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    The legacy Trac 4.0 version of TutorTrac/AdvisorTrac/FitnessTrac is no longer receiving updates and will be end-of-life in 2025. Click here to schedule a TracCloud demo or reach out to for migration pricing or contract details.

New, easy to use interface
TracCloud features a modern, easy to use, and mobile-friendly interface, allowing you to easily find and manage your data as you need. Students, staff, and faculty will have a much easier time navigating through the system and accessing the data they need. The new dashboard offers many easy to access widgets to view and manage your data.


New Features
Export almost any report into Excel. Static and dynamic QR codes for touchless-kiosk environments. Unlimited custom data fields in student records, visits, appointments, and more. Customizable views of listing pages. Student timelines. Twig and HTML-supported emails and system messages. Customizable log listing and kiosk views. Center descriptions. New reports. Student success plans as a new module, along with work plans for staff. The full list of changes couldn't fit in this article, and more is being added all the time. Relating to the schedule specifically, you'll find a new appointments listing, availability badges, custom search appointment links and QR codes, unlimited customizable max appointment rules, asynchronous appointment support, and more.


With Twig support, you can personalize system messages, upcoming appointment lists, emails, and more based on the users who are viewing/receiving them. From simple changes like greeting the user by name to completely changing an email based on if the related appointment was in-person or online, in a certain center, for a certain reason, even if a certain custom field in the student's profile has a specific value. This extends to the log listing and kiosks as well, where you can add or remove fields, rearrange the data that's displayed, and add custom formatting with HTML and Twig.


Rewritten from the ground up hosted on AWS, using a MySQL database, TracCloud is faster in every way. This performance increase compared to Trac 4.0 can be noticed throughout the entire system, with reports being especially improved. Even the biggest reports in TracCloud load within a few seconds.


Migrate Existing Data
Migrate your existing data from Trac 4.0, allowing you to pick up right where you left off. We'll work with you to plan out your migration, coordinating with your IT, and training your system administrators to get you started in TracCloud.


Click here to schedule a TracCloud demo!

Kiosks, or student sign in stations, can be setup at your Centers to facilitate an efficient login / logout process. If having Front Desk Staff sign students in is not a feasible option, Kiosks can be an effective alternative to recording accurate Visit data.

A Kiosk account provides your users with a sign-in station that that can run autonomously. Students can sign into a Kiosk station when arriving and departing their visit. The Kiosk Station does not have to be staffed in the conventional sense and does not need to be actively overseen by a staff member. Because a Kiosk account is primarily used by Students, access is very restricted. From a Kiosk a student may

  • Log in for a Visit
  • Log out of a Visit

The Kiosk is not used for any other activity and as a result students cannot access any confidential information from the KIOSK mode.

Kiosk: Group Access Preferences
Kiosks are created within the Group Access Preferences. Any User assigned to the same Group as a Kiosk can switch to Kiosk mode. A User (this might be an administrator, coordinator, supervisor, front desk staff, student worker, etc.) can log into the student sign-in station with their own account, and then switch to Kiosk mode from the Trac Navigation Menu by clicking on the TracMan icon.

Before we create a Kiosk, we must first make sure that the Group we are creating the Kiosk for has the appropriate preferences activated. Navigate to your Center Profile and selecting Group Access Tab.


Make sure that the first checkbox (Log Visits To) is activated for the Group in Selection (for this example, Front Desk Staff). This checkbox must first be activated in order for the preferences that we need to activate in the future to be functional. Now select the Group of your choice (for this example Front Desk Staff). Click on your Group’s name to open the preferences for that group. The first tab selected will be the Center Access Tab. Here we will need to add the appropriate subcenter(s) to the Log Visits To category.


In the Log Visits To category, click on the blue dropdown arrow next to the all and clear buttons. Select the appropriate subcenter for your Kiosk, and make sure it is coded in the Green color (Log and View). To change the coding of a subcenter, simply click on the subcenter name to toggle between the various codes detailed within the Key.

Then, navigate to the Log In/Out tab. The Log In/Out Tab contains some preferences that control some options in regards to your Kiosk.


Allow User to Search by Name on Log Listing KIOSKs will allow users to type their name into the Log Student window in order to log in (as opposed to ID number).

Allow User to Search by Barcode on Log Listing allows users to search via Barcode number in the Log Student window to log in. This preference is required if you are using a Barcode Scanner or Card Reader (Contact Redrock support for more details in regards to Barcode scanners –

Allow User to Create Student when Not Found allows users to create a new student profile if an ID number or search for Name returns with no results (or does not exist).

Creating a Kiosk
Now that we’ve set the necessary preferences, we can create a Kiosk account. To do this, within your Group Entry Preferences, navigate to the Kiosk List tab for your selected Group. Here we can click on Create New to begin the process of creating a Kiosk


First type a name for your Kiosk in the KIOSK Name field.


Once you've named your Kiosk, we will need to click Save KIOSK before we further modify its settings. After saving your KIOSK, click on your KIOSK name.

At this point, you have the option of Assigning the Kiosk to a specific Center through the Linked subcenter function. You can do this by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the Linked subcenter field, and indicating the Center in the Assigned Center preference. Now Students that sign in through the Kiosk will always be signed in to the Assigned Center.

To Enter the Kiosk

The user assigned can easily to the Trac Navigation, click on the Tracman Icon and select Enter Kiosk.


Show Student Options

The Show Students preference if activated will display students’ full names after they log in. This preference will also allow students to log themselves out by clicking on their own name (as opposed to swiping their ID again).



Show WaitList Options

Setting your Kiosk functionality to WaitList will not allow students to log in or log out, only students who are on the Wait List will be displayed. This is used if you have a computer or a screen that displays the students in a queue to allow the students and staff to see who is next to see an advisor.

The Wait List function is most commonly used in AdvisorTrac to differentiate Visit time from Wait Time. A typical scenario occurs when a Student logs in to your center and is assigned to the “First Available” Consultant. The system then records this student’s “Wait Time”. As soon as a Front Desk Staff member or Consultant assigns a Consultant to the student, the student is taken off of the Wait list and the system begins recording Actual Visit Time.



Text Alert Options

Any student that has not opt in to receiving Text Alert will be asked if they want to receive a Text Message when the consultant is ready to see them.





Kiosk Dynamic Options

Allows you to preselect fields for the Kiosk.