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: [[:Category:Tip|Tip of the  Week]]<BR /><BR />
: [[:Category:Tip|Tip of the  Week]]<BR /><BR />
| style="vertical-align:top; font-size:160%; color:#7c1911; " | ListServ <HR>
| style="vertical-align:top; font-size:120%; " | <BR />TutorTrac and AdvisorTrac users may sign up for a ListServ to participate in discussions and share ideas with other Trac system users. The TutorTrac ListServ and AdvisorTrac ListServ are private to Trac users. You can join a ListServ by following the [[Media:ListServ.pdf|ListServ Instructions]]. Requests to join the ListServ are allowed or denied based on a few factors: legitimate university email address, university has a Trac product, and the user has direct involvement with the Trac system. You can click here to access the [http://listserv.go-redrock.com:81/read/all_forums/?forum=&sb=1  ListServ] and join to be able to exchange emails with other users with the same Trac system. <BR /><BR />

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Redrock Community Contents

DwnArr.gifRedrock Community
B.gifRedrock Wiki
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Redrock Community Resources

As an AdvisorTrac, FitnessTrac, LabTrac, or TutorTrac user there are a great number of resources available to assist you with your Trac system. You have access to wiki articles, guides, and manuals online. An email ListServ is available for communication between Trac users. Facebook and Twitter accounts allow users to receive immediate updates from Redrock Software. The Redrock Software Blog provides informational articles. Redrock Software assists with technical support via phone and email and conducts online training sessions. The annual Redrock Software Conference allows for a unique in-person training experience and networking with other Trac users.

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The Redrock Wiki contains a Getting Started Guide, a detailed User Manual, an extensive Technical Manual, a growing list of Frequently Asked Questions, and the Redrock Software Tip of the Week. Each of these sections are found in the wiki and explained in greater detail.

Getting Started Guide
User Manual
Administrator Documentation
Technical Documentation
Frequently Asked Questions
Tip of the Week


The Redrock Software Facebook page is found at https://www.facebook.com/RedrockSoftware. Redrock Software posts updates program changes, new features, version releases, and Redrock events. Redrock Software User Groups are available for users of each product: AdvisorTrac, FitnessTrac, LabTrac, and TutorTrac. Redrock Software will post product specific updates to these user groups and the users can to exchange on the Group site as a forum.


At black.gif AdvisorTrac User Group
Ft black.gif FitnessTrac User Group
Lt black.gif LabTrac User Group
Tt black.gif TutorTrac User Group


The Redrock Software Twitter page is found at http://twitter.com/@goredrock. Follow @goredrock to receive updates on new features, conferences, modules, wiki articles, guides, manuals, and more. The Redrock Twitter account will provide this information in quick, short updates on a variety of topics and you can efficiently choose which items interest you.

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The Redrock Software Blog posts will help you get the most out of your Trac system to meet your daily challenges. The Blog will present information about upcoming event details, best practices, conference highlights, university spotlights, and more. Check out the Redrock Software Blog at http://redrocksoftware.blogspot.com and be sure to follow to stay informed.

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Redrock Software Conference

The annual Redrock Software Conference for Trac system users is hosted by Redrock Software Corporation just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. This conference is held for 3 days during March or April each year in beautiful Arizona spring weather. The conference consists of several sessions led by Redrock Support personnel and by experienced Trac system users. The RSC Conference has a minimal registration cost and is only available to annual maintenance subscribers. Users are notified of upcoming conference information via Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, ListServ, and email. Be sure that Redrock Support has your contact information so you can receive these updates. Visit the RSC Conference site at http://www.go-redrock.com/conference/ for details on the upcoming conference.