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Kiosks, or student sign in stations, can be setup at your Centers to facilitate an efficient login / logout process. If having Front Desk Staff sign students in is not a feasible option, Kiosks can be an effective alternative to recording accurate Visit data.

A Kiosk account provides your users with a sign-in station that that can run autonomously. Students can sign into a Kiosk station when arriving and departing their visit. The Kiosk Station does not have to be staffed in the conventional sense and does not need to be actively overseen by a staff member. Because a Kiosk account is primarily used by Students, access is very restricted. From a Kiosk a student may

  • Log in for a Visit
  • Log out of a Visit

The Kiosk is not used for any other activity and as a result students cannot access any confidential information from the KIOSK mode.

Kiosks are created within the Group Access Preferences. Any User assigned to the same Group as a Kiosk can switch to Kiosk mode.
How to create a new Kiosk account.