the normal Search... operations
Added Student Messages (messages of type MESSAGE) to display on student main menu. Students have the option to look at old messages by clicking a link.
Added ability to create 3 custom tabs on student main entry, in student campus info and in student history pages
Added Sections Listing as an option in the trac Nav bar, sections may be edited form the Sections listing.
Added more options to ability to set the schedule for a section (link to center via [CENTERNAME] ).
Added phase I of a grade book option in the section entry
Added Grade Group editing for combined and lowest point value grade calculation
Added option to workshops where attendance of a workshop may create a visit record as well as an assignment record
Added choose consultant on login as an additional option for the Center Profile Prefs
Added show student messages (message type MESSAGE) as an option during login or logout for the Center Profile Prefs
Added option for ad hoc entry of location in the Availability area as a preference in the Center Profile Prefs
Added option for hiding appointment notes as a preference in the Center Profile Prefs

11 May 2010

Fixed a problem with overlapping appointments not being recognized if an appointment is created without adjusting the start and end times (also the check for max and min duration may have been skipped if the time had not been adjusted).
Added the old 3.0 preference 'check student conflict' back into the 4.0 system

28 April 2010

Modified the edit appointment and edit availability to scroll back to original position after saving/closing
Modified the schedule content such that clicking the expand button to open a new frame has a window title appropriate to the schedule
Modified the computation of missed appointments to account for a visit that straddles to consecutive appointments in the same center
Fixed a problem with SI Batch entry when adding a visit for those students that are enrolled but never have attended
Added the ability to move an appointment to another consultant/date/time from within the appointment with checking on time available and conflict

23 April 2010

Added an option to constrain the number of appointments in a center at one time (using All Students) in the appointment rules.
Added an option to suspend SI Batch submission until create batch link is clicked.
Added an additional maximum appointments rule to the scheduling options.
Modified the font size of the name of the personnel (increased) in the schedule screen
Added an option to constrain the number of appointments a student has during a week (by entering that week in the since field)
Added student phone fields in the reports where additional student fields are chosen
Added Date Range to top of Usage Snapshot Report
Fixed a problem where subjects don't always show in Usage Snapshot Report
Fixed a problem with Send Survey as Link when Survey title contains an apostrophe
Added ability to compute subjects for multiple-person groups when entered subject is #
Modified the display of the student ID on all student entry pages to display the the ID with formatting applied
Fixed problem with a required field not being entered on appointment causing time slot to be blocked
Added ability to custom sort the consultants in the search availability results listing
Added save message to entry screens of visits, appointments, and students
Added ability to constrain a group to a certain list of student records (static or dynamic)
Added email confirmation/cancellation option to BCC (instead of CC) student & consultant emails

21-23 April 2010 Redrock Conference

15 April 2010

Added option to allow dynamic lists to use center-based custom fields.
Added option to allow search availabilities to utilize specialties for reasons.
Fixed problem with multiple requests from same user overloading xml processing.
Fixed problem with incorrectly formatted 3.0 date data causing date-indexes to become corrupt

26 March 2010

Added new option to send a customizable email to coaches detailing the visit notes with a student. Send Visit Notes
Added touchall button to main menu to allow admins to run the touchall maintenance process.
Fixed the processHTML code for certain calls where text only is passed.
Added option to remember last log listing sort parameters.
Added campus and personal option to choose a color for the shadow of the title text of the dialogs (FireFox and Safari only, IE not able to do so).
Modified Campus preferences for color choices and style overrides to be in a single preference group.
Added Group preference to control access to student password (previously only center admins had access).

17 March 2010

Fixed search Visits and move from page to page. the selection of visits is not affected by the log listing and the student visit history.
Added new preference CampusCSS. Administrators may override any CSS rule with a campus-specific rule
Added Consultant Full Name to Usage Snapshot Report
Added date filtering to the Survey Results tab of a SurveyTrac Survey
Added Schedule menu item to the TracMan navigator menu for Consultants
Modified time preference for iCal and Outlook compatibility with daylight savings changes
Added SI Session Listing for auditing SI reports

15 March 2010

Added a special campus-customizable tab for either Students, Users, Faculty, or Consultants.
Added List Management dialog to delete student lists, view entered options for dynamic lists, and perform intersection, union and differences.
Added Attendance by Hour by Day of Week report.
Added ability to customize the log listing screen to display any student data using the campus.xml::global.codeBlocks.proc[logListing]

10 March 2010

Fixed visit Info tab for appointments only shows a students enrolled courses.
Added INACTIVE and BANNED students are automatically not allowed to log a visit to center
Added Subcenters can allow either INACTIVE or BANNED students to log a visit (selectively)
Added option for a student list to be selected for logging visits as well as scheduling appointments
Fixed minor bug with dynamic student lists and linking to centers
Added ability to click on expand button at the top of any listing to open a new tab showing the listed data

02 March 2010

Modifications to the scheduling rules to handle consultants that don't have any editing rights but still need to see the schedule.
Added ability for administrators to prevent a user from creating an appointment without linking it to an availability.
Added ability for users that have multiple profile types to easily switch profiles (ie consultants->students or consultants->faculty)
Added Utilization tab preference now allowed
Added Utilization tab preference for entering visit notes or editing visits in general (based on preferences)
Added new colors to the Custom Color picker
Added visit hours as an option to the Consultant Appointments/Visits Report
Added Fund Code report Fund Code Hours Report
Added Reason breakdown to the Consultant/Work Visits by ?? report
Added restrictions of SAGE referrals by type to certain user groups
Modification to Students by Appointment status (allow user to search for specific status)
Allow sorting of log listing by date in ascending OR descending order

21 February 2010

Modified width of sections/center menu in center profile to handle long center names.
Modified the size of the watermark display of TracMac in IE8.
Modified access of full consultant profile from scheduler consultant profile link.
Added quick print consultants schedule on the scheduling screen.
Fixed a bug where canceled appointments were being counted in the totaled enrolled group.

09 February 2010

Modified preference for showing log out resources on log listing.
Added change date button on Scheduler content area for quick navigation to any other date.
Added expand button to scheduler content area to allow the screen to be re-sized to full window.
Modified display of Student ID on Entry screen to display raw numeric when the field is clicked on.
Added option to duplicate surveys in SurveyTrac.
Added Students by Center Grid report.
Added Additional Notes field to Group Roster report.

03 February 2010

Added ability on log listing to assign a tutor to a visit after student logs in.

25 January 2010

Visit entry preference added for access to visits from the Utilization tab.
Added additional rules for preventing certain types of appointments (max appointments of a certain status or reason).
Added additional rules for controlling maximum appointments in a date range using a sliding range of days.
Added Security Audit report.

16 January 2010

Fixed a problem with Subjects menu appearing when preference is set to hide subject\ choice.

13 January 2010

Fixed a problem with payroll report showing blank data under certain conditions.
Fixed a problem with First Available appearing in centers the consultant is not assigned.
Fixed a problem with recurring appointments no automatically getting booked if scheduled in the scheduler.
Fixed a problem with recurring cancellations not canceling.
Added a preference to allow/prevent consultants form modifying their own specialties.
Fixed a problem where certain users could not run a list report from the student listing screen.

18 December 2010

Fixed an issue where certain consultants could not access document posts.
Added ability to set certain reasons to be not visible when logging in a visit (only visible for scheduling).

11 December 2010

Added student entry views BARCODE ONLY and BRIEF1 & 2.
Fixed problem with requiring custom fields to be entered on log out.
Fixed display of Resource List report.

29 October 2009

Added Message Access rules for groups.

18 September 2009

Modificationa: Minor adjustments - no real changes. Mostly screen size changes to accommodate Visit editing in student Visit History.
Modification: Set focus of resource checkout to student ID field
Added center schedule report
Fixed layering issue on search availabilities. Fixed current time marker on schedule for IE.
Added accumulated hrs, gpa to student campus data tab. Visit history now allows edit of visits and create new.

17 September 2009

Certifications added to consultants. Location was mis-linked as subclassification.
Consultant location is default of availability -> appointments.
Tutor Address added to a info tab.
Resources that have been checked out to a student are now displayed on log listing. Items can be checked in from that screen
Remember sort preference for log listing
Clear out student ID or resource ID after logging the person/item in or out

15 September 2009

Adjusted save appointments to autobook one-on-ones
Adjust subcenters to have parentID field and remember center's last location listing

14 September 2009

Log listing remembers session cookie for sort order.
Log listing -> edit student shows full student edit screen
Bug with drawing usr/grp on schedule fixed
Time Out shown properly.

09 September 2009

More control of custom student fields: non-enterable custom fields re drawn as spans.
Made adjustments to the custom fields. All groups available for potential access.