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Dynamic and Advanced Kiosk Options
In a previous Newsletter we discussed how to create and open a kiosk but with this Newsletter we will go more in depth on how to use the kiosk options. Some of the options allow you to see the students name on the Kiosk or allowing the students to opt in to receiving a text message if the student is waiting and more!

A little refresher, Kiosks are created within the Group Access Preferences. Any User assigned to the same Group as a Kiosk can switch to Kiosk mode. A User can log into the student sign-in station with their own account, and then switch to Kiosk mode from the Trac Navigation Menu by clicking on the TracMan icon.

To get to the Kiosk options, navigate to your Trac Navigation > Search Glass > Center Profile > click on your Profile > Group Access Tab > click on the Group that has access to the Kiosk > Kiosk Tab > and select the Kiosk you want to make changes to.

Kiosk Show Student Options

The Show Students preference if activated will display students’ full names after they log in. This preference will also allow students to log themselves out by clicking on their own name (as opposed to swiping their ID again).



Kiosk Show WaitList Options

Setting your Kiosk functionality to WaitList will not allow students to log in or log out, only students who are on the Wait List will be displayed. This is used if you have a computer or a screen that displays the students in a queue to allow the students and staff to see who is next to see an advisor.

The Wait List function is most commonly used in AdvisorTrac to differentiate Visit time from Wait Time. A typical scenario occurs when a Student logs in to your center and is assigned to the “First Available” Consultant. The system then records this student’s “Wait Time”. As soon as a Front Desk Staff member or Consultant assigns a Consultant to the student, the student is taken off of the Wait list and the system begins recording Actual Visit Time.



Kiosk Text Alert Options

Any student that has not opt in to receiving Text Alert will be asked if they want to receive a Text Message when the consultant is ready to see them.





Kiosk Dynamic Options

Allows you to preselect fields