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What is a "Consultant"
A Consultant as many differ aliases such as advisor, tutor, instructor, assistance or councilor. In short, a consultant is anyone who meets or consultants with a student. How do I create a consultant in my system if we got a new hire? Once you log into the system you will go to the Magnify Glass > Center Profile Tab > and click on the fourth tab “consultants/faculty/advisers etc”. This will list all your consultants that have already been created in the system. In order to make a new one you will click on the drop-down tab that reads “List options”, towards the bottom is “create new”. Once that is chosen it will re direct you to another screen – this is how we will create our consultant and control what group permission they will be a part of.


  • General Info: First you will need to enter a first and last name for that individual.
  • Classification: Here you can classy your consultants in order to keep track of a group and run reports on them (Peer Tutors, Student Tutors, etc)
  • Location: If you have multiple locations inside of one Center that a consultant can meet a student at, you may enter the primary location of that consultant here.
  • Fund: If you have multiple funding options for Consultant payrolls, you may enter the Fund that this Consultant is paid through here.
  • Alias: This is used as an alternative name for the Consultants. This is helpful if you allow students to book appointments.
  • Login/Password: The login ID Is required for all Consultants, even if you are using LDAP authentication – the password is optional for local authentication.
  • Payroll: Here you can enter an optional mailbox number; pay rate and any hiring information you would like to record.
  • Schedule Tab: The Consultants have optional schedule tab that will appear if the schedule tab checkbox is marked on their profile.
  • Notes: You can keep any Notes about a Consultant on the Consultant’s Profile.
  • Online Link: If settings have been added to your system, there is now an area that will hold an online link to a tutor’s virtual classroom.


  • Contact Info: The next tab is contact info. This will allow you to hold the basic information for your employee on file.
  • Email: The Consultant email address if a very important if you would like to send emails to the consultant regarding appointments. These would be confirmation, cancelation and missed appointments.
  • Student ID: If you are planning to use the system to aid in tracking work hours you will need to make sure that there is a student account linked to their consultant account. If they were a previous student all you need to do is search by their student ID number, or even name. Then “Save consultant”. IF there is no account founded you can create a student account based off the information that was already imputed in. There will be a light blue tab that reads “create new student based on this tutor’s info”.
  • Available for all Specialties on Visit Entry: If the Box is checked it will have “Quick Visits” display courses they have for section specialties.

  • Subcenters: Subcenters is what you will need to add in order for the person to have access to a schedule and appear on the calendar.


  • Certifications: Here you can keep track of important certification information directly on the consultant’s profile. This can be anywhere from CRLA to fingerprint clearance card, CRP/First Aid etc.


  • Section Specialty: Adding section specialties to your consultant is what will allow students or staff members filter out the appointment searching. An example would be a student is coming in for help with their BIO class, however they don’t know who is able to aid in that area. When the search is made under the BIO class, the results will filter and only the consultants that are able to tutor in BIO will show up.


  • Reason Specialty: Reason Specialty will aid in the same way but with reasons. One example would be the reason “Other”; you would need the consultants to have that reason specialty selected or they will not show on the schedule results when “Other: is chosen. Reasons specialties will also be utilized more for an advising center.


  • Message: Message tab will hold the automated confirmation and cancellation emails from booking or canceling an appointment.
  • Docs: The doc tab will allow you to electronically hold any information directly onto the consultant’s profile.

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