Semester Change Check List

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At the end of the semester, there are a few steps to transition to the new semester and this checklist is to help you have a smooth semester transition.

End of Semester

Importing Grade

  • To record the final grade you will need to import grades before your new semester.

Generating Reports

  • You will need to run any report that include GPA or Final Grade
  • Useful reports to run are SI Comparison, Registration by??, any of the Progress Reports or Overall GPA

Start of Semester

Change Current Term

  • This will be a numeric term such as "201430" and will be change in the Utilities and Prefs.

Verify that IT or SIS personnel had updated the student and registration file on the Trac Server

Manually run the import process

  • Once the import file is update you will run the import file from the Batch Utilities Screen.

Check that the Import did complete

  • To verify the import had completed you will need to run the "View Import Status" process.

Activate the section for all the different centers

Manually activate the Consultant Specialties

  • If you are using the consultant specialties for the first time you will need to activate them manually
  • If you have already set the consultant specialties last semester then you can use the "Copy Specialties Utility" that will automatically transfer the consultant specialties for your new semester.