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Follow the steps below to set up a Watch List Indicator

1. Login as a System Administrator.

2. Create/identify the list(s) that you would like to watch.

3. Click on the TracMan Icon in the upper left hand corner and select ‘Utilities and Prefs’

4. Click on the second tab ‘System Prefs’ and navigate to through to the last page of preferences.

5. You will see a section title ‘Watch List Indicator Setup’ with a group of Watch List Indicators to choose from.

6. Select one and click on it to see the settings.

7. Once you’ve opened the Watch List of your choice, select the list to link it to from the drop down menu.

8. Click on the filed title ‘Indicator Color’ to change the color associated to the list.

9. Decide where you would like this indicator to show up by checking the appropriate boxes.

10. Click ‘Save’ and then ‘Return to list’.

11. Repeat the above steps for additional Watch Lists.

Once the list is created, test it by pulling up a student from your list and hovering over the indicator. It will show you the name of the list that the student is on.