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There a couple of permissions and settings that need to be in place to enable a consultant/user to see the schedule. Be sure that the following settings are in place:

1. Hover over the search glass and select ‘Center Profiles’.

2. Open the ‘Group Access’ tab and identify the Group that you will be working with.

3. Be sure that ‘Schedule’ is check under the primary permissions.

4. Click on the User Group to open the ‘Groups Entry’ tabs.

5. Within the first tab that opens, check that the Centers within the ‘View Schedules’ section that the users/consultants should have access to are appropriately selected. You will also want to ensure you give them the appropriate permissions associated with each center.

6. Then, select the scheduling tab and be sure that the first option ‘Allow User to Access Schedule’ is checked.

7. Click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the window and your consultant/user should be able to view the schedules that were selected.