Booking an Appointment (as a user)

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Booking an Appointment (as a Consultant, Front Desk Worker, or Administrator)
As a Consultant, Front Desk Worker, or Administrator, we can book an Appointment from our Administrator’s view of the Schedule.

To Access your Schedule click the TracMan Icon on the left side of the Trac Navigation. Click Schedule to access the full schedule view for your centers. Click on a Consultant’s Name in the Personnel Listing on the left hand side to open a specific Consultant’s schedule.



How to book an Appointment (as a Consultant, Front Desk Worker, or Administrator)

Next to any single person or multi-group Availability created (not Drop-in), there is a Blue dropdown arrow that, when clicked, will open a Search field. In this search field you can search for a Student by Name or ID, and upon clicking on the Student’s name the Availability Entry Window will appear.



Clicking on Sam’s ID number will begin the process of booking the Appointment by opening the Appointment Entry window.


Here in the Appointments Entry Window, we can the details of our Appointment. Here in the Appointment Info tab, you can add the appropriate data for the session that will occur. The Center, Date, Time, Duration, Student ID and Consultant Name will automatically populate based on the information entered for the Availability. You can at this point fill in the remaining fields if necessary: Reason, Subject, Location, and any Visit Notes that may apply.


An essential field that remains is the “Status” field on the right side of the Appointment Entry Window. The “Status” field defines the status of the appointment (Attended, Missed, or Cancelled) and is typically not filled out until after the Appointment has occurred, but we will go over this process (Post Visit/Appointment Data Collection) in more detail further in this Guide.