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Creating Lists and Watchlists
Lists are an organizational tool used by the Trac System to help group students by a category and allows the user to run reports or send mass emails to the specified list of students. Follow this guide to learn how to create a list and keep related student records all in one place. We will go over how to group students together, create a static, dynamic, and a watch list, and grant access to these lists.

To start, we need to gather the students we want to put into a list. We may start by hovering the cursor over the Trac Navigation magnifying glass, and selecting students.

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Once the new window appears, select list options followed by utility search. This will help us narrow down the list of students we want in our list.


On the search Utilities window, select the second tab labeled “Find by Value” and ID in the “Field" drop-down menu. In the box labeled "Values", enter student ID’s that correspond to the desired students and click on the “Find by Value” button.


Now that the desired students have populated, we can go back to list options and select “lists”, followed by “add these to a new list”.


Next, we can name our new list and click the OK button. This will create our new list but we will then need to grant staff permission to access the list.


In order to grant these permissions, we will need to use an admin account. By hovering over the trac Navigation magnifying glass, and clicking on “SysAdmin Group”.


On the “groups entry window” we can scroll down to the “Access to lists” field. We can then click on the light blue drop down arrow, and add our new list.



Once we our group has been successfully added to the “Access to Lists” field, We can then hit the save button.


In this process we have created a static list. This will remain unchanged until the user adds a student or takes them off the list manually.

Dynamic Lists

In the next section we will create a Dynamic list that can add students to the list automatically, depending on the settings.

First, return to the student listing window, Trac Navigation > Magnifying glass > Students. Then click on list options and go to the power search option.


Next, we must click on the search field and select an option, in this example we will use “Major”.


Now we choose the major we want to base our list on and name the new list. Be sure to select Dynamic list and click on the search button. This will create our list and begin populating it with any students that have the designated major.


We will then have to grant access to the list just as before with the static list.


Go to Trac Nav. > Magnifying glass > SysAdmin Group > Access to Lists > Nursing Students



Once the group has been added, don’t forget to hit save! The dynamic watchlist will not only keep a list of the selected students, but it will also add any future students that choose “Nursing” as a major.


What is a watchlist? A watch list is a color marker that can be used to identify a student population or a group of students with ease.

The watchlist feature can be turned on for 5 areas of the Trac System.

Trac Navigation > Trac-Man Icon > Utilities and Prefs > System Prefs

Type “@watch” and click enter.


First thing you will need to keep in mind is how many watchlists you want. This will be adjusted by the setting “NumWatchLists”. Clicking into the setting will allow you to change the number of watchlists you have active.



Once that is done you will need to click save. Then we will click into one of the “Watch List Indicators”.


This watch list indicator will allow you to link the color code marker to a list(or specific population) of students. The example we are using today is Business Major.

You will also need to choose were you would like the color marker to appear – log listing, login/out, student entry, student listing and/or appt entry.

You will check the boxes you want. Then you will need to pick a color for the marker by clicking on the “indicator” color bar.


Once the color is chosen, select save.

Now that we've created our color marker and linked it to a list, lets see how it works.

  • 1. When a student is signing in for a visit. Upon choosing the center, you will notice a color dot in the upper left-hand corner. If you hover your mouse over that color, it will also tell you the list/group that the color marker is for (in this case all students with the Major Business).


  • 2. On the Log Listing Screen

Trac Navigation > Trac Man Icon > Log Listing


  • 3. The student entry window

Click on the students name, it's a hyperlink to the student entry window.


  • 4. Student Listing

Trac Navigation > Magnify Glass > Students


  • 5. Appointment Entry

Trac Navigation > Magnify Glass > Appointments


More Questions?
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