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Server Settings

Some settings on the server may affect how your Trac application operates.

Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

A known issue in your Windows Server operating system may prevent your Trac application from running. See the following link for instructions on modifying your DEP settings to allow your Trac application to run.

Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

Multihoming with Microsoft IIS

In a multi-homing environment, you may run your Trac product installation side-by-side with other web services hosted by IIS. You can choose to serve your Trac pages from a different port number on the server's IP address or from the standard port 80 on an additional server IP address. By default, IIS performs a process called Socket Pooling which allows IIS to use port 80 and port 443 of all IP addresses assigned to your server. Even though you may have set up an additional IP address specifically for Trac product, IIS will still listen to ports 80 and 443 of that IP address unless specifically instructed otherwise.

You can disable Socket Pooling in IIS so your Trac product can serve on the standard ports and Microsoft provides a support article to assist with your IIS settings.

How to Disable Socket Pooling

Install as a Service

Your Trac product is installed as a standard application that requires a user to be logged in to the server to start the program. You may want to install your software as a service so your product will automatically start whenever the server is started.

Install as a Service (Windows)