Running Reports based on Lists

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List Management: Running Reports based on Lists
If a user has the appropriate privileges, reports can be run based on student lists. Let’s navigate to the Report Chooser to go through an example. Click on the TracMan icon > Reports.

In the Student by category is a report click on Visits / Students By ??.


Click on the blue Student Search hyperlink to expand the field.


Select a student list using the “On List” field.


This process can be used in many different reports to run reports based on a student list.

Here are some other reports that allow the utilization of lists:


  • Appointments / Students by ??

Center Usage / Demographics

  • Center Usage & Demographics By

Students By

  • Visits for Students
  • Visits / Students by ??
  • Appointments / Students by ??
  • Students by Center Grid
  • Students / Visits by ??
  • Students Visits Cleanup Data
  • Students by Appointment Status

Registrations By

  • Registrations by ??
  • Progress Report Listing
  • Progress Report & Visit Info
  • Progress Report Listing by Subject
  • Progress Report & Visit Info by Subject
  • Progress Report Detail by Student
  • Visits by Instructor & Subject
  • SI Comparison
  • SI Session Listing


  • Visits for Students
  • Visits Export
  • Center Usage & Demographics by
  • Students Document Followup List
  • Students Document Post List