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Appointment Tolerance
When a student signs into the Trac System for an appointment, a visit record is created. Then at the end of the night, when an auto event runs, the visit will be linked with the appointment. But how does the Trac System know that the student is logging in for that specific appointment? This is where appointment tolerance comes in. By setting tolerance timings, you can control exactly when visits will be linked with appointments.


Advanced Preferences – The timing tolerance of visits and appointments.
These can be found in Trac Navigation > Trac Man icon > Utilities and Prefs > Advanced Prefs. Search for “ApptTol@”.

This will display three preferences; the values are the tolerance times in minutes.

  • ApptToleranceFrom – How late a student can login and still be linked to that appointment.
  • ApptToleranceTo – How early a student can login and still be linked to that appointment
  • ApptTolMissed – How soon after the appointment starts is it marked as missed if the student doesn’t login.

To modify these settings, simply click on the preference you want to change, set the number to the time you want (in minutes), then click save.


Once the appointment and visit are linked, the next time you look at that appointment in the student’s history or from the consultant’s schedule, you’ll see a “Visit Info” tab where you can quickly switch between the two views.


Auto Event – When the visits and appointments are linked.

Trac Navigation > Trac Man icon > Utilities and Prefs > Auto Events > “missedAppt”.

This is the auto event that automatically sets appointment status’ and links appointments and visits.

  • is Pending – Enables or disables the auto-event.
  • Last Performed – When the event last ran, this can be manually changed to force weekly/monthly events to run on specific days.
  • Schedule – Whether the event runs daily, weekly, monthly, or on a specific date. We recommend leaving this on daily.
  • Time – The time of day the event runs on, we recommend setting this outside of normal operating hours and not conflicting with any other auto-events.