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User Manual Contents

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DwnArr.gifAppointment Scheduling
B.gif Booking appointments as a user
B.gif Booking appointments as a student
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Appointment Scheduling

Appointments can be scheduled by filling a consultant availability or by scheduling a standalone appointment. Those appointments and availabilities can then be viewed on the Schedule or through the Appointment view, and reminders can be set to keep students and consultants informed.
Booking an Appointment (as a user)
As a Consultant, Front Desk Worker, or Administrator, we can book an Appointment from our Administrator’s view of the Schedule.
Booking an Appointment (as a student)
As a Student, we can book Appointments using the Search for Availability Window, which allows users to Search for Time slots that indicate when Consultants are available. By simply searching for Availabilities, students are unable to access any sensitive data such as existing appointments with other students, Consultants, or any irrelevant contact info.
Center Prefs - Appointment Options
The first major area of Configuration Options for Appointments is located in your Center Profile Preferences. Center Profile preferences are global per Center Profile, or in other words, the settings put into place here will affect ALL subcenters under the selected Center Profile. All subcenters under a single Center Profile are subject to the rules set for the Center Profile’s Preferences.
Group Access - Appointment Options
The second major area of Configuration Options for Appointments is located in your Group Access Preferences. Group Access settings determine which Groups of Users are able to Access the Schedule. The Group Access Preferences define in detail specific levels of access.
Appointment Status
Appointment Statuses can be defined in your Center Profile Prefs Tab and fully customized to include any status that your campus deems as necessary. The three major default statuses for Appointments are Attended, Missed, and Cancelled. However, campuses commonly add additional statuses to further differentiate or associate meaning. For example: Student Missed, Tutor Missed, Student Cancelled, Tutor Cancelled, or Admin Excused.