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Description of Student Fields

Name Type Required Field Description
ID #L Yes The unique numeric ID of the student
Other ID A40 * A secondary ID (or barcode) for the student - barcode may be required if you plan on utilizing a barcode scanner or magnetic card reader to sign in your students
Last Name A60 Yes The last name of the student
First Name A60 Yes The first name of the student
Middle A20 The middle name/initial of the student
Street Address A80 The street address of the student
City A50 City of the student address
State A2 The state code of the student address
Zip A10 The zip code of the student address
Email A80 * The email address of the student - may be required if you plan to send emails to your students; including automatic appointment reminders
Full Name A80 The student name formatted as Last, First Middle - your Trac product will compute the student full name automatically
Home Phone A20 The student home phone number
Work Phone A20 A secondary phone number for the student
Gender Male B The gender of the student is stored as a boolean - the only options are Male or Female and all students default to Female
Birthdate D The student birthdate
Ethnicity A80 Ethnicity (could be a code or complete name)
Grad Und A80 A code that indicated Graduate or Undergraduate (usually "G" or "U")
College A80 What college the student is attending
Class A80 The student's class: Freshman, Sophomore, etc. or FR, SO, JR, SR or 2003, 2004, etc.
Cohort A80 Used to custom group the student records. Use of this field is determined by the TutorTrac administrator.
Major A80 The student's major. May be a code or complete description.
Handle A60 The student's web login name. Not needed if the student is not going to login via the web. Also may be configured by the student the first time the student logs in via the web.
Password A40 The student's web password. See Handle for notes.
ReferredBy A80 Who referred the student to the center.
Degree Goal A80 Either the Degree Earned or the Degree Goal.
Overall GPA #R The Overall GPA for the Student (EMCCGPA)
Total Hours #R Total Accumulated Hours for the Student (BMI1)
HS Name A30 Name of the High School Attended
Custom Field1 A80 A custom field that may be used for any purpose.
Custom Field2 A80 same as above
Custom Field3 A80 same as above
Custom Field4 A80 same as above
Custom Field5 A80 same as above
Custom Field6 A80 same as above
Custom Field7 A80 same as above
Custom Field8 A80 same as above
Custom Field9 A80 same as above
Special Status A80 A student status field: may be a code or description.