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Upon conclusion of a visit, you have the ability to send the notes of the visit via email to a student's Coach, Mentor, or whomever needs to see the results of the visit.

Send Visit Notes Overview

Send Visit Notes feature is used to inform certain interested individuals of a students progress at a center.

Practical Uses for Send Visit Notes

One example of a use of this feature is for athletics. Coaches might want to be informed that a visit at the center occurred and view the notes about the visit. Rather than having the coach log in to the Trac system, the Send Notes button might be displayed on the Visit entry screen, the consultant would simply click this button at the conclusion of the visit.

Click the send button to send the visit's notes
When the send notes feature is activated each visit entry screen will display a button that indicates that the user/consultant may click it to send an email to the student's contact person. You must activate the send notes feature for the Visit's center profile and for the user's group.

Activating the Send Visit Notes Feature

There are two settings that must be adjusted to allow a user access to the Send Notes feature. The first is the center's send notes preferences and the second is the user's Group send notes activation. This allow administrators to turn on the Send Notes feature for a center profile, but only allow certain users in various groups to actually have the ability to send the notes to the student's coach or advisor.

Activating Center Profile Settings

Go to the Center Profile and choose the Prefs -> Emails tabs:
Send Visits Notes to Coach or Advisor Activation

Click on the Activate button to activate the setting and enter a message. The message may be any text message and may contain any of the tags referenced in the wiki article email codes.

Enter a Subject title for the email message in the Subject field.

The To Address may be a static email address, or it might be a script tag created by Redrock Software specific to your purposes.

Click Save to save the Center Profile preferences.

Activating a User's Send Notes Preferences

Open the group preference and navigate to the Student Entry tab and scroll down to section entitled 'Visit Entry Screens'.

Activate the Send Notes feature by click on the 'Allow user to send notes to coach/advisor from Visit Entry' button:
Send Visits Notes to Coach or Advisor Activation

Click Save to save the Group privileges.

Using the Send Notes Feature

To use this feature, any Visit Entry screen will display a button that allows the user to click to send the email to the coach or advisor. After entering the appropriate visit information, click the Save button for the Visit. When the Send Notes button appears, click it to send an email to the coach or advisor.

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