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TracCloud is currently online and operating normally.

2023-05-09 - TracCloud 503 error from 2:00pm to 2:10pm.

2023-05-08 - TracCloud slowness/errors due to failed maintenance over weekend, resolved at 1:30pm.

2022-12-05 - TracCloud connection timing out for certain ISPs due to AWS outage from 11:34 AM to 12:51 PM PST.

2022-10-18 - TracCloud running slowly due to AWS limitations. Resolved at 2:30pm MST.

2022-10-03 - TracCloud Appointment Scheduling limitations, resolved at 9:19am MST

2022-07-28 - TracCloud Down due to AWS outage from 10:11am to 11:25am MST.

2022-07-25 - TracCloud SSO limitations, resolved at 8:00am MST.