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Install the Trac Application as a Service

Installing the Trac application as a service allows the Trac application to run automatically without a user logged in to the server. This is often a requirement by IT Departments to prevent security issues with users remaining logged onto a server. When run as a service, your Trac application will also properly quit when the server computer is restarted, and then your Trac application will start automatically with the computer has booted.

Downloading Winserv
Winserv is a utility that installs, edits, manages, or deletes Windows Services. Winserv is available for download from Redrock Software.

Click to download Winserv

Place the winserv.exe file into your TutorTrac directory.

Using Winserv to Install the Trac Service
For the purposes of this instruction, the screenshots will display installing the TutorTrac application as a service. Interchange TutorTrac with your own Trac application. The Trac application files differ between products:
Product Application Name
AdvisorTrac Advisor.exe
FitnessTrac Fitness.exe
LabTrac LabTrac.exe
TutorTrac TutorTrac.exe

Open a Command Prompt window and navigate to your Trac application directory.

cd C:\TutorTrac

Now enter the following code to install the service. TutorTrac is the name of the service. C:\TutorTrac\TutorTrac.exe is the location and name of the Trac application.

winserv install TutorTrac C:\TutorTrac\TutorTrac.exe

Enter the following code to configure your Trac service to start automatically.

winserv configure TutorTrac -start auto

Enter the following code to change the display name of the service.

winserv configure TutorTrac -displayname "TutorTrac"

Enter the following code to add a description to your Trac service installation. This description is found in the Windows Services listing.

winserv configure TutorTrac -description "Add a description here"

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