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CAS Authentication

If your campus wants students to access the Trac application through the campus portal, Redrock Software offers CAS Authentication to facilitate this form of access.

Setting the CAS Preferences

To set the Trac application for CAS, you'll need to log in to the application as a system administrator. Click on the Trac man icon, and choose to go to the Utilities and Prefs. Access the System Prefs tab, and search for CAS. You'll find the preference named CAS Authentication.

There are three preferences that need set for CAS Authentication.

1. Ticket: This is the name of the ticket parameter that gets passed to the Trac application after the user has authenticated (e.g. ticket, token, etc.).

2. CAS Service Validator Location: This is the web address that passes the CAS Authentication (e.g.

3. Service URL: The service URL is the address of your Trac application. The address entered here needs to end in sso.4sp (e.g.

NOTE: Your CAS application needs to be set to allow connections to the Trac application. Your IT department will create this connection.

Once these preferences are in place, you can test the CAS authentication by having a user log in through the campus portal, and entering their credentials. If set up properly, they will then be able to directly access the Trac application.

If you'd like to set the Trac application to automatically redirect visitors to your CAS authentication site, Redrock Software can customize the authentication process to do so. Send the request to for this to be set up.