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RgtArr.gif Introduction
RgtArr.gifSysAdmin Preferences
RgtArr.gifCenter Profile Prefs
RgtArr.gifGroup Settings
B.gif Creating a Reason
B.gif Editing a Reason
B.gif Work Reasons
RgtArr.gifStudent Records
RgtArr.gifAppointment Scheduling
RgtArr.gifList Management
RgtArr.gifCustomize My Trac

Reasons are an additional tool available to you in the Trac System. Reasons can be used to gather more information on why a student is visiting. This information can be used by your consultants, for reports, or if you want visits with certain reasons to auto-logout after a period of time. Reasons are completely customizable, and you can have as many reasons as needed. Students can also be required to select a reason upon login or reasons can be applied by consultants after the fact.
Creating a Reason
How to create reasons for your Trac System profile. Once created, we can begin assigning them to sub-centers and modifying reason attributes.
Editing a Reason
After creating a reason, you can click on it for some additional options. This includes our auto-logout feature and whether this is a work reason or not.
Work Reasons
How to setup work specific reasons to help track payroll hours.