Constraining Logins based on Lists

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Constraining Logins based on Lists
Centers may require that only certain students are allowed to log a visit to the center. This can be done by adjusting the preference in the subcenter entry screen to constrain logging visits to students from a certain static or dynamic list.

In your Center Profile > Centers Tab, click on the Subcenter you want to constrain logins for. Click on the Constrain Student Logging to dropdown menu to select an existing list.


After you’ve selected a list, click Save Subcenter to save the latest changes. Now, only students on the list that you chose will be able to log in to the subcenter in selection.

The same restriction or constraint may be placed for a subcenter in regards to booking appointments. If you would like to ONLY allow students who are on a list to book appointments, click the Constrain Student Booking to dropdown menu and select the list.