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Trac System users may also utilize Starfish to track and report their retention. In order to assist with that reporting, the Starfish Export module provides a simple interface for users to set up an export from the Trac System that meets the Starfish specifications. If you utilize the Trac System and Starfish at your campus, you may need this module to facilitate communication between the two systems.
Starfish Settings

To access your Starfish settings, go to Trac Navigation > Trac Man icon > Utilities and Prefs > System Prefs > Search for “star” > Click on ‘Starfish Export Settings’.


This is where you’ll set your desired fields.

ID Export Field – This can be ID, Barcode, Handle, or Email.

Location Export Field – This can be location or subcenter.

File Location – This is where the exported file will be placed.

File Name – This is the name of the exported file.

Number of Days or… – Date range of export.

Semicolon Separated List… – If you wanted to exclude centers from the export, you would set them here (formatted as: subcenter1;subcenter2).

Date Sort Field – The visit sequence number or visit date.

Provider Name Format – Consultant name formatting

Course Format – SectionTerm, Subject, or Subject Section.

Here’s what the export will look like.


Running the Export and Managing the Auto Event

From the same Utilities and Prefs window, click on the “Auto Events” tab. Towards the bottom you’ll see “Starfish Module Export”. If wanted to manually run the event, click on the green gear icon on the right side, and the event will be run. Otherwise, click on the hyperlinked name of the event, “Starfish Module Export”, to access settings.


Once in the event settings, there’s really only a couple options here you'll need to utilize.

Is Pending – Enables or Disables the event running automatically.
Last Performed – When the event ran last, this can be manually changed so that the event will run at the next scheduled time.
Schedule – How frequently the event runs
Time – The exact time the event will run. Make sure this time doesn’t conflict with other Auto Events, or during normal operating hours.

Save once you have it configured correctly.


Advanced Prefs
  • sfx-manualgmtoffset, if "Convert Date/Time to GMT" isn't working for you, it's possible your server isn't allowing TutorTrac to read/write an offset file. This preference can be used to bypass the file, manually setting an offset in hours. E.g., "4", "7".

Trac Navigation > Trac-Man > Utilities and Prefs > Advanced Prefs > sfx-manualgmtoffset