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Getting Started Contents

Resources for Getting Help
Plan to Succeed
Install Your Software
Configure Your Trac System
Resources to Support Your Trac System

Redrock Software provides several resources to assist you with your user and technical support needs. Your annual maintenance subscription provides you with email and phone access to Redrock Support for assistance and training needs. Redrock Sofware supports and updates the Redrock Wiki with information to assist you various areas of the Trac system and Redrock Modules. The Redrock Wiki contains a User Manual, Technical Manual, and a list of FAQs. The user ListServs are available for you to subscribe and participate in group emails with the other Trac System users. You may also schedule online training sessions to work with a Redrock Support Team member to received personalized attention and direction on your specific Trac System. Be sure to become familiar with and utilize the resources that Redrock Software offers. Be sure to check out other resources offered by other colleges and universities that utilize the Trac System.
Email Redrock Support
Emailing the Redrock Support Team allows you to have direct access to the knowledge and experience of the Redrock Support personnel. The Redrock Support email address is The emails appear arrive in a group mailbox shared by all Redrock Support Team members. The emails appear in a queue and are answered according to when they arrive, simplicity of question, and/or priority of the request. Redrock works diligently to maintain an outstanding email queue of less than 50 working emails, however, that can jump up to over 100 working emails during the beginnings of the Fall and Spring semesters. The busiest times for support tend to be January-March and August-October. Do not email a Redrock Support Team member directly without copying the Redrock Support email address on the message. This

will ensure that your email is viewed by the team and assigned properly to receive the quickest possible answer.

Call Redrock Support
Redrock Support providesphone support at 877-303-7575 / 480-752-8533 for annual maintenance subscribers, however, Redrock Support personnel are actively engaged with customers via demonstrations and trainings for over 4 hours a day. This can make calling a Redrock Support Team member directly and reaching them the first time unlikely. All Redrock Support personnel are directed to check and respond to their voicemail regularly throughout the day. We recommend that you instead call the Redrock Support

extension 201 to reach us by phone. The 201 extension rings all Support Team phones and the first available Team member will answer your call. If you do not reach a member of the Support Team, please leave a messageand follow-up your phone message with an email to Redrock Support.

Utilize the Redrock Wiki
The Redrock Wiki has proven to be the fastest and most effective method to provide Trac System Users with the information that they need to support their system or get it up and running. The Wiki has three major areas of support: FAQs, User Manual, and Tech Manual. The FAQs answer more than 50 of the commonly asked questions and more are added regularly. The User Manual provides detailed explanations of how the settings and preferences in the Trac System function. The Tech Manual provides the exact technical information that your IT Support will need to know about the Trac System and server. More information is added to the Redrock Wiki on a weekly basis, with major revisions posted to the ListServ, Facebook, and Twitter.
Join the User ListServ
There is a TutorTrac and an AdvisorTrac ListServ available for the users of those Trac Systems to join and participate. The ListServ is a great method to expand your network and find resources among other Trac System users. The ListServs are private to Trac System users. You can join a ListServ by following the ListServ Instructions. Requests to join the ListServ are allowed or denied based on a few factors: legitimate university email address, university has a Trac product, and the user has direct involvement with the Trac System. You can click here to access the ListServ and join to be able to exchange emails with other users with the same Trac system.
Schedule Online Training Sessions
Your Annual Maintenance also provides you with an unlimited number of online training sessions with a member of the Redrock Support Team. These sessions are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. The available times can be found on the Training Request Form from the Trac product websites. The online training sessions generally last an hour and provide you with a dedicated hour with a member of the Support Team. To make the most of your training sessions, you should let the Redrock Support personnel know what your goals are for the system and the session.

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