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Mobile View
Technology can be a powerful tool for transforming learning. In a society where mobile devices can be found on every person, it is vital that the Trac System be accessible from all devices whether that is a computer, Ipad, Tablet, or phone. In this Newsletter, we will be showcasing the MobileView Module and how it applies to your Trac System.


Currently when students log in from their desktop, they will be presented with a screen similar to the one below (depending on what you choose to let your student’s access):


AND, this is what it looks like for this same student but with MobileView activated on their Trac System and accessed from a Mobile Device:


As you can see when accessing the Trac System from a mobile device, the Main Menu is a lot more simplified and easy to use depending on what the student needs to access. Now we will take a look into what these different views will look like in MobileView.


This is where any custom welcome message or images can be displayed for your students. When in MobileView the student just needs to simply click on “Welcome!” and it will display the Welcome message below the tab:



When students click on this link it will take them to the “Search Availability” screen where they can enter the search criteria to find open availabilities with consultants. Below is what the Search Screen looks like as well as the Availability screen:

MobileView4.png MobileView5.png


This option allows the students to be able to confirm their contact information in the Trac System. It will just pull up a screen that allows them to verify that their information is correct within the system.



This allows the students to see all of their resources that are available in the Center(s). They can look at this list ahead of time to see what will be available when they come in to the Center. This lets them know what resources are either available or checked out.



Students can log in to the system at any time and view information about all of their visits. By clicking on this tab students are able to see details about all of their visits to any of the Centers that they have permission to view.



By clicking on this tab students are able to view documents that have been uploaded to their student profile, as well as have the ability to upload new documents if given the correct permissions. Below you will see what a student sees when looking at the “Documents” tab in MobileView.



Finally, students can click on the messages tab to view all of the messages that have been sent out. These can be confirmation emails about appointments, reminder emails of upcoming appointments and then if they miss or cancel an appointment they would receive an email about that as well. This tab allows them to quickly check all of their messages.


The MobileView module provides an easier way for students/consultants to navigate through the Trac System to check their schedules, book appointments, and view their appointment/visit history. If you have any questions about MobileView you can reach us by visiting As well as you can contact our sales representative Laura Reed, for any purchasing information by emailing Definitely let us know if you have any additional questions or if there is anything else that we can do for you.

Thank you for your continued support!